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MODASA (an abbreviation of Motores Diesel Andinos S.A), is a Peruvian bus manufacturer. MODASA products include buses, such as coach buses and school buses and tourist bus es, and cars, including pick-up trucks. MODASA provides a service converting automobiles to run off of natural gas. The company also produces generators and mobile generators. Modasa VolksBus in Perú.

2008 modasa-agrale-2008-vendo-peru Modasa Logo 2009 Modasa Apolo - Agrale 2010 bus+agrale+modasa+puno+puno+peru 2011 Modasa Zeus II DP Scania 2012 Modasa Zeus II DP - M. Benz 2012 Modasa Zeus III DP - Volvo 2013 MODASA ZEUS II SCANIA K420 DSG 2013 Modasa Zeus III DP - M. Benz anita_copia Bus Apolo Turismo Modasa BUS MODASA Bus Titán Interprovincial Turismo Modasa bus_titan_urbano BUS-AGRALE-MODASA-Huaraz Minibús Modasa Agrale Mercedes Benz Modasa 8x2 slide3 Modasa Apolo  Bus a Gas Agrale Modasa Dakar Off Road Modasa Urbano Modasa Car Modasa bus titan urbano Modasa Berazategui SONY DSC Modasa Apolo 6x2 Modasa de Perú fabricará los buses del Metroplus de Medellín Modasa Logo Modasa URBANO002 Modasa Vegutzi 5bur86 MODASA Volvo Torino B58 Modasa Zeus de SAN CRISTOBAL DEL SUR Modasa Zeus Mercedes Benz Modasa Zeus Scania K400 8x2 a Modasa Zeus Scania K400 8x2 Modasa Zeus Volvo 136 modasa-1_5211 talleres modasa