VBK Vestfold Bil & Karosseri Horten, Vestfold County, Norway

1945 VBK logo old

Vestfold Car And Bodywork

Volvo-buss med karosseri fra VBK, Aure.

Volvobus bodywork from VBK, Aure.

Photo: David Hatlen

DAF-AB Hamar Omland Bilruter-hh VBK

DAF-bus with bodywork from VBK, Hamar and surrounding areas Car routes .
Photo: David Hatlen

Vestfold Car And Bodywork A/S (VBK) was one of Norway’s largest body factories. The factory was located at Horten in Vestfold County, Norway, and produced bus coachwork as well as cooling-and freezing the coachwork, train Interior and ambulances. At its peak had VBK-the Group of 600 employees (1981), and produced approximately 4,600 bus tub rose splines between 1953 and 1982. 

The company was founded on 17. January 1946 as Stedjeberg Auto A/S, owned by 20 men from the district. They ran the gas station and car dealership, as well as car and body repair shop. The first few years was the bus production modest. In 1951, the company took the name Vestfold Car and Bodywork A/S.

In 1953, were the shares of the company taken over by h. Astrup and Co. A/S, in the same year began the VBK to build bus coachwork, in part, of the alloy, after they had built from the start of traditional automotive body of steel. In 1957, began also to produce VBK body panels of glass fibre reinforced plastic .

VBK established in 1961, the subsidiary Kristiansund Let metal a/s in Kristiansund, Norway, that produced the VBKs bus models.In 1969 bought VBK factories t. Knudsen the bodywork factory in Kristiansand, Norway, and Larvik bodywork. These two factories also produced the VBKs bus models, but was put down after a short time, and bus production was moved to Horten.

In 1971 was VBK with to establish A/S the Interior the bodywork factory in Sjøvegan in Troms County, Norway . VBK were co-owners from the start, and took over the company completely in 1981.Also this factory produced buses for VBK.

In collaboration with the Scan Rescue A/S in London began in 1970 with the building the VBK and the decoration of the ambulances.In 1978, the Danish VBK bought cooling-frysekarosserifabrikken Frigor Trans in Viborg. Three years later, the Danish busskarroserifabrikken VBK bought j. Ørum-Petersen’s Body factory a/s in Herning. After this purchase had VBK-the Group of 600 employees, of which 350 employees at the hovedbedriften in Horten.

In 1982 sold VBK first bodywork factory in Troms County, Norway to the Inland Rutebil Troms County, Norway. Later in the same year became bus production in London closed down. The following year, also VBKs bus production in Denmark VBK and discontinued, had left 90 employees in London, who worked with the build up of ambulances, the cooling bodies and bus repairs. In 1987, took over the main workshop for VBK air force’s maritime literature, and star engines, after the Horten Shipyard had been closed down in 1986. This Department was on maintenance and overhaul of aircraft and ground equipment.

Today live VBK-the name forward in the two companies at Horten: VBK Bodywork Horten AS and VBK Nordic AS. These companies are up to, respectively, the body work on buses and trucks, and construction and the sale of ambulances and other special vehicles. 

In the fall of 2011 edited VBK Bodywork Horten AS the name back to the original VBK as.

