IRMãOS Mota e Cª Lda, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

IRMãOS Mota e Cª Lda

Coach and Bus Bodybuilders




Formed in January 1980, the company Mota Brothers and Company Ltd, based in Vila Nova de Gaia, whose main activity is the construction of bodies for heavy transportation of passengers. Its range includes products that fall in the sectors of tourism, suburban, and urban schools. With an output of more than 200 units /year and a business volume of about twenty-two million is a leading national companies in the sector. Besides the domestic market also bet on export.
The capital of Mota Brothers is composed of the aggregate private capital and 50% owned by three brothers and the remaining capital is composed of 29enterprises of passenger transport.

The Brothers Mota is a company that prides itself on being socially and environmentally responsible and which currently has more than two hundred workers.
The company Mota Brothers & C ª, Inc. consists of two production units.

The Mission
Providing solutions for bodies of quality that will enhance the competitiveness, efficiency, reliability and security to our customers.

For the Brothers Mota & C ª, Inc., customers are real business partners with whom he maintains solid relationships.
The commitment to always exceed the expectations of its partners, through the Planners catalog for an adequate supply and delivery of integrated solutions, are components that will lead to achieving all its objectives.

The guidance for the provision of global solutions in a highly competitive market requires that the position of Brothers Mota & C ª, Inc. focuses on the ability to understand client’s business processes and identifying their needs.
Our concern is to create bodies innovative, safe and eficientes.Acreditamos that by focusing on these points will differentiate us and be a benchmark company.

37 1980 Jao Carlos Soares AEC Irmaos Mota-bodied coach at Guimaraes 1982 Irmaos mota Volvo UTC102 1983 Volvo B10M-60-Irmãos Mota DIGITAL CAMERA 1994 Scania Resende(1) 1996 DAF SB3000WS Irmãos Mota Atomic MK IX #899 1997 Mercedes-Benz O405-Irmãos Mota 1998 Nissan images 2002 Scania vimeca369 2004 40 unidades Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (carroçaria Irmãos Mota), numeradas de 201 a 240  2004 Atomic, Scania, dos Irmãos Mota, parqueado em Boelhe 2005 Carroçaria Irmãos Mota chassi Iveco 65 C18 2007 azoren005 2007 Irmaos Mota Atomic Midi UR2007 Portugal Vimeca 655 – Irmãos Mota Atomic UR 2007 2007 2008 40019602_m 2008 Irmaos Mota Atomic Midi UR2008 MAN Portugal 2008 IVECO TREVO-5 2008 MAN e carroçaria Atomic de Irmãos Mota 2009 Carris 2942 – Irmãos Mota Atomic Polis Midi 2011 211502601A – VT Bus 98 – Irmãos Mota Atomic VIIIm 2011 Cityrama 3050 – Irmãos Mota Atomic Mk X Isidoro Duarte 330 – Irmãos Mota Atomic Urb 2011 Man NL 18.250 Irmãos Mota Atomic UR 2011 VOLVO IRMAOS MOTA ATOMIC IX LUI TRAVEL 2012 211503901A – Rodonorte 347 – Irmãos Mota Atomic Mk V AVIC 327 – Irmãos Mota Atomic 8 2013 Carroçaria Irmãos Mota Chassi MAN 14.280 2013 MB Isidoro Duarte 330 – Irmãos Mota Atomic Urb 2014 Auto Viação Feirense 181 – Irmãos Mota Atomic 7 2014 Irmãos Mota Atomic 7 184964391512263912221 DIGITAL CAMERA Irmaos Mota Atomic 7  O-500 RS Irmaos Mota Atomic Mk IX Lui Travel, Beograd Irmaos Mota Atomic Mk V Irmaos Mota Atomic Mk VI MAN Irmaos Mota Atomic Mk VII Irmaos Mota MAN P1020430 Irmaos Mota radi buseve Volvo irmaos-de-sangue-3 irmaos-mota_logotipo MAN P1050771 Volvo Barbados006 Irmãos Mota Atomic IX Volvo Сербия, № BG 199-WP — Irmãos Mota Atomic Mk IX Y gallery_650_s334_1328007219_441 Z Empresa de Transportes da Lourosa