IRMãOS Mota e Cª Lda, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

IRMãOS Mota e Cª Lda

Coach and Bus Bodybuilders




Formed in January 1980, the company Mota Brothers and Company Ltd, based in Vila Nova de Gaia, whose main activity is the construction of bodies for heavy transportation of passengers. Its range includes products that fall in the sectors of tourism, suburban, and urban schools. With an output of more than 200 units /year and a business volume of about twenty-two million is a leading national companies in the sector. Besides the domestic market also bet on export.
The capital of Mota Brothers is composed of the aggregate private capital and 50% owned by three brothers and the remaining capital is composed of 29enterprises of passenger transport.

The Brothers Mota is a company that prides itself on being socially and environmentally responsible and which currently has more than two hundred workers.
The company Mota Brothers & C ª, Inc. consists of two production units.

The Mission
Providing solutions for bodies of quality that will enhance the competitiveness, efficiency, reliability and security to our customers.

For the Brothers Mota & C ª, Inc., customers are real business partners with whom he maintains solid relationships.
The commitment to always exceed the expectations of its partners, through the Planners catalog for an adequate supply and delivery of integrated solutions, are components that will lead to achieving all its objectives.

The guidance for the provision of global solutions in a highly competitive market requires that the position of Brothers Mota & C ª, Inc. focuses on the ability to understand client’s business processes and identifying their needs.
Our concern is to create bodies innovative, safe and eficientes.Acreditamos that by focusing on these points will differentiate us and be a benchmark company.

37 1980 Jao Carlos Soares AEC Irmaos Mota-bodied coach at Guimaraes 1982 Irmaos mota Volvo UTC102 1983 Volvo B10M-60-Irmãos Mota DIGITAL CAMERA 1994 Scania Resende(1) 1996 DAF SB3000WS Irmãos Mota Atomic MK IX #899 1997 Mercedes-Benz O405-Irmãos Mota 1998 Nissan images 2002 Scania vimeca369 2004 40 unidades Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (carroçaria Irmãos Mota), numeradas de 201 a 240  2004 Atomic, Scania, dos Irmãos Mota, parqueado em Boelhe 2005 Carroçaria Irmãos Mota chassi Iveco 65 C18 2007 azoren005 2007 Irmaos Mota Atomic Midi UR2007 Portugal Vimeca 655 – Irmãos Mota Atomic UR 2007 2007 2008 40019602_m 2008 Irmaos Mota Atomic Midi UR2008 MAN Portugal 2008 IVECO TREVO-5 2008 MAN e carroçaria Atomic de Irmãos Mota 2009 Carris 2942 – Irmãos Mota Atomic Polis Midi 2011 211502601A – VT Bus 98 – Irmãos Mota Atomic VIIIm 2011 Cityrama 3050 – Irmãos Mota Atomic Mk X Isidoro Duarte 330 – Irmãos Mota Atomic Urb 2011 Man NL 18.250 Irmãos Mota Atomic UR 2011 VOLVO IRMAOS MOTA ATOMIC IX LUI TRAVEL 2012 211503901A – Rodonorte 347 – Irmãos Mota Atomic Mk V AVIC 327 – Irmãos Mota Atomic 8 2013 Carroçaria Irmãos Mota Chassi MAN 14.280 2013 MB Isidoro Duarte 330 – Irmãos Mota Atomic Urb 2014 Auto Viação Feirense 181 – Irmãos Mota Atomic 7 2014 Irmãos Mota Atomic 7 184964391512263912221 DIGITAL CAMERA Irmaos Mota Atomic 7  O-500 RS Irmaos Mota Atomic Mk IX Lui Travel, Beograd Irmaos Mota Atomic Mk V Irmaos Mota Atomic Mk VI MAN Irmaos Mota Atomic Mk VII Irmaos Mota MAN P1020430 Irmaos Mota radi buseve Volvo irmaos-de-sangue-3 irmaos-mota_logotipo MAN P1050771 Volvo Barbados006 Irmãos Mota Atomic IX Volvo Сербия, № BG 199-WP — Irmãos Mota Atomic Mk IX Y gallery_650_s334_1328007219_441 Z Empresa de Transportes da Lourosa


BRUSH Coachbuilders Loughborough Leicestershire England UK

Brush Traction

is a manufacturer and maintainer of railway locomotives, part of Wabtec Corporation, based at Loughborough in Leicestershire,England situated alongside the Midland Main Line.

