AMBULANCES part XI Ambulances on Alphabet beginning with L till MB

AMBULANCES part XI Ambulances on Alphabet beginning with LandRover till MB

Ambulance LAND ROVER SANTANA AMBULANCIA Land Rover and Range Rover Ambulances


Land rover and Range rover Hearses and Limousines

LDV Leyland-DAF-Van

Leyland Comet, Leyland Bus ambulances

(Ashok) Leyland Hearses

 Lorraine de Dietrich Ambulances since 1900 – ?

Till sofar The ambulances and hearses with L


  Magirus-Deutz – Iveco Deutz ex ambulances or aid trucks

Mahindra Genio Ambulance

Mahindra Ambulances and Hearses

MAN Ambulance Units, EHBO Post, Commando Unit e.s.o.

MANTRA Ambulance Roman

Maserati Hearses

1952 Matador Luxus – Krankenwagen

Tempo MATADOR – Bajaj MATADOR – Force Matador  Ambulances, Medipoints, Krankenwagen, Hearses e.s.o.

1953 MAZ 653 ПАЗ-653 ’02–05.1953


ÖAF Trucks Austria

ÖAF                                                         logo

Rechtsform Aktiengesellschaft
Gründung 1907
Sitz Wien
Branche Automobil
Produkte LKW, PKW und Busse



Österreichische Automobil-Fabrik
Type Subsidiary of MAN SE
Industry Automotive
Founded 1907
Headquarters Floridsdorf, Austria
Products vehicles
Website Official Website

ÖAF is an initialism for Österreichische Automobil-Fabrik, previously known as Österreichische Austro-Fiat, an Austrian (Austro-Hungarian) car and truck manufacturer.


ÖAF was created by FIAT in 1907 and is now part of the German MAN group. The manufacture of automobiles began in the new plant built for the occasion in Vienna in 1908, while the number was only 50 employees. A truck of 4 tonnes, similar to the Italian Fiat model was manufactured from 1911. It was originally Austro-Fiat, which during the First World War began to develop their own products.

In 1925 the Austro-Fiat brand expired and the company became Osterreichische Automobil Fabrik AG, under the abbreviation ÖAF, with preservation of the trademark filed earlier. Also in 1925, a separate company took over sales of Italian FIAT cars, and Austro-Fiat became affiliated with Austro-Daimler and Puch. The last private car, Type 1001A, was different from the earlier Type 1001, having 34 bhp (25 kW) engines and conventional rear axles.

The latest model Fiat’s truck was TS 1924, equipped with a 45 hp (34 kW) Fiat engine. The company began production of other models in Austria, which has enabled the company to begin developing its own models. The most popular submitted in 1925 was the AFN light truck AFN with 1.75 tons of payload. This truck used a 42 hp 4 Cylinder Fiat engine 2850 cc, it also used gimbals and real tires, not solid tires, which allowed for a speed of 65 km/h. In 1928, the AF2 appeared and the following year a bus called the Austro-Fiat-1001. It is from this time that the company discontinued the manufacture of passenger cars to concentrate on commercial vehicles, trucks, vans and buses. This allowed the AFL/AFY to be manufactured from 1930 to 1937.

MAN acquisition

Austrian Army ÖAF-sLKW truck

Austrian Army ÖAF-sLKW truck

In 1938, when Austria was annexed by the Third Reich, German MAN obtained the majority of shares owned by Fiat in ÖAF, reducing the Italian firm’s share to 15%. ÖAF had begun equipping some of its trucks with diesel engines from MAN in 1934.

After the Second World War, the Floridsdorf factory was in the Russian zone and the plants were used for Russian reparations. In 1955, ÖAF was released from these payments and the factory began producing trucks again. They went to Austria to build military trucks but the Austrian army eventually selected rival Steyr for its famous Pinzgauer. The Tornado was ÖAF’ s challenger, best-selling truck in Austria.

In 1970, the company was privatized again; MAN then let it merge with Gräf & Stift, out of which ÖAF Gräf & Stift arose which in 1971 was fully taken over by MAN.

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IMG Austro Fiat2 IMG MAN ML IMG OeBB IMG_0005 IMG_0006 (1) IMG_0006 IMG_0007 IMG_0042 IMG_0103 IMG_0143 IMG_0157 IMG_0191 IMG_3705 IMG_6186 IMG_7885 img007 img069 img077 img228 img733 IMGP8657 k9-200m k760g K800_Scan0001 k960 Kaiser4 k-DSC_0003 Kirchellen Kippertreffen 2010_0259 koller_19422 logo logo MAN ÖAF KAT II 8x8 MANpoert Manuel 634 Manuel 667 meeme 036 Mittermayr _14_ Muenchendorf24-07-2004 071 oaf 2 oaf 3 ÖAF 6D90 () mit 130PS Henschel-Motor, Transporte Wüstner Mellau ÖAF 9.200HL Tornado ÖAF 9-200 294ni1w ÖAF 16.192 mit Müllaufbau ÖAF 16.240 TLFA 4000 Feuerwehr Faistenau ÖAF 17.240 ÖAF 19.240 tornado seitek a ÖAF 19.240 tornado seitek b ÖAF 19.281 Ponton Kurzhauber ÖBB SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA ÖAF 19.361 ÖAF 27.361 ÖAF 32.331 Wechselsystem Kipper - Sattelzugmaschine ÖAF 33.403 mit Tankauflieger ÖAF 33.463 SILENT ÖAF 33.463 Silenta ÖAF 33.464 Silent Allrad-Zugmaschine ÖAF 33 ÖAF 34.440 VFA a ÖAF 34.440 VFA ÖAF 215 der Fa. Pallanitz aus den 60ern oaf 0301 ÖAF 359-05 ÖAF 363 ÖAF 745 G Diesel ÖAF 745G (6D-130) ÖAF 745G (6D-130)a ÖAF 745G с ÖAF 940 Heizöltankwagen ÖAF 6302135mmb ÖAF Army ÖAF attachment ÖAF Commander YAKUMO DIGITAL CAMERA ÖAF Feuerwehr-011 ÖAF FS9-200L Tornado images ÖAF F-Series Diesel ÖAF Husar Stransky2 ÖAF images ÖAF K19 250L , mit Schweizer Kippbrücke a ÖAF K19 250L , mit Schweizer Kippbrücke b ÖAF Nemetz-LKW-ÖAF ÖAF orange öaf scan0018 ÖAF tanker ÖAF TGA 33.480 L ÖAF Tornado 6 ÖAF Tornado 6x4 öaf tornado 9-200 a ÖAF Tornado 9-200 ÖAF Tornado 16 192 R 4MP859 Digital Camera ÖAF Tornado 16-192 mit Trilex-Felgen ÖAF Tornado 19-186 ÖAF Tornado 19-192 ÖAF Tornado 19-230 ÖAF Tornado 19-250 ÖAF Tornado 19-256 ÖAF Tornado Truck OÄF Tornadorot ÖAF ÖAF48.792 · ÖAF Oe.A.F. 16.192 MA 48 Wien Oe.A.F. 19.230 Oe.A.F. 38.320 V Jumbo Prospekt s.w. 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ZiU (Zavod imeni Uritskogo) TROLZA Russia Trolleybuses


The ZiU-5 (in Russian ЗиУ-5) is a Soviet trolleybus. The ZiU acronym stands for Zavod imeni Uritskogo (Russian Завод имени Урицкого, ЗиУ, which corresponds to Plant named after Uritskiy (Moisei Uritsky, a Russian revolutionary). This model of city trolleybus was in mass production from 1959 to 1972. Total number of produced ZiU-5s exceeds 14500 vehicles. This allowed ZiU-5 to become dominant model of trolleybus in Soviet towns and cities of that time. Last vehicles were withdrawn from active service in the mid-1980s (the exact date varies from city to city). The small number of surviving vehicles are kept now for museum purposes.

Museum ZiU-5 trolleybus in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. ZiU-5 trolleybus in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.Museum ZiU-5 trolleybus in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.


1978 ZiU-5

1959-72 ZIU 5 Trolleybus USSR

1959-72 ZIU 5 Trolleybus USSR

ZIU 5 trolleybus at the Budapest fun fair files

ZIU 5 trolleybus at the Budapest fun fair files


or ZIU-9 (Cyrillic: ЗиУ-9) is a Soviet (and later Russian) trolleybus vehicle. Other names and indexes for the same vehicle include ZiU-682 and HTI-682 (Cyrillic: ЗиУ-682 and ХТИ-682). The ZiU acronym stands for Zavod imeni Uritskogo, which is a plant named after Moisei Uritsky, the Russian revolutionary. Before 1996 this acronym was also a trademark of the vehicle manufacturer. It has been changed to Trolza. The ZiU-9 was put in mass production in 1971 and it is still assembled along with other more advanced trolleybus vehicles in the Trolza (former ZiU) factory. The total number of produced ZiU-9s exceeds 42,000 vehicles. In addition, many copies of ZiU-9 were made in other factories of the former Soviet bloc. This model is the most numerous trolleybus vehicle in the world.

History and development

ZiU-9G trolleybus in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

ZiU-9G trolleybus in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

The explosion-like development of trolleybus systems in the Soviet Union in the 1960s required a large number of trolleybus vehicles. The mainstay of the contemporary Soviet trolley fleet, the ZiU-5, was not sufficient for huge urban passenger transfers. It was more suited for medium-size cities rather than large megapolises such as Moscow or Saint Petersburg. In addition the ZiU-5 had an aluminium hull, which was expensive and complicated from a technological point of view. The two doors in the ZiU-5 hull ends did not work well in overcrowded situations which were quite common in Soviet public transportation.

The ZiU-9 was a quite successful attempt to solve this problems. It has one extra door compared to the ZiU-5. Two doors are wide and placed in the middle and rear end of the vehicle hull. One small door in the front end of the vehicle was/is comfortable for the driver and for outgoing passengers. The hull of the ZiU-9 is a welded steel one and it is significantly cheaper and simpler in production than the hull of the ZiU-5. The external appearance of the ZiU-9 was influenced by contemporary German-made MAN trolleybuses.