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Laurin & Klement

Laurin & Klement
Industry Automotive
Founded 1895
Founder Václav Laurin
Václav Klement
Headquarters Mladá Boleslav, Kingdom of Bohemia, Austria-Hungary

1985 Laurin & Klement founders

 Founders Václav Klement (left) and Václav Laurin in 1887

Logo Skoda-museum-mlada-boleslav-rr-034

 Laurin $ Klement logo

Laurin & Klement Skoda

 Škoda and Laurin & Klement plaques

Laurin & Klement was a Czech automobile, motorcycle and bicycle manufacturer brand founded 1895 in Mladá Boleslav, Kingdom of Bohemia by automotive pioneers Václav Laurin and Václav Klement. It was acquired by industrial conglomerate Škoda Works in 1925 and re-branded as Škoda Auto, which is today the largest car manufacturer in the Czech Republic and a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group.


The company was founded in 1895, and named after its two founders: Václav Laurin (born 27 September 1865, died 4 December 1930), and Václav Klement (born 16 October 1868, died 13 August 1938).

Car production commenced in 1905, and the company soon became the largest car manufacturer in Austria-Hungary. In 1925 the company was acquired by the Škoda Works, and operated henceforth under the brand Škoda Auto (Škoda).


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Václav Klement.jpg
Václav Klement
Slavia BZ 400 cc uit 1903
Slavia BZ 400 cc uit 1903
Laurin & Klement 400 cc motorblok
Laurin & Klement 400 cc motorblok

Laurin & Klement is een historisch Tsjechisch merk van motorfietsen en automobielen.

De bedrijfsnaam was: Václav Laurin & Václav Klement, Továrna na Motocykly, Mladá Boleslav. Het bedrijf produceerde van 1899 tot 1908 motorfietsen.


Toen Bohemen nog tot het Oostenrijk-Hongaarse keizerrijk behoorde openden boekhandelaar Václav Klement en technicus Václav Laurin de vélocipedefabriek Slavia. Nadat ze in contact waren gekomen met de gebroeders Werner gingen ze ook rijwielen met hulpmotor maken. Ze waren daarmee in hun land pioniers op motorgebied.

Laurin & Klement

Ze bouwden tot 1904 goede eencilinders en daarna ook V-twins met eigen motoren, zowel water- als luchtgekoeld en al voor 1905 was er een 5 pk viercilinder-lijnmotor met luchtkoeling die voor de export ook onder de naam Republik of Republic verkocht werd. De naam “Slavia” was toen al veranderd in Laurin & Klement.

De machines werden in Duitsland door Seidel & Naumann in Dresden in licentie gebouwd onder de namen Slavia en Germania en ook het Franse Alcyon bouwde L&K machines in licentie. In Groot-Brittannië werden de motorfietsen onder de naam Hawetson aan de man gebracht.

L&K begon zich steeds meer in automobielen te interesseren en in 1905 werd al een driewieler geproduceerd. In 1906 kwam de eerste auto. In 1908 beëindigde het bedrijf de motorfietsenproductie vrijwel geheel ten gunste van de automobielbouw, hoewel er waarschijnlijk tot in de jaren twintig nog mondjesmaat motorfietsen zijn geproduceerd.

Door de fusie met Škoda in 1925, verdween de merknaam Laurin & Klement. In 1996 is de naam Laurin & Klement (L&K) teruggekeerd, als uitvoeringsindicatie.

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PRAGA Czech Republic


1 1930 Praga Alfa car

 1930 Praga Alfa car
2 PragaCzechAutomobileMakerAusto-HungarianStaffCar

 An Austo-Hungarian Army Staff Car manufactured by Praga

Praga is a manufacturing company based in Prague, Czech Republic. In 2006, it was purchased by International Truck Alliance.


Praga was founded in 1907 to build motor cars as a venture between entrepreneur František Ringhoffer and the company 1. českomoravská továrna na stroje (“First Bohemian-Moravian Machine Works”, later a founding part of the ČKD factories). Ringhoffer only stayed for one year and in 1909 the trade name Praga (“Prague” in Latin) was adopted. One of its early models was built under licence from the Italian company of Isotta-Fraschini.

Praga also diversified into building engines and gearboxes for other applications such as aircraft and tanks.

In 1929 Praga merged with ČKD, one of Czechoslovakia’s largest engineering companies.

In 1929 ČKD’s BD motorcycle was re-branded under the Praga marque. This was an advanced four-stroke single-cylinder unit construction double overhead camshaft model of 500cc designed in 1927 by JF Koch. The “BD” designation was retained as its model name.

In 1932 Praga added a second motorcycle model, the BC. This had a single overhead camshaft engine of 350cc, shaft drive and a pressed steelframe. Praga ended production of both motorcycle models in 1933.

The factory was largely destroyed by air raids in 1945. After the Second World War it was rebuilt and resumed truck and bus construction. In 2007 it produces gearboxes and hydraulic machinery.

The M53/59 Praga was a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun developed in the late 1950s. It consists of a heavily modified Praga V3S 6 wheel drive truck chassis and twin 30 mm AA autocannon.

In June 2011 the company unveiled at Dutch Supercar Challenge GT races in Belgium, new car Praga R4 with eight-cylinder engine of 520 hp, which has not been so far homologated for normal road traffic. According to company owner Petr Ptacek will follow gradual steps, so new Praga cars were not seen only at racetracks, but we could meet them in traffic.

3 Brno, Řečkovice, transportér Praga V33 II

 Self-propelled anti-aircraft gun PV3S PLDVK vz. 53/59 – “Ještěrka” (“Lizard”). The chassis and the motor was produced in Praga.



  • Praga Mignon (od 1911)
  • Praga Baby
  • Praga Piccolo
  • Praga Piccolo 1128
  • Praga Super Piccolo
  • Praga Lady
  • Praga Alfa (1913-1942)
  • Praga Golden
  • Praga Grand 8 (od 1912) limousine
  • Praga R4S

All Praga automobile production stopped by 1947, but was continued in 2011 when Praga constructed the R4S. It utilized a 3.2 liter V8 based on the Suzuki Hayabusa engine and produced 530 BHP, with a total weight of only 88 kilograms. The R4S have been well received throughout by the media, but the company’s choice to not utilize either CFD nor windtunnels has been criticiced. A neat feature on the R4S is the markings for camber and toe, which eliminates the need of advanced tools. Now, engineers know that a specific amount of “clicks” represents a certain degree of camber or toe.


4 Praga 1929 DOHC 1

 1929 Praga BD motorcycle
  • Praga BD 500 DOHC (1929-1933)
  • Praga BC 350 OHC (1932-1933)
  • Praga ED 250 (1999-2003) – enduro
  • Praga ED 610 (2000-2003) – enduro

Praga Trucks

5 13-07-28-Ústí-21

 Praga V3S truck
  • Praga N (1915-1931) – 4 ton truck (4×2)
  • Praga A150 (1947-1951) – 1.5 ton light truck (4×2)
  • Praga RN (1933-1953) – 3 ton truck (4×2)
    • Praga RND (1934-1955) – modification of RN with diesel engine
  • Praga RV (1935-1939) – 2 ton army truck (6×4)
  • Praga ND (1938-?) – 7 ton heavy truck (4×2)
  • Praga V3S (1952-1989) – 3 ton all-terrain truck (6×6)
  • Praga S5T (1956-1974) – 5 ton truck (4×2)
  • Praga UV100 (prototype 1985)
  • Praga UV120 (prototype 1985)
  • Praga UV80 (1992-2001) – multi-purpose medium truck (4×4)


  • Praga NDO
  • Praga RN and RND
  • Praga A150 – autobus version of the A150 truck


Light Tank

6 Panzer 38(t) Ausf. S

 Panzer 38(t)Ausführung S in the German Panzermuseum in Munster.

1907 en 1969 1916 Praga V 1918 Praga V bus 1925 Praga AN 1927 Praga AN Charabanc 1927 Praga vyrazene-autobusy-v-osade-kazin IM000083.JPG 1928 Praga charabanc bus 1929 MHV Praga Piccolo 1929 Praga DOHC 1 1929 Praga Piccolo 1930 Praga 01 1930 Praga Alfa 1930 Praga Piccolo 1 1931 Praga Kellner cabrio 1932 Praga 500 cc dohc 1932 Praga Grand 5 1932 Praga Grand 1934 Praga Baby - cabriolet body 1934 Praga Baby roadster 1934 Praga Super Piccolo Sport Coupe 1935 Praga RN early series 1936 Praga lady roadster 1937 Praga AN 6 prAN 1937 Praga AV, 6x6,  staff car 1937 Praga TO 1937 1938 Ambulance Praga Lady jako ambulans 1938 praga nd 6cyl 2493cc 40hptov 1938 Praga ND 1938 Praga RV, 6x6 1939 Panzerwagen 1939 Praga NDO 4x2 1939 praga NDO bus Jizda 1940 Praga Pantzerwagen-grimmen 1946 Praga A-150 [Typ 943] 1946 Praga RND Trolleybus montak-rnd 1947 Ambulance Praga Lady-08 1947 autobus praga RND 1947 Autobus PRAGA, RND 1947 Praga RND r. v. 1947 PRAGA RND 1948 Brno, Řečkovice, autobus Praga RND IM000463.JPG 1948 Praga rnd1 1949 Praga RN IM000736.JPG 1949 PRAGA RNDa 1950 Praga RND c 1950 Praga RND reg.značky 3A6 9276 1954 Praga V3S, 6x6, with M51 MLRS 2002 Praga Alfa TN, 4x4 Ambulance Praga RND Ambu Brandweer Trucks Praga RN 2306 p cisterna Brno, Řečkovice, transportér Praga V33 II Panzer 38(t) Ausf. S Praga Badge Praga diverse Praga Piccolo Praga Prazska tovarna na automobily 1907-1948 Polen Praga RN Sodomka PRAGA RN Praga RND Bus. Model AT-008 Praga RNDz PRAGA RV Praga S5T PRAGA V Praga V3S (2) Praga V3S (3) PRAGA V3S (4) Praga V3S Oz-88 1 Praga V3S top side Praga V3S Praga PragaCzechAutomobileMakerAusto-HungarianStaffCar Praga-Logo Praha hlavní nádraží, akumulátorový vozík electrowagen Praha