Brush works in Loughborough

Part of Brush Traction was Brushmobile Electric Car

Between 1901 and 1905 the Brushmobile electric car was developed using a Vauxhall Motors engine, although only six were built. One of these six featured in the film Carry on Screaming. Nearly 100 buses, plus some lorries were built using French engines until 1907.

In all, about 250 steam locomotives were built in addition to the tram engines. Production finished after the First World War and the company concentrated on transport-related electrical equipment, including tramcars, trolleybuses and battery-operated vehicles.

In World War II Brush Coachworks diversified into aircraft production, building 335 de Havilland Dominies for the Royal Air Force and Fleet Air Arm. Wing sections were built for Lancaster bombers and Hampden fuselages were overhauled.

1946 AEC Regal KEH-608 Brush B34F

1946 AEC Regal KEH-608 Brush B34F  coachwork

The coachworks continued after the war with omnibus bodies mounted on Daimler chassis using Gardner five-cylinder diesel engines and Daimler preselector gearboxes as well as AEC and BMMO Chassis for Midland Red and 100 Leyland Titans for Birmingham City Transport as well as bodies to the design of the British Electric Traction group on Leyland Royal Tigers. In 1952 the coachworks was closed and the goodwill and patents were bought by neighbouring Willowbrook.

more about Brush in total because it’s still exists

1913 Leyland S3.30.T Brush B27F body a 1913 Leyland S3.30.T Brush B27F body b


1927 Karrier WL 6-2 Brush H32-28R a 1927 Karrier WL 6-2 Brush H32-28R b


1928 Karrier brush ad 1928 Karrier Brush


1929 Brush bodied Leyland TD1


1929 Leyland Titan TD1 with Brush O27-24RO bodywork UF4813


1930 Trent CH5432, SOS ODD ex S rebodied Brush B26F


1931 Midland Red HA7328, an SOS IM6 Brush


1932 Brush bodied Oxford AEC Regent JO5403


1932, JO5403 is an AEC Regent and carries a Brush body


1935 Ledgards famous Brush bodied Maudsley Marathon coach CUB1 in original form


1935 Midland Red 1693, AHA578, an SOS DON new in 1935 with a Brush B36F body


1935 Trent 304, RC2704, a SOS DON with Brush B36F body


1935 Trent 344, RC3715, a SOS DON with Brush B36F body


1935 Trent RC2721 is an S.O.S DON with a Brush body rc2721


1936 Leyland Cheetah LZ2 with Brush C31F body


1936 London Transport Class E1 trolleybus 554, DLY554 554


1936 Trent 334, RC3705 an SOS with Brush B36F body


1937 London Transport 591, DLY591, an E1 class AEC 664T with Brush body 591


1938 Bristol K5G with Brush L28-26R body


1938 Bristol K5G with Brush L28-26R bodyJT9353


1938 Daimler COG5 with Weymann 54 seat Highbridge body new to Trent in April 1938. Rebodied by Brush in February 1948


1938 Midland Red SOS FEDD 2225, FHA207, from 1938 with a Brush H30-26F body


1939 Midland Red SOS FEDD FHA238 with a Brush H30-26F body fha238


1940 Midland Red SOS SON 2390, GHA309, with Brush B38F body


1940 Midland Red SOS SON 2391, GHA310, with Brush B38F body


1940 Midland Red SOS SON 2407, GHA326, new in 1940 with a Brush B38F body


1943 Daimler CWG5 with a Brush L27-26R body


1943 Guy Arab I with Brush L27-26R body a


1943 Guy Arab I with Brush L27-26R body


1943 Guy Arab I with Brush L27-28R body


1944 Daimler CW with Brush utility body


1944 Daimler CWA6 with Brush UL27-26R body


1945 built Brush bodied Daimler CWA6


1945 Daimler CWA6 with a Brush H30-26R body gyl291


1945 Sunbeam W with a Brush body


1946 AEC Regal KEH-608 Brush B34F


1946 Daimler CWA6 Brush H30-26R


1946 Guy Arab III with a Brush B34F body


1946 Guy Arab with Brush B35F body


1947 Daimler CVD6 with locally built Brush bodywork ACH627


1947 Sunbeam W with Brush B35C body


1948 AEC Regent 3127, JHA28, with Brush H30-26R body BMMO


1948 Brush bodied Daimler CVD6


1948 Brush H30-26R bodied Leyland PD2-1


1948 Daimler CVD6 with Brush H56R body


1948 Leyland PD2-1 with Brush H30-24R body


1948 Leyland PS1 GWY77 in 1954 with a secondhand Brush B34F body


1948 Leyland PS1s with Brush B34F body


1948 Leyland Tiger PS1 with Brush B34F body 7905


1948 Leyland Tiger PS1 with Brush bodywork.9651


1948 Leyland Tiger PS1 with Brush bodywork


1948 Sunbeam F4 with Brush B32C body


1948 Sunbeam F4 with Brush H30-26R body


1949 BMMO S9 with Brush body


1949 Daimler CVD6-Brush H30-26R 528


1949 Daimler CVD6s with Brush B34F bod


1949 Daimler CVG6 with Brush H56R body


1949+1950 Derby 76, BCH576, and 86, BCH886, were both Daimler CVD6's with Brush H30-26R bodies


1950 B.U.T. 9641T with a distinctive Brush H38-32R body ktv506


1950 Brush B44F bodied Leyland PSU1-13 Royal Tiger mtc757


1950 Brush H30-26R bodied Daimler CVD6 890


1950 Dennis Lancet III with Brush B32F body


1950 Guy Arab III fitted with a Brush B38F LPT140


1950 Sunbeam F4 with a Brush body


1951 Brush B44F bodied Leyland PSU1-13 Royal Tiger


1951 Brush DP40F bodied BMMO S13


1951 Brush H30-26R bodied Crossley DD42-8A


1951 Daimler CVD6SD with Brush B39R body


1951 Foden PVD6 with Brush H30-26R body


1951 Foden PVD6, with a Brush H30-26R body


1951 Leyland Royal Tiger PSU1-13 with Brush B41R body


1951 Leyland Royal Tiger with Brush B44R body


1952 B.M.M.O. S13 with a Brush DP40F body 888

1952-b-m-m-o-s13-with-a-brush-dp40f-body OHA888

1952 Crossley DD42-8A with a Brush H30-26R


Brush works in Loughborough Guy Arab III with a Brush B34F body


That’s it about Brush Busbodies

WILLOWBROOK Ltd Coachbuilders Loughborough Leicestershire England UK

1954 Willowbrook ltd Derby Road Loughborough Leicestershire



1954 Willowbrook ltd Derby Road Loughborough Leicestershire 1935 Bedford JU6301 with Willowbrook C25F body 1935 Dennis Lancet with Willowbrook C31F body 1935 Gilford UT7836 A56 coach - The Ellen - Willowbrook body 1935 Leyland TD4 dating with a Willowbrook L27-28R body fitted in 1949 1937 AEC Regal 712, RC4613 Willowbrook B35F body 1937 AEC Regal with Willowbrook B35F body, rebodied by Willowbrook in 1950 1937 AEC Regent with a Weymann body and rebodied in October 1948 by Willowbrook 1938 Bristol K5Gs with ECW L23-24R bodies. It was, along with the others rebodied in 1951 by Willowbrook with the L27-26R body 1938 Daimler COG5 new to Trent and rebodied by Willowbrook in 1943 1939 Albion with Willowbrook C39F body 1939 BMMO SON with a Willowbrook B34F body 1939 Bristol K5G dating which had been rebodied in 1951 with this Willowbrook L27-26R body 1939 Bristol K5G with Willowbrook body 1939 Daimler COG5-40 with Willowbrook C35F body 1939 Leyland Tiger TS8 converted to a tower wagon with a Willowbrook body 1943 Guy Arab II fitted with a Strachan L27-28R body when new in 1943. It was rebodied in 1950 with the Willowbrook L27-26R body 1945 Guy Arab II originally with a utility Park Royal H30-26R body and numbered 41. In 1953 it was rebodied with a Willowbrook H30-26R body 1946 AEC Regal with Willowbrook B34F body 1946 Bristol L5G with Willowbrook body 1946 Willowbrook bodied Daimler CVD6 1947 AEC Regal 752, RC9658, with a Willowbrook B35F body 1947 AEC Regals with Willowbrook B35F bodies which were rebuilt by Willowbrook to FDP39F in 1958 1947 AEC Regent with Willowbrook H30-26R body 1948 AEC Regal with Willowbrook 35 seat half cab front entrance bus 1948 Crossley DD42-5 with a Willowbrook H28-26R body 1948 Daimler CVD6 GYG205 with Willowbrook DP35F body 1948 Leyland Tiger PS1 given a Willowbrook double deck body in 1957 1949 AEC Regal 703, NJO703, has Willowbrook dual purpose 32 seat body 1949 AEC Regal III - Willowbrook body 1949 AEC Regal III with Willowbrook B34F body 1949 Leyland Tiger PS1, originally fitted with a Duple coach body and numbered 560, KAL380, but rebodied in 1957 with a Willowbrook L31-30R body 1949 Willowbrook 1950 AEC Regal III with Crossley gearbox and Willowbrook DP33F body 1950 Daimler CVD6 with Willowbrook B35F body 1950 Leyland Tiger PS1 with Willowbrook body 1950 Willowbrook DP33F bodied Leyland PS2-3 1951 Guy Arab III with Willowbrook FH27-26F body 1951 Leyland PSU1-11 Royal Tiger with a Willowbrook B43F body 1951 Willowbrook C33C bodied Leyland PSU1-11 Royal Tiger 1951 Willowbrook FH27-26F bodied Leyland PS1-4 new in 1951 and named 'Oudenarde' 1952 Willowbrook B44R bodied Atkinson Alpha chassis 1952 Willowbrook C37C bodied A.E.C. 9821S Regal IVs 1952 Willowbrook H32-28R body on a Sunbeam F4 chassis 1953 3-axle Sunbeam S7 with Willowbrook H62D body 1953 AEC 9822S Regal IV with a Willowbrook C41F body 1953 AEC Regal IV with Willowbrook C39C body 1953 Sunbeam F4 with Willowbrook H32-28R body 1953 Willowbrook C37C bodied Leyland Royal Tiger 1954 AEC Regent III with lowbridge Willowbrook bodywork 1954 Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1-2T with Willowbrook C39R body 1954 Sunbeam F4A with Willowbrook H70R body 1954 Willowbrook C41C bodied Daimler D650HS Freeline 1954 Willowbrook ltd Derby Road Loughborough Leicestershire 1955 A.E.C. MU3RV Reliance with a Willowbrook B43F body 1955 Leyland L1 Leopard with Willowbrook B45F body 1955 Sunbeam F4A trolleybus with Willowbrook 70 seat rear entrance bodywork 1955 Sunbeam F4A with a distinctive Willowbrook body 1955 Willowbrook C41F bodied AEC Monocoach 1956 AEC Regent V with Willowbrook body 1956 AEC Reliance MU3RV with Willowbrook DP41F bodywork 1956 AEC Reliance with Willowbrook body 1956 Albion Nimbus MR9N Willowbrook B31F at Didcot Garage 1956 Atkinson BPL745H buses bought by Venture. Like the others this had a Willowbrook body, B45F 1956 Daimler 836, WDH911with willowbrook body 1956 Guy Arab LUFs with Willowbrook C37C bodies 1956 Leyland Tiger Cub with Willowbrook DP41F body 1957 AEC Regent V MD3RV with Willowbrook H32-28R bodywork 1957 Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1-2 with Willowbrook DP41F bodywork. 1957 Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1-2, VTX44, with Willowbrook DP41F body 1957 Leyland Tiger PS1 single deck chassis rebuilt with a Willowbrook L61RD body 1957 Leyland Titan PD2-20 203-BEH Willowbrook L27 28R 1957 Willowbrook B45F bodywork on its Atkinson BPL745H chassis 1957 Willowbrook C37C bodied AEC MU3RV Reliance 1958 AEC Reliance with Willowbrook Viking C41F body 1958 AEC Reliance with Willowbrook Viking C41F bodywork 1958 Albion Aberdonian MR11 with Willowbrook B45F bodywork 1958 Albion Aberdonian MR11N XUP399 with Willowbrook DP41F body 1958 Albion Nimbus NS3AN with Willowbrook B31F bodywork, whilst preserved East Kent EFN568 is a 1950 Dennis Falcon P3 with Dennis B29F bodywork 1958 Albion Nimbus NS3AN with Willowbrook B31F bodywork. 1958 Albion Nimbus NS3N with Willowbrook B31F bodywork 1958 Leyland PD3-4 with Willowbrook H73R body 1958 Leyland Titan PD3-4 with Willowbrook body. 1958 Willowbrook C41F bodied AEC MU3RV Reliance 1959 A E C Reliance 2MU3RV with Willowbrook C37F bodywork 1959 AEC Reliance with 41 seat Willowbrook Viking coach body 1959 AEC Reliance with Willowbrook Viking C41F body 1959 Albion NS3N Nimbus buses with Willowbrook B31F bodies 1959 Leyland PSUC1-2 with Willowbrook Dual Purpose body 1959 Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1-1 with Willowbrook B45F bodywork 1959 Willowbrook Viking C41F bodied Leyland PSUC1-2 Tiger Cub 1959 Willowbrook Viking C41F bodied Leyland PSUC1-2 Tiger Cubs 1960 AEC Reliance 2MU2RA with Willowbrook B42D body 1960 AEC Reliance 2MU3RA with Willowbrook B45F body 1960 AEC Reliance 2MU3RA with Willowbrook Viscount C41F bodywork. 1960 Daimler CVG6 with a distinctive Willowbrook lowbridge body 1960 Dennis Loline IIYF10 Willowbrook H44-30F 885-LDH 1960 Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1-2 with Willowbrook dual purpose 43 seat body 1961 AEC Reliance with Willowbrook B43F body 1961 Bedford J2SZ7 with a Willowbrook Compact C19F body 1962 Bedford VAS1 with Willowbrook B30F bodywork 1962 Leyland Leopard L2 with Willowbrook body 1962 Leyland Leopard with Willowbrook C47F 1962 Willowbrook B65F bodied AEC Reliance, 858GNM 1962 Willowbrook DP47F bodied Leyland PSU3-3RT Leopard 1963 Leyland Titan PD3A-1 from 1963 with Willowbrook H41-32F bodywork 1963 Willowbrook bodied Leyland Leopard 1964 AEC Regent V 2D3RA with Willowbrook H39-30F body 1964 Bedford VAL with Willowbrook B54F body 1964 Leyland Leopard PSUC1-11 with Willowbrook B45F body OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 1965 Bedford VAS1 with Willowbrook B28F bodywork 1965 Daimler CRG6LX with Willowbrook H44-32F bodywork 1965 Leyland Leopard PSU3-1R with Willowbrook B53F bodywork 1965 Willowbrook DP49F bodied Leyland PSU3-1R Leopard 1966 AEC Reliances with Willowbrook B41D bodies 1966 Bedford VAS1 with Willowbrook B24FM bodywork 1966 Daimler Fleetline with Willowbrook single-deck bodywork 1966 Leyland Atlantean PDR1-2 with Willowbrook body 1966 Leyland Leopard PSU3-3R with a Willowbrook B53F body 1967 Bedfod VAS2 with Duple (Midland) B30F bodywork 1967 Bedford VAL70 with Willowbrook B56F bodywork 1967 Bedford VAL70 with Willowbrook body B56F 1967 Leyland L2 Leopard with a Willowbrook B43F body 1967 Willowbrook B45F-bodied Leyland Leopard 1967 Willowbrook DP49F bodied AEC Reliance 1968 A E C Reliance 6MU2RA with Willowbrook B46F bodywork 1968 AEC Regent V with Willowbrook H37-27F body 1968 Bedford SB5 with Willowbrook bodywork 1968 Bedford VAL with Willowbrook B56F body 1968 Bedford VAM70 saloons arrived with Willowbrook B33D+25 bodies 1968 Ford R192s with Willowbrook B45F bodies 1968 Willowbrook DP49F bodied Leyland PSU3A-4RT Leopard OKO816G a 1968 Willowbrook DP49F bodied Leyland PSU3A-4RT Leopard OKO816G 1968 Willowbrook Malta OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 1969 Daimler Fleetline SRG6LW with Willowbrook B44F bodywork 1969 Ford R192 with Willowbrook B45F bodywork a 1969 Ford R192 with Willowbrook B45F bodywork 1969 Leyland Atlantean PDR1A-1 with Willowbrook body 1970 AEC Swift with Willowbrook B43D body 866H 1970 AEC Swift with Willowbrook B43D body 1970 Ford R192  Willowbrook B45F 1971 AEC Reliance with Willowbrook B43F body 1971 AEC Swift with Willowbrook dual door body 1971 Bedford SB5 with Willowbrook DP39F bodywork 1971 Bedford YRQ with Willowbrook B45F bodywork 1971 Ford R192, YNR506J, with locally built Willowbrook bodywork 1971 Leyland Leopard PSU3 with Willowbrook DP49F body 1972 AEC Reliance 6U3ZR with Willowbrook Expressway C49F bodywork 1972 AEC Swift with Willowbrook body 1972 Bedford VAS5 with Willowbrook B16FM bodywork 1972 Bedford VAS-Willowbrook 1972 Ford R192 with Willowbrook C45F 1972 Mercedes-Benz 0302 LHD chassis with a Willowbrook '007' C51D body 1972 Willowbrook B53F-bodied Leyland Leopard PSU3B-2R 1973 Bedford YRT with a Willowbrook '002' Expressway C30FT body 1973 Ford R192 or R1014 with an '002' Expressway body and a Mercedes-Benz 0302 with an '007' body 1973 Ford R1014 with Willowbrook C45F body 1973 Ford Willowbrook PTX987F 1973 Leyland with Willowbrook  B53F 1973 Willowbrook bodied Leyland Atlantean No 50, CUF150L 1974 Bedford YRQ-Willowbrook SCF344N 1974 Leyland Leopard L84, RGV284N, with Willowbrook B55F 1976 A.E.C. 6U3ZL Reliances to National Travel (South East) with Willowbrook C47F bodies 1977 A.E.C. 6U3ZL Reliance with a Willowbrook C47F body Daimler Fleetline SRG6LW with Willowbrook B44F bodywork 704G TDH 901 was a Sunbeam F4A with a Willowbrook H36-34R body

After Willowbrook took over Brush in 1951 Duple took over Willowbrook in the seventies. Look for more under Brush + Duple

VBK Vestfold Bil & Karosseri Horten, Vestfold County, Norway

1945 VBK logo old

Vestfold Car And Bodywork

Volvo-buss med karosseri fra VBK, Aure.

Volvobus bodywork from VBK, Aure.

Photo: David Hatlen

DAF-AB Hamar Omland Bilruter-hh VBK

DAF-bus with bodywork from VBK, Hamar and surrounding areas Car routes .
Photo: David Hatlen

Vestfold Car And Bodywork A/S (VBK) was one of Norway’s largest body factories. The factory was located at Horten in Vestfold County, Norway, and produced bus coachwork as well as cooling-and freezing the coachwork, train Interior and ambulances. At its peak had VBK-the Group of 600 employees (1981), and produced approximately 4,600 bus tub rose splines between 1953 and 1982. 

The company was founded on 17. January 1946 as Stedjeberg Auto A/S, owned by 20 men from the district. They ran the gas station and car dealership, as well as car and body repair shop. The first few years was the bus production modest. In 1951, the company took the name Vestfold Car and Bodywork A/S.

In 1953, were the shares of the company taken over by h. Astrup and Co. A/S, in the same year began the VBK to build bus coachwork, in part, of the alloy, after they had built from the start of traditional automotive body of steel. In 1957, began also to produce VBK body panels of glass fibre reinforced plastic .

VBK established in 1961, the subsidiary Kristiansund Let metal a/s in Kristiansund, Norway, that produced the VBKs bus models.In 1969 bought VBK factories t. Knudsen the bodywork factory in Kristiansand, Norway, and Larvik bodywork. These two factories also produced the VBKs bus models, but was put down after a short time, and bus production was moved to Horten.

In 1971 was VBK with to establish A/S the Interior the bodywork factory in Sjøvegan in Troms County, Norway . VBK were co-owners from the start, and took over the company completely in 1981.Also this factory produced buses for VBK.

In collaboration with the Scan Rescue A/S in London began in 1970 with the building the VBK and the decoration of the ambulances.In 1978, the Danish VBK bought cooling-frysekarosserifabrikken Frigor Trans in Viborg. Three years later, the Danish busskarroserifabrikken VBK bought j. Ørum-Petersen’s Body factory a/s in Herning. After this purchase had VBK-the Group of 600 employees, of which 350 employees at the hovedbedriften in Horten.

In 1982 sold VBK first bodywork factory in Troms County, Norway to the Inland Rutebil Troms County, Norway. Later in the same year became bus production in London closed down. The following year, also VBKs bus production in Denmark VBK and discontinued, had left 90 employees in London, who worked with the build up of ambulances, the cooling bodies and bus repairs. In 1987, took over the main workshop for VBK air force’s maritime literature, and star engines, after the Horten Shipyard had been closed down in 1986. This Department was on maintenance and overhaul of aircraft and ground equipment.

Today live VBK-the name forward in the two companies at Horten: VBK Bodywork Horten AS and VBK Nordic AS. These companies are up to, respectively, the body work on buses and trucks, and construction and the sale of ambulances and other special vehicles. 