1950 Scania Vabis + VBK Borre034


1957 Volvo B725 mod fra NSB Trondheim med VBK M53-karosseri og regnr U-8422


1958 VBK Model Borre037


1958 VBK Model Scania Vabis F-1029


1960 U-8432 = Scania Vabis BF75, bygget av Vestfold Bil & Karosserifabrikk ( VBK ) i Horten, 1960


1961 Scania-Vabis B 75 VBK [B7561V]


1961 Scania-Vabis B55 1961-modell med VBK-karosseri


1961 Scania-Vabis BF75-61 mod tilhørende VSB Vestfoldrutene. Bussen hadde M58-karosseri fra VBK


1963 Carson-VBK bodied Volvo dating from the Sixties EV-94-35.Hillerod


1963 Scania-Vabis B56-58 mod med M58-karosseri fra VBK


1964 Leyland Worldmaster with body from Norwegian VBK a15720 klofta


1964 Magirus-Deutz Saturn II VBK 1964–68 photos


1964 VBK Scania-Vabis B76


1964 vbk_scania-vabis_b76_2


1965 DAF TB 160 VBK


1965 DAF TB 160 VBKa


1965 Scania B76 63 med VBK-karosseri. c30397


1967 Volvo B54-VBK karosseri


1968 A-15667 is a 1968 Volvo B57-65 with VBK dual purpose bodywork


1968 Scania-Vabis BF75-61 1960 mod levert til Bærums Forende Bilruter på Bekkestua i Bærum med VBK's M58-karosseri


1968 Volvo B57-50  KLM-VBK #SNK 994


1971 VBK Scania BF80 '1971


1972 Scania Vabis M58-karosseri fra VBK c4625


1972 VBK M41 Scania B110 '1972


1973 Mercedes-Benz Ambulanse VBK Rescueline [W115]


1974 Mercedes-Benz Ambulanse 240D VBK


1975 BC28393 is a Scania BF111-63 with a bus body by VBK (Vestfold Bil og Karosseri)


1975 Volvo B58-60 VBK



1976 volvo-vbk-litouwen



1977 Scania BF 111 VBK M42 [BF 11163]


1978 Scania BR86S - VBK 1978 (Stig Baumeyer) Ta


1978 Scania BR86S  VBK M42T


1979 Scania BF111-63 kombinertbuss  mod med M42-karosseri fra VBK


1980 Volvo B10M-leddbussen med karosserie fra nå nedlagte VBK


1981 Scania BR112 - VBK 1981 (Stig Baumeyer) T


1982 VBK M500F Volvo Litouwen


1983 VBK Estland

1983 volvo-vbk-estland

1985 Mercedes-Benz 300 D Ambulanse VBK Rescueline [W124]


1997 Ford Econoline Ambulanse VBK Rescueline 200 [E-350]


Chevrolet b10439-2



DAF-AB Hamar Omland Bilruter-hh VBK a


DAF-AB Hamar Omland Bilruter-hh VBK


KZ30890 is a VBK bodied Scania


Mercedes VBK HB64579

2009 mercedes-vbk-hb64579

Scania BR86 Super VBK 8.6 R6


Scania BR86 Super VBK


Scania Vabis 76 F5008


Scania Vabis B56 - VBK 1967 (Stig Baumeyer) Scania Vabis BF76 - VBK 1965 (Stig Baumeyer) Scania Vabis T Knudsen b5331

scania-vabis-t-knudsen-b5331 + vkb




t-3493 vkb?



VBK DAF 30 - 94 - Zweden


VBK Volvo B10M


VBK Volvo HB-92-707.Roskilde


Volvo B10M Mk.I - VBK 50

1982 volvo-b10m-mk-i-vbk-50

Volvo B58 chassis with 29 seat VBK (Vestfold Bil & Karrosseri) bodies.


Volvo Politiebus b1312



1983 volvo-vbk-lb

Volvo-buss med karosseri fra VBK, Aure.




VW VBK VX29759_1

2005 vw-vbk-vx29759

W. M. Buslinier DJ98231, Scania K112CL med karosseri fra VBK i Herning. Her set i april 2001.

2001 w-m-buslinier-dj98231-scania-k112cl-med-karosseri-fra-vbk-i-herning-her-set

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Buses T KNUDSEN Karosserifabrikk Norway

T. Knudsen Karosserifabrikk



Logo T Knudsen Karosseriefabrikk


The start was end 1800 and it closes 1971

Volvo T Knudsen karosserifabrik foto

Volvo T Knudsen karosserifabrik K-5516

My great-grandfather, Tobias Knudsen, started the company in the late 1800s. Then called the T. Knudsen Vognfabrikk. The factory began producing hestekarjoler. The factory was located in Kvadraturen in Kristiansand. After some time my grandfather, Trygve Knudsen, factory. He realized that the future lay in motorized carts, and production resulted in a significant number of buses until it was discontinued in 1971. Factory were located in the upper quarter, in Church Street, but moved to the Queens street where it was erected a factory building. In recent years kept the factory to a larger factory building at Eastern Beach Gate 84 at Otras bank. The last period in the plant’s history was marked by deliveries to the Swedish bus companies because of the transition to “H Day” (from left-to right-hand traffic as happened in 1967). Buses to Sweden was then fitted with doors on the right side in addition to the temporary door on the left. It is said that Kristiansand Karosserifabrikk was the first in Norway to produce articulated buses

 VOLVO TknudsenkarosseriVOLVO T  knudsen karosseri
T. Knudsen Karosserifabrikk AS

Tobias Knudsen
1969 NN 17546 Mercedes 1113 T Knudsen Karosserifabrikk tot 1992
1969 NN 17546 Mercedes 1113 T Knudsen Karosserifabrikk tot 1992 © Tore Jensen
Trygve Knudsen

Buss produsert ved T. Knudsen Karosserifabrikk AS.

1962 Scania-Vabis B75-58LV with 11.14 metre 36 seat coachwork by the Repstad Brothers.

1962 Scania-Vabis B75-58LV with 11.14 metre 36 seat coachwork by the T Knudsen Karosserifabrikk.
Interiør i en buss produsert ved T. Knudsen Karosserifabrikk AS.
1962 Scania-Vabis B75-58LV with 11.14 metre 36 seat coachwork by the Repstad Brothers
1962 Scania-Vabis B75-58LV with 11.14 metre 36 seat coachwork + interior by the T Knudsen Karosserifabrikk.
ND 67385 T Knudsen Karosseriefabrik
ND 67385 T Knudsen Karosseriefabrik © Tore Jensen
1956 Volvo L375-07 goods chassis with a 29 seat bus body by T. Knudsen.
1956 H 15724 Volvo Karosserifabrikk T. Knudsen
NN 17545, Scania-Vabis T Knudsen Karosserifabrik Tore Jensen
NN 17545, Scania-Vabis T Knudsen Karosserifabrik © Tore Jensen
1957 K-3174 is a Volvo B725-05 with Knudsen 36-seat coachwork
1957 K-3174 is a Volvo B725-05 with Knudsen 36-seat coachwork
Scania vabis Geledebus T Knudsen Karosserifabrik Tore Jensen
1968 Scania vabis Geledebus T Knudsen Karosserifabrik © Tore Jensen
1961 T-8648 is a 1961 Volvo B615-97 with a Knudsen 41-seat bus body.
1961 T-8648 is a Volvo B615-97 with a Knudsen 41-seat bus body.
1963 T Knudsen 1163bfrv
1963 T Knudsen 1163bfrv
Scania Vabis T Knudsen Karosserifabrikk
Scania Vabis T Knudsen Karosserifabrikk PX 14213
1963 Volvo T Knudsen Kar.Fabrikk 1163be
1963 Volvo T Knudsen Kar.Fabrikk 1163be
T Knudsen Karosseriefabrik
T Knudsen Karosseriefabrik
1968 Scania Vabis T Knudsen Kar.fabrikk.1171b-68-004
1968 Scania Vabis T Knudsen Kar.fabrikk.1171b-68
1968 Scania Vabis TKnudsen 1171a-68-004
1968 Scania Vabis T Knudsen Kar.fabrikk.1171b-68
1968 TKnudsen Karosseriefabrikk 1171ab-68-004
1968 Scania Vabis T Knudsen Kar.fabrikk.1171b-68
1970 Scania Vabis T Knudsen 1170b
1970 Scania Vabis T Knudsen 1170b
Scania Vabis Front B O T Knudsen 1102fa Scania Vabis GELEDEBUS back T Knudsen 1102ab Scania Vabis GELEDEBUS T Knudsen 1102ab Scania Vabis Geledebus T Knudsen 1171bh Scania Vabis Geledebus T Knudsen K F 1102a T Knudsen 1240-H-15700tilND95686asomb T. Knudsen Karosserifabrikk. Fra Wikipedia Larsnes 4 T. Knudsen Karosserifabrikk. Fra Wikipedia Volvo Bus T Knudsen Karosserifabrik 1163a Volvo Kar.F Knudsen 1163bc VOLVO T KNUDSEN 2 1198a Volvo T Knudsen 0932-K-3188b Volvo T Knudsen 1198ab Volvo T Knudsen K F 0844b Volvo T Knudsen Kar.F 0844-K-3185a Volvo T Knudsen Karr. F 0844a VOLVO Tknudsenkarosseri Volvo-busser fra 60-tallet, muligens en B54, ikke sikker på hvilken karosserifabrikk -Knudsen VOLVOTKNUDSEN1198b Volvo-T-Knudsen-karosseri-BudAuto-1-hh Volvo-T-Knudsen-karosseri-BudAuto-3-hh
six new found pictures
1954 Scania-Vabis B62V with 37 seat coachwork by T. Knudsen 1966 Scania Vabis L36S levert som buss til Åmot-Engerdal Bilselskap fra T.Knudsen karosserifabrikk 1967 1967 mod, bygd ved T. Knudsen Karosserifabrikk 1967 Volvo B57-60 mod med karosseri fra T. Knudsen Karosserifabrikk i Kristiansand 1967 Volvo B57-60 with combined 26 seat bus-goods bodywork by T. Knudsen. 1978 Scania BF111S-59 kombinertbuss
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Buses ARNA Norway

Bussen ARNA, een bus uit Noorwegen

Arna Scania-Vabis-Moerebil-hh
Arna Mercedes-RE80234

Op naar Scandinavië vandaag. Opnieuw een busmerk waarik tot ik naar bussen ging zoeken nog nooit van gehoord had. We komen in Noorwegen, specifieker in Bergen, bij de fabriek van ARNA. Ze maken het Chassis en de opbouw, maar voor de motor gebruiken ze veelvuldig motoren uit Zweden Volvo en Scania Vabis, Duitsland Mercedes Büssing en Man, Nederland DAF, en je ziet er een doodenkele uitgerust met een Renault Motor. Hoe ik ook zoek, ik kan geen LOGO vinden.
Dan doen we het maar gewoon met bussen toch.

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Arna 149 Scania Vabis B62 O-666 1954
Arna 1984 Litouwen
ARNA Volvo-AurlandKommunaleRutebilar-hh
Arna 1998 Talinn Estland
Arna Comet 330-350 – tur-langrutebuss 1996
ARNA DAF E-5443 TB-1971-510
Arna DAF-SR40734a combi bus truck
Arna Man-SP64664bs
Arna DAF-Romerrikebusstrafikk-hh
Arna Scania 631 Flaskebekk-krysset hh
Arna Mercedes 1990 Vilnius Litouwen
Arna Volvo-SN84100b
Arna Scania 1967
ARNA DAF-SR36904b Combi Bus Truck
Arna ZF10539af
Arna Renault-SP64949b
Arna Volvo-SP61334a
Arna Mercedes -DC36484asoml
Arna Volvo B10M Leddbuss met nr.740
Arna Lagune (1989) Palanga Litouwen
Arna Mercedes-SP45237a
Arna DAF-SR51110a
Arna Mercedes-JU33410a