Cars, Buses + Trucks LiAZ Likinskiy Avtobusnyi Zavod Russia


1930 liaz-4x2-03 1930 liaz-4x2-04 1930 liaz-4x2-05Liaz 1937

LiAZ Russia buses logo


LiAZ (RussianЛикинский автобусный завод (ЛиАЗ) Likinskiy Avtobusnyi Zavod, English: Likino Bus Plant) is a bus manufacturing company located in Likino-DulyovoRussia. It is now a wholly owned subsidiary of GAZ.

For the defunct Czech truck manufacturing company see:LIAZ (Czech Republic)
LiAZ (Likino Bus Plant)
Native name Ликинский автобусный завод
Industry Bus manufacturing
Founded 1937
Headquarters Likino-DulyovoRussia
Products Busestrolleybuses (2005–2012)
Employees 2,061

A LiAZ-677M in Yelets (Lipetsk Oblast)

LiAZ-5256 bus (first generation) in Stary Oskol (Belgorod Oblast)

LiAZ-5256 bus (first generation) inStary Oskol (Belgorod Oblast)
LiAZ-5256 bus (second generation) in Oradea (Romania)

LiAZ-5256 bus (second generation) in Oradea (Romania)
Two LiAZ-5292.20 buses in Moscow

Two LiAZ-5292.20 buses in Moscow
LiAZ-5280 trolleybus in Kursk Russia

LiAZ-5280 trolleybus in Kursk


The factory was created in 1937 as a wood processing plant LOZOD (Likino Engineered Wood Test Factory). It produced pressed wood products, as well as wood particle boards. In 1944 the factory was renamed to LiMZ (Likino Machinery Factory) and it started producing small machinery like power saws and portable generators.

In 1959 the factory started to assemble passenger buses ZIL-158. It was renamed to LiAZ the same year. In 1967 the factory designed and manufactured the first bus model of its own named LiAZ-677. The factory produced 194,183 buses of this model in the next 29 years.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, LiAZ started to experience difficulties. In 1996 bus manufacturing ceased and the factory declared bankruptcy in 1997. The factory has since been restructured and is known as LLC Likinskij Avtobusnyj Zavod. In 2000 it became part of the RusAvtoPromCorporation, and has been part of the GAZ Group since 2005.

The trolleybuses were produced by LiAZ from 2005 until 2012.




  • ZIL-158/LiAZ-158 (1959–1970), front-engined bus

LiAZ 158-3 LiAZ 158v LIAZ 158v LiAZ-158 (ZIL-158V), 1965 liaz158 04 liaz158 minsk LIAZ158- LIAZ-158 LIAZ158M liaz-158-v-01 liaz-158-v-02 liaz-158-v-06 liaz-158-v-10 liaz-158-v-11 liaz-158-v-12 liaz-main-zil158 ZIL-158 zil15801

  • LiAZ-677 (1967–1996), front-engined bus


LiAZ-158 (ZIL-158V), 1965

1965 Liazik 677M Moskou

LiAZ-677M, rear view

Current model range


2005 LiAZ 5256 autobus 5256 LIAZ 5256.00 LIAZ 5256 Liaz 5256a LIAZ 5256b liaz 5256c OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA liaz_5256_2318231_orig LiAZ-5256 bus (first generation) in Stary Oskol (Belgorod Oblast) LiAZ-5256 bus (second generation) in Oradea (Romania) liaz5256 liaz-5256-04 liaz-5256-05 liaz5256-city-bus_26edf liaz-5256-city-bus-01-image-size-505-x-337-px-imagejpeg-44170-views_51f04 liaz-5256-city-bus-04 ??????????????????????????????? liaz-5256-city-bus-06 liaz-5256-city-bus-07

  • LiAZ-5256 (since 1986), rear-engined bus

2010 liaz 5292 1 2010 liaz 5292 2010 1 laiz 5292 gib liaz 5292 eev LiAZ-5292 LIAZ-5292a LiAZ-529230 Salon LiAZ-529230 Two LiAZ-5292.20 buses in Moscow

liaz 5293 (1) LiAZ 5293 liaz 5293_0 liaz 5293_07 LIAZ 5293_57_2 LIAZ 5293--_10847 liaz 5293_v01_01 LiAZ-5293

  • LiAZ-5293 (since 2006), rear-engined low-entry bus

Liaz 6212 liaz_6212_03 LiAZ-6212.00 17150 Liaz-6212 liaz-6212-07 liaz-6212-09 Liaz-6212a Liaz-6212b Liaz-6212c ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Pin Badge Russian Car Automobile Bus Liaz

2010 liaz 6213 1 Liaz 6213 LiAZ 6213a LIAZ 6213b LIAZ_6213 liaz_6213_1 liaz_62132_14141_2007-11-21_01 LiAZ-6213 LiAZ-6213

  • LiAZ-6213 (since 2007), low-floor articulated bus based on LiAZ-5292




LiAZ-5280 trolleya LiAZ-5280 trolleyb LiAZ-5280 trolleybus in Kursk Russia trolleybus_liaz_5280_by_ferrabra-d5mi7fq Yerevan_trolleybus

  • LiAZ-5280 (2005–2012), trolleybus based on LiAZ-5256


  • LiAZ-52802, low-floor trolleybus based on LiAZ-5292

LiAZ-VZTM-52803 LiAZ-VZTM-52803a

  • LiAZ-52803, low-entry trolleybus based on LiAZ-5293

1957 LIAZ 706 RO LIAZ Skoda 706 11781cc  Hiller-Aufbau 19571957 LIAZ 706 RO LIAZ Skoda 706 11781cc Hiller-Aufbau

1962 LIAZ 676 123p 6x4

1962 LIAZ 676 123p 6×4





(Czech Republic)

For the Russian bus manufacturing company see: LiAZ (Russia)
LIAZ MT – one of most successful series

LIAZ MT – one of most successful series

LIAZ (LIberecké Automobilové Závody – Liberec Automobil Works) is a defunct Czech and Czechoslovak manufacturer of trucks. The company was formed in 1951 by the government as a division of Škoda. In 1953 LIAZ became independent of Škoda, but still continued to use its name until 1984 (Škoda LIAZ). Main plants were in RýnoviceMnichovo Hradiště and Liberec, later there have been opened factories in MělníkZvolenVeľký Krtíš,Přerov and Holýšov. In the 1970s LIAZ was the biggest Czechoslovak truck manufacturer. The production ceased in 2002.


LiAZ 3151 LiAZ 1010124cb LiAZ cz Liaz Liaz 100 P LIAZ MT – one of most successful series liaz-100-10 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA liaz-110-06 liaz-111-04 liaz-122-01 KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA liaz-4033-sc-8x4-02 liaz-10045-02 liaz-10186-cas-25-02 liaz-10186-cas-25-03 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA liaz-liaz-100-06 ?????????????????? Pin Badge Russian Car Automobile Bus Liaz

  • Škoda 706 R
  • Škoda 706 RT
  • RT
  • 100
  • 200
  • 300
  • S
  • FZ
  • 400 Xena
  • 400 Fox
  • The Engine Plant of LIAZ trucks has been purchased by TEDOM Trucks which has also purchased all the technical data and drawings and is now marketing LIAZ Concept Trucks under the brand of FOX. The official website is. In late nineties LIAZ in Jablonec and Nisou was mainly producing diesel engines which were assembled and tested at the industrial estate.
  • The engine line production actually tested every single engine by running it and collecting various parameters about it. Every n-th engine was sent to disassembly to check for any engine tolerances. The testing rigs were called Brzda (brake) where the engine was connected to fuel, exhaust extraction piping and electronic probes.
  • The industrial estate of LIAZ has also been used for production of steam which is routinely used to heat housing estates. This highly presurised steam is piped to smaller transformer stations round the town of Jablonec nad Nisou. In the transformer stations, the pressure is reduced and used for heating blocks of flats.

A few examples of products (click to truck-name redirected you to gallery of this vehicle on, or

R series (1952–1958)

name type axles drive cab
ŠKODA 706 R drop side truck 2 4×2 short
ŠKODA 706 RS tipper 2 4×2 short
ŠKODA 706 ROK garbage truck 2 4×2 middle

RT series (1956–1990)

name type axles drive cab
ŠKODA 706 RT drop side truck 2 4×2 middle
ŠKODA 706 RTTN truck tractor 2 4×2 middle
ŠKODA 706 RTS tipper 2 4×2 middle
ŠKODA 706 RTHP fire truck 2 4×4 double cab

MT series (1965–1990)

name type axles drive cab
ŠKODA LIAZ 706 MTC drop side truck 2 4×2 middle
ŠKODA LIAZ 706 MTTN truck tractor 2 4×2 middle
ŠKODA LIAZ 706 MTSP tipper 2 4×4 short

100 series (1974–2003)

name type axles drive cab
ŠKODA LIAZ 100.47 truck tractor 2 4×2 middle
ŠKODA LIAZ 100.05 drop side truck 2 4×2 middle
LIAZ 111.054 drop side truck 2 4×4 middle
LIAZ 122.053 drop side truck 3 6×2 middle
LIAZ 151.261 tipper 2 4×4 short
LIAZ 101.860 fire truck 2 4×4 special

200 series (1990–1995)

name type axles drive cab
LIAZ 230.573 truck tractor 2 4×2 high
LIAZ 230.073 drop side truck 2 4×2 high
LIAZ 250.261 tipper 2 4×2 short
LIAZ 251.154 army truck 2 4×4 short
LIAZ 232.471 truck tractor 3 6×2 middle

300 series (1992–2003)

name type axles drive cab
ŠKODA LIAZ 18.33 TBV truck tractor 2 4×2 high
ŠKODA LIAZ 18.29 PB drop side truck 2 4×2 middle
ŠKODA LIAZ 18.29 SA tipper 2 4×4 short
ŠKODA LIAZ 18.29 XA fire truck 2 4×4 special
ŠKODA LIAZ 24.33 PZV drop side truck 3 6×2/2 high
ŠKODA LIAZ 24.23 KYV garbage truck 3 6×2/4 middle
ŠKODA LIAZ 29.33 SD tipper 3 6×4 short
ŠKODA LIAZ 29.33 SDA tipper 3 6×6 short
ŠKODA LIAZ 40.33 SC tipper 4 8×4 short
ŠKODA LIAZ 12.18 PB/S delivery truck 2 4×2 short Steyr

400 series (1996–2003)

name type axles drive cab
ŠKODA Xena truck tractor 2 4×2 high
ŠKODA Fox tipper 2 4×2 short

TEDOM 400 (2006–2009)

name type axles drive cab
TEDOM Fox tipper 2 4×4 short
TEDOM Fox 6×4 tipper 3 6×4 short

That’s it

Buses BEROUN Tjech Republic

Bussen BEROUN Tjechië

Beroun is een bus uit Tjechië. Tegenwoordig is het een onderdeel van Probe Bus. Dat bedrijf heeft zowel Beroun, KAROSA en Skoda gemaakt, en dat op veel verschillende plaatsen in Tjechië. Veel informatie kan ik er niet over vinden want als er al iets staat dan is dat in Tjechies, en uit de vertaling kan ik niets opmaken. Het gaat dus een reeks bussen worden die ik ga laten zien, sommige met aanhanger, en later bij Karosa en bij Skoda valt op dat ze veel ven elkaar weghebben, maar dan zijn we een stuk verder in het alfabet.

Beroun Oplegger achter een waarschijnlijk Skoda Truck
Beroun Open Bus
Beroun Open bus in zijn geheel
Beroun Probo Karlstejnbus 3
Beroun, DOD Probotrans, RTO zájezdové II
Beroun Probo Skoda Praque
Beroun, DOD Probotrans, Vlek autobusu RTO Anhänger
Beroun, DOD Probotrans

Buses AVIA Tjech Republic

Bussen AVIA Tjechië

AVIA 15min bus

Avia, een merk uit Tjechië, begonnen in 1919 als vliegtuigbouwer, en in 1928 onderdeel geworden van Skoda. Inmiddels uitgebreid samenwerkend met Daewoo uit Zuid Korea.

Avia 4000 Vliegtuig bus
Avia 4006 R
AVIA CHystá bus
Avia 4006 Ugarte
Avia Neretva Bus TAZ
 AVIA Australië Een combi tussen Ashok en Leyland
Avia A21 Bus
Avia A31 Bus
Avia Daewoo řada A A75
AVIA lesbus
AVIA Politiebus
AVIA leswagen