In the fall of 2011 edited VBK Bodywork Horten AS the name back to the original VBK as.

1950 Scania Vabis + VBK Borre034


1957 Volvo B725 mod fra NSB Trondheim med VBK M53-karosseri og regnr U-8422


1958 VBK Model Borre037


1958 VBK Model Scania Vabis F-1029


1960 U-8432 = Scania Vabis BF75, bygget av Vestfold Bil & Karosserifabrikk ( VBK ) i Horten, 1960


1961 Scania-Vabis B 75 VBK [B7561V]


1961 Scania-Vabis B55 1961-modell med VBK-karosseri


1961 Scania-Vabis BF75-61 mod tilhørende VSB Vestfoldrutene. Bussen hadde M58-karosseri fra VBK


1963 Carson-VBK bodied Volvo dating from the Sixties EV-94-35.Hillerod


1963 Scania-Vabis B56-58 mod med M58-karosseri fra VBK


1964 Leyland Worldmaster with body from Norwegian VBK a15720 klofta


1964 Magirus-Deutz Saturn II VBK 1964–68 photos


1964 VBK Scania-Vabis B76


1964 vbk_scania-vabis_b76_2


1965 DAF TB 160 VBK


1965 DAF TB 160 VBKa


1965 Scania B76 63 med VBK-karosseri. c30397


1967 Volvo B54-VBK karosseri


1968 A-15667 is a 1968 Volvo B57-65 with VBK dual purpose bodywork


1968 Scania-Vabis BF75-61 1960 mod levert til Bærums Forende Bilruter på Bekkestua i Bærum med VBK's M58-karosseri


1968 Volvo B57-50  KLM-VBK #SNK 994


1971 VBK Scania BF80 '1971


1972 Scania Vabis M58-karosseri fra VBK c4625


1972 VBK M41 Scania B110 '1972


1973 Mercedes-Benz Ambulanse VBK Rescueline [W115]


1974 Mercedes-Benz Ambulanse 240D VBK


1975 BC28393 is a Scania BF111-63 with a bus body by VBK (Vestfold Bil og Karosseri)


1975 Volvo B58-60 VBK



1976 volvo-vbk-litouwen



1977 Scania BF 111 VBK M42 [BF 11163]


1978 Scania BR86S - VBK 1978 (Stig Baumeyer) Ta


1978 Scania BR86S  VBK M42T


1979 Scania BF111-63 kombinertbuss  mod med M42-karosseri fra VBK


1980 Volvo B10M-leddbussen med karosserie fra nå nedlagte VBK


1981 Scania BR112 - VBK 1981 (Stig Baumeyer) T


1982 VBK M500F Volvo Litouwen


1983 VBK Estland

1983 volvo-vbk-estland

1985 Mercedes-Benz 300 D Ambulanse VBK Rescueline [W124]


1997 Ford Econoline Ambulanse VBK Rescueline 200 [E-350]


Chevrolet b10439-2



DAF-AB Hamar Omland Bilruter-hh VBK a


DAF-AB Hamar Omland Bilruter-hh VBK


KZ30890 is a VBK bodied Scania


Mercedes VBK HB64579

2009 mercedes-vbk-hb64579

Scania BR86 Super VBK 8.6 R6


Scania BR86 Super VBK


Scania Vabis 76 F5008


Scania Vabis B56 - VBK 1967 (Stig Baumeyer) Scania Vabis BF76 - VBK 1965 (Stig Baumeyer) Scania Vabis T Knudsen b5331

scania-vabis-t-knudsen-b5331 + vkb




t-3493 vkb?



VBK DAF 30 - 94 - Zweden


VBK Volvo B10M


VBK Volvo HB-92-707.Roskilde


Volvo B10M Mk.I - VBK 50

1982 volvo-b10m-mk-i-vbk-50

Volvo B58 chassis with 29 seat VBK (Vestfold Bil & Karrosseri) bodies.


Volvo Politiebus b1312



1983 volvo-vbk-lb

Volvo-buss med karosseri fra VBK, Aure.




VW VBK VX29759_1

2005 vw-vbk-vx29759

W. M. Buslinier DJ98231, Scania K112CL med karosseri fra VBK i Herning. Her set i april 2001.

2001 w-m-buslinier-dj98231-scania-k112cl-med-karosseri-fra-vbk-i-herning-her-set

That’s what I could find