YOUNGMAN Buses, Cars and Trucks China


China Youngman Automobile Group Co., Ltd.
(trading as Youngman)

Industry Automotive
Founded 2001
Founders Pang Qingnian
Headquarters Jinhua, Zhejiang, China
Products Automobiles, buses and trucks
Employees Approx 4,000
Subsidiaries Spyker N.V.(29.9%)
Website Youngman

Youngman (officially China Youngman Automobile Group Co., Ltd.) (Chinese: 青年汽车集团) is a Chinese manufacturer of automobiles, buses and trucks located in Jinhua, Zhejiang province. The company was founded in 2001 by Pang Qingnian.


“Youngman” is an English literalization of the name of the company’s founder, Pang Qingnian.


The Samand car from Iran Khodro

The Samand car from Iran Khodro.
2011 Youngman Lotus L5.

A 2011 Youngman Lotus L5.

Youngman was founded in 2001 by Pang Qingnian. In the early-2000s the company formed joint ventures with two German companies – a bus manufacturing venture with Neoplan (at the time known as Gottlob Auwärter GmbH & Co. KG) and a truck manufacturing venture with MAN. After increasing of orders, the manufacturer has built plants in the cities of Jinan, Tai’an, Lianyungang, Quzhou and some other places to meet the high number of orders.

In September 2006 Youngman established a joint venture with the Iranian state-owned carmaker Iran Khodro for the manufacture of Iran Khodro’s Samand and Soren models at Youngman’s Tai’an plant, with parts supplied by PSA Peugeot Citroën.

In November 2006, Youngman became the official Chinese importer for the British sports car maker Lotus Cars. In another joint-venture with the Lotus Group which was closed in December 2008, Youngman is assembling Lotus and Europestar branded cars in Guangdong for the Domestic Chinese and export market. The units receive a Chinese independent brand to differentiate itself from the British sports car models. With the Lotus joint venture, Youngman is engaged in secondary activities as the exclusive importer of American automotive brand ZAP!. Both brands had its China debut at the Beijing International Auto Show in 2009.

In 2007, Youngman acquired the American electric car maker Detroit Electric, with the intention of manufacturing vehicles for the North American market. In May 2008 it was reported that Youngman had signed two major agreements with the Malaysian carmaker Proton. The first was for the import of 30,000 Proton Gen-2 models from Malaysia to China over two years, to be sold under the EuropeStar marque as the RCR. The second was a licensing deal for Proton’s Lotus-designed Campro engine, whereby Proton would sell 150,000 complete knock down units to Youngman over the subsequent six years.

In June 2010 Youngman announced that it would be making an investment of CNY 4 billion in the construction of new manufacturing facilities in Haining, Zhejiang Province, for the production of passenger cars, alternative energy powertrain systems, vehicle bridges, transmissions and inner and exterior auto components.


On 28 October 2011 it was reported that Youngman and the Chinese automotive retailer Pang Da Automobile Trade Co had agreed a joint 100-millionEuro (USD140 million) takeover of the Swedish carmaker Saab Automobile and its United Kingdom dealer network unit from Swedish Automobile, with Youngman and Pang Da taking 60 and 40 percent stakes respectively.

Both Chinese companies pledged to invest 610 million euros ($844 million), prompting a court to extend the manufacturer’s protection against creditors.

In December 2011 General Motors (GM) blocked the Chinