developed a double-decker in 1902 and provided a bus for the first motorised bus service in the United Kingdom the following year.

1901. Milnes Daimler Motor Wagon

1901. Milnes Daimler Motor Wagon

1902 The first bus arrived and went to Portsmouth and Gosport Motors. After this time Milnes-Daimler was founded.

1902. The Milnes-Daimler model

1902. The Milnes-Daimler model

1902 Incorporated as a limited company.

1903 Auto-Milnes Daimler

1903 Auto-Milnes Daimler

1907 Milnes and Milnes-Daimler were the largest provider of motorbuses and 600 were in service in the UK.

1903 Milnes Daimler

1903 Milnes Daimler

1909 Agents for Mercedes

1903. Milnes Daimler Motor Omnibus.

1903. Milnes Daimler Motor Omnibus.

1908 When Vanguard and Road Car fleets merged with London General Omnibus Co, there were over 300 Milnes-Daimlers in the combined fleet.

1903. Milnes-Daimler ltd. Ad

1903. Milnes-Daimler ltd. Ad

1914 Motor car manufacturers.

1904 Daimler Milnes Ltd. busEnV97-p215a

1904 Daimler Milnes Ltd. busEnV97-p215

WWI Though the company met success in selling buses throughout the British Empire, the partnership between Daimler and Milnes had to be undone due to the First World War.

1904 gwr-milnes-daimler-omnibus

1904 gwr-milnes-daimler-omnibus

The company eventually sold just chassis instead of complete vehicles with Milnes bodies as before.

1904 Milnes-Daimler 1904a

1904 Milnes-Daimler

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 1904 Milnes-Daimler single-decker 1904 MotAnn-Milnes 1905 GCR-Milnes-Daimler-Bus-in-Mottram-Hollingworth 1905 Milnes-Daimler's were imported for the Horbart Electric Tramway Co. in 1905 1906 Milnes-Daimler Tower Wagon AK 49 Bradford City Tramways 1907 0703Eng-Milnes 1907 Milnes-Daimler Doppeldecker-Bus 1907 Milnes-Daimler Double-Decker Bus front 1907 Milnes-Daimler Double-Decker Bus Side View 1908 04Eng-06 1908 04Eng-Milnes 1908 04Eng-Milnes4 1908 04Eng-Milnes5 1908 aEng-MilnesD1 1908 aEng-MilnesD2 1908 aEng-MilnesD3 1908 autocars-milnes-daimler-autocar-img 1909 1106Auto-Mercedes3 1909 Milner Daimler An excursion in a Worthing Motor Services coach, circa 1909 1909-milnes-daimler-london-bus daimler milnes Milnes Daimler HCVC Rally in Croydon

That’s all folks

Buses MASSEY Brothers Ltd Pemberton Lancashire England UK

Massey Brothers Ltd

A Massey-bodied Guy Arab bus

Massey Brothers (Pemberton) Limited was formed in 1904 by the three brothers William, Isaac and Thomas as timber merchants and building contractors and were based in Pemberton two miles west of Wigan in Lancashire. During the first fifteen years they built schools, mills, cinemas and houses and in 1919 started in the construction of bodies for cars, vans and charabancs. In the early 1920s a number of trams and buses were built for Wigan Corporation and their coachbuilding activities increased rapidly with many new customers being supplied by the end of the decade. Their building and construction activities continued throughout this period. By the mid thirties Masseys were supplying bodies on buses and trolleybuses mainly for municipal undertakings with occasional orders coming from independent operators. They were very active during the second world war in the building of “utility” bodies for many operators in England, Scotland and Wales plus fire brigade utility vehicles. After the war the company was increasingly busy as the need for new buses gained momentum and the rebuilding of bomb damaged property took place. Masseys had a high reputation for solid PSV bodywork with their distinctive design. Building and construction work ceased in 1962 after the completion of some new houses but PSV bodybuilding continued until 1967 when they were taken over by another Wigan bodybuilder – Northern Counties Motor and Engineering Company

1931 Daimler with Massey body phpRe3Jkk 1934 Cumberland Motors 38, AAO574, a Leyland Lion LT5A with Massey body cb38 1935 Leyland TB3's with Massey B32R bodi ss141 1935. The Leyland LT7 with a Massey B32R body wi39 1937 Ransomes with Massey H24-24R body in the lead ip76 1937 Ransomes with Massey H24-24R body ip68 1938 Leyland Massey body Wigan to Abbey Lakes bus at the Abbey Lakes Terminus 1938 1938 Leyland TD5 with Massey L24-24R body zzdtd169 1940 Ipswich trolleybus 86, PV6426, a Ransomes with Massey H24 24R body ip86 1940 Southend 263 GLX913 with Massey body sx263 1943 Guy Massey TSB019 1944 Guy Arab II (1944) Massey H30 26R 1944 Guy Arab II rebodied 1960 Massey L57R 1944 Guy Arab II with austerity Massey body bq324 1944 Guy Arab II with Massey H30-26R body  sk109 1944 Guy Arab II with Massey H30-26R body sk213 1944 Guy Arab IIs with a Massey H30-26R body sk244 1944 Massey H30-26R bodied Guy Arab II 1945 Daimler double decker 235, BHJ809, rebodied with Massey bodywork 1945 Guy Arab 11 new 1945 with a Massey H30-26R JA 7622 1 1945 Guy Arab II with Massey H30-26R body 1945 Leyland TB3's with Massey B32R bodies, new to Teeside in 1936 and acquired by Southend in 1945 1946 Guy Arab III with Massey C35F body 1947 AEC Regent II with Massey H30-26R body 1948 Alexanders bought 20 single deck buses with Massey 1948 Crossley DD42-3 with Massey H30-26R body 1948 Daimler CVA6s with Massey L53R body 1948 JRR921, a Leyland PS1-1 with a Duple C35F body it was rebuilt in 1951, after an accident with a Massey DP43F body 1949 Daimler CV with Massey lowbridge body 1949 Foden PVD6G with Massey H30-26R body 1949 Guy Arab III built 1949 and rebodied in 1960 by Massey, H33-28R 1949 Leyland Titan PD2-3 with Massey H33-26R bodywork 1949 Southend Leyland PD2 307, OHJ77 from 1957, alongside 1949 Daimler CV 254, DHJ429, both with Massey bodies. 1950 AEC Regent III with elegant Massey lowbridge body 1950 AEC Regent III with Massey L27-26R body 1950 Daimler CVD6 with Massey O32-28RD bodywork 1950 KAH 407 Bristol L4G, and in the distance ADX 63B AEC Regent 5 with Massey bodywork 1951 AEC Regent III with Massey H30-26R body 1951 AEC Regent III with Massey H30-26R 1951 Foden PVD6 with Massey H31-26R body 1951 Foden PVSC6 with rare Massey FC37F bodywork 1951 left was a Leyland PS2-15 with Massey B39F body +Leyland PS2-3 with Longford C35F body 1950 1951 left was a Leyland PS2-15 with Massey B39F body 1952 Leyland Massey B39F Feb 1959. ECW body 1952 Leyland Tiger PS-2 LTX311+Massey body was fleet No 1 in the Caerphilly UDC fleet 1953 Guy Arab IV with Massey body a 1953 Guy Arab IV with Massey body 1954 AEC with Massy rebody  SOUTHEND01 1954 Daimler CVG6 with Massey 61 seat bodywork 1954 Guy Arab IV with Massey H30-26R bodywork 1954 Leyland Titans with Massey body 1954 Massey rebodied SOUTHENDCT267 1955 Leyland PD2-22 with Massey H30-28R body 1955 Leyland Titan PD2-22 with Massey H30-28R bodywork 1956 AEC Regent V with Massey H30-28R body gy26 1956 AEC Regent V with Massey H33-28R body cc16a 1956 Guy Arab IV with a Massey H30-26R body ex50c 1956 Guy Arab IV with Massey H30-26R  ex50a 1957 AEC Regent V with Massey bodywork 1957 Bristol RELL ECW B53F, new May 1972, and 18, 1296F, AEC Regent V Massey H33-28R body 1957 1957 Guy Arab IV with Massey 56 seat bodywork 1957 Leyland PD2-30 with Massey H33-28R body 1958 Leyland PD3 with Massey lowbridge body 1958 Leyland Titan PD2-40 Massey L27-28R 1958 Leyland with Massey Body fbg-910 1958 McGill's also chose Massey for a Leyland PD2-30 in 1958 1958 YTG304 a Leyland PD3-4 with Massey H41-31F body 1959 AEC Regent V with Massey H33-28R body 1959 Guy Arab IV Massey H33-28R 1959 Guy Arab with Massey body 1959 Leyland Titan PD3-1 with Massey H41-31F bodywork 1959 Massey-bodied Guy Arab IV 1960 Leyland PD2-37 with Massey H37-27F bodywork 1960 Leyland PD2-37 with Massey L29-27F body 1960 Leyland Titan PD2-31 with Massey bodywork 1960 Leyland Titan PD2-37 33MTD Massey H37-27F 1961 Guy Arab IV with Massey bodywork 1961 Guy Arab IV with Massey H41-32F bodywork 1961 Guy Arab IV with Massey lowbridge body 1961 Leyland PD2A-27 Massey 1961 Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1-5 with Massey B40F body 1961 Leyland Titan PD3A-2 with Massey bodywork SONY DSC 1962 Guy Massey Brothers Chester Corporation bus RFM 641 1962 Leyland Massey GCM-150E.Birkenhead 1962 Leyland PD2-40s with Massey L27-28RD 1962 Leyland PD3-4 with Massey H41-31F body 1962 Leyland Tiger Cub with locally built Massey bodywork 1962 Leyland Titan PD2A-30 with Massey bodywork 1962 Massey bodied Leyland Titan PD2A-27 1962 Massey Bros H37-27F body. Leyland O.600 9.8l 125bhp diesel engine 1962 Massey Leyland Tiger Cub JMT 1963 Daimlers but have read whilst preparing this that it was an esteemed CSG5 model with Massey bodywork and 5LW engine 1963 Guy Arab Massey L34-33R 1963 Leyland PD2A 31 with Massey H33 28R body 1963 Leyland PD2A-30 with Massey H33-28R 1963 Leyland PD2A-31 with Massey H33-28R body 1963 Leyland Titan PD2A-30 with Massey H33-28R seat body 1963 Massey body 1963 was a Leyland PD3 with Massey bodywork 1964 AEC Regent V with a Massey body 1964 AEC Regent V with Massey body 8, BWO585B 1964 Daimler CCG5 with Massey H33-28R bodywork 1964 Leyland Leopard L1 with Massey B42D bodywork 1964 Leyland Titan PD2A-30 with Massey H33-28R body 1964 Leyland Titan PD-37 Massey H37-27F 1964 LOWESTOFT01 with Massey body 1965 Guy Arab V with Massey bodywork 1965 Guy Arab V with Massey front entrance bodywork H41-32F 1965 Guy Arab V with Massey H41-32F body 1965 Guy Arab with Massey body 1965 Leyland PD3-6 with Massey 68 seat lowbridge body 1965 Leyland Titan PD3-4 with Massey L35-33RD bodywork 1965 Massey H43-31F bodied Leyland PDR1-1 1965 Massey H43-31F bodied Leyland PDR1-1a 1966 Caerphilly 32 (GNY 432C), a PD3-4 carrying delightfully-curvy Massey bodywork 1966 Leyland Massey ss287b 1966 Leyland PD2-37 with Massey body 1966 Leyland PD2-37 with Massey L31-29RD 1966 Leyland PD2A-30 with Massey H33-28R body 1966 Leyland Titan PD2-37 with Massey H41-31F body 1966 Leyland Titan PD2-40 with Massey H36-30R bodywork 1966 Massey bodied Leyland Titan PD2-37 1966 Southend Leyland PD2-Massey 289, LHJ391 and one of the Daimler open toppers in the depot ss289 1967 Leyland Panther Cub PSRC1-1 with Massey B43D bodywork 1967 Leyland PD2-47 with Massey H34-28R body 1967 Leyland with Massey body 1967 Lowestoft Corporation number 12 was one of two Leyland PD2s with handsome Massey bodywork supplied in 1967 1968 Leyland Atlantean PDR1-1 with Massey H43-31F body 1968 Leyland Atlantean PDR1A-1 built in 1968 with Massey H43-31F bodywork 1968 Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1-11 with angular Massey 40 seat bodywork 52, LFM152D, of 1966 and 54, XFM54G, of 1968 1968 Leyland Titan PD3 with Massey body Daimler CWA6, bought by Southend in 1954 and rebodied by Massey Daimler GLX913 with Massy Body sx263a Guy Arab II Massey DCM 975 in Birkenhead, Wirral Guy Arab V Massey Leyland DD with Massey Body Leyland with Massey body SOUTHEND04 Leyland with Massey Body SOUTHEND21 LYM730 of Denyer Bros, Chivers Road, Stondon Massey. c. 1976 AEC Regal IV ECW Massey TE9146S MB1_sml OC7 Massey Brothers of Wigan

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Buses Bodybuilder AERFER Italy


Aerfer Acft 2003 FIAT 412 2003 Florence italy
Aerfer Metropol 1955
Aerfer Metropol 3x Piani Bologna
AERFER (FIAT 412-1 based) double deck bus in city center 1955 Firenze Italy

Vandaag komen we bij een Italiaanse Dubbeldekker Bus. Ontwikkeld begin vijftiger jaren en helaas was dit merk geen lang leven beschoren. Desalniettemin was het een erg mooie sterke bus met een zware FIAT motor. Oorspronkelijk was de maker een vliegtuigfabrikant maar ook hun bus was zeer de moeite waard. Er zijn maar verdacht weinig foto’s van vindbaar op het wereldwijde Web. Ik denk dat ik na een stevige speurtocht de mooiste wel kan laten zien !!

AERFER Naples Aeroplanebuilder bus from Italy
 Aerfer VE 111 Metrol
Aerfer Fiat 412 Overblijfsel
Aerfer 1980 Roberto Amori

Buses ALBION Schotland UK II


 Albion 70, HDG446, on the right and E.C.W. bodied Bristol NHY939 on the left. The Albion was a CX19 Venturer with M.C.C.W. H30-26R new in 1949

Tijd voor een vervolg. Al van diverse mensen gehoord dat ze bijvoorbeeld de Valkyrie zo mooi vinden, en ja dat is ook gewoon een Beauty. Ik ga er nog een paar hele mooie naar voren toveren. Eerst een double decker de Albion Venturer.

Albion Lowlander 323, 7087HJ 1963

Dan gaan we opnieuw naar een double decker, een stuk moderner uit 1963 de Albion Lowlander.

Hieronder weer een maar uit 1964 een Albion T uit Glasgow Schotland, waar ze ook gemaakt werden.

Albion Lowlander LR1 from 1963 with Alexander H40-29F bodywork 1967


Albion Venturer SPCX19W double decker 1977
Albion Valiant CX39N was originally a 1949 coach. In 1958 it was rebodied as a lowbridge decker by Roe
Albion T 1964 Glasgow
Albion CX19 Venturer with E.C.W. L27-28R body new as Red & White 884 in 1948
Albion Victor 1951
Albion Lowlander 329, 7093HJ 1964 en kijk eens naar de prachtige auto’s er om heen!!

Ik ga dit hoofdstuk op de single decker en truck na uit de reclame uit 1951 afsluiten met een tekening van verschillende diverse doubledeckers. Deel drie zal helemaal over single deckers gaan. Voor nu gegroet.