Bussen Bedford GB IV

Bedford WTL Hainje 1936
Bedford val 14 twin_steer coach
Bedford before Greyhound Posthouse

Er komen er nog een paar:

 Bedford C4Z1 . Dennis B-F. Ex-LCC GLC School Bus nu Camper
Bedford C5 with Duple bus body, WGG631, dating from 1959
Bedford Duple PPH 698
Bedford Duple Vega Ad 1952
Bedford Edesche Carrosserie Fabriek [1936-1956] SB-15-76
Bedford Hedges Clarkes PSH874 1988
Bedford Hino 609 INDIA
Bedford JRX129 SBO Duple Vega C-F & GRX932 Albion Victor Plaxton FC-F in Didcot Garage
Bedford OB open top single decker, believed to be FRU101, a 1942
Bedford OWB with Duple B32F body, rebuilt to OB28F in 1953
Bedford OB with Duple body originally numbered 646 from 1947 while the
full size coach is CUG27, 8124WX, a 1961 Bristol MW6G with ECW body
Bedford J minibus TSL335
Bedford Jongerius 1946 NL
Bedford Sales Caravan in Jyväskylä, Finland 1950’s
Bedford WLB Duple coach MV 8996 Gypsy Queen 1931
Bedford Duple Vista (1949) UK
Bedford J2SZ10 built in 1965 with Duple C19F bodywork
Bedford OB (Berresfordsmotors)old travel bus classic public bedford
Bedford SB3 H.V. Burlingham Seagull C41F seats 1959 – 1964
Bedford OB with Duple service bus body
Bedford OB Duple Classic Vista Fresh Air 0348
Bedford OWB SMT B32F seat 1942 – 1962 EWT653
Bedford OBs which recieved Duples Classic Vista Coachwork
 Bedford KZ 1952 New Zealand
Bedford OB DBU889 with Duple C27F body 1947
Bedford OWB with a Duple B32F body 1942
Bedford J Type Bus Federee
Bedford SB 1960 New Zealand
Bedford SB5 CCMC Blue White Green acre MO5980 1974
Bedford Van Hool 1961
Bedford s kunnen veel hebben
Bedford VAL14 Yeates C52F at Hampton Court

Buses ALBION England IV

An Albion Nimbus badge, seen on Berresfords 25...
An Albion Nimbus badge, seen on Berresfords 25 (NSG 869), at Wirral Bus & Tram Show 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Albion NS3L Nimbus with Alexander C29F body 1960
Albion Aberdonian with Harrington C41F body

Vandaag een wat langer blog over ALBION. Gisteren bleek het veel te druk en had ik beter kunnen overslaan, maar vandaag tijd voor single decker’s.

Albion Hainje 1952 B-30004 uit Nederland
Bussen Albion Aberdonian Plaxton Consort II C41F 1958
Albion Aberdonian Plaxton Consort II C41F 1958
Albion Aberdonian with Park Royal body 1957
Albion Nimbus (1955) Registered NSG 869. This 32 seat bus
Albion Nimbus 89 (11675) was one of many such vehicles with Reading bodywork 1948
Albion Valiant PV70 was one of the last built in 1934 LJ9501, a post war Harrington body
Albion Valiant with post war Harrington bodywork is the famous Harrington dorsal fin roof 1934
Albion Victor 26 seat bus by Harrington
Albions formed the core of Charlies Cars fleet and this is 68, ORU263, an FT39AL with FC35F Harrington body 1954
Albion Victor Ad
Albion Victor of Guernsey Railways with Reading body 1963
Albion 1946 B-30470 LABO Nederland
Albion FT39N Victor with Duple FC33F body 1952
Albion model 136 137 1
Albion Barbara 1960 (1967) Malta
Albion Victor FT39N-Reading B36F new in 1952 and withdrawn by GR in 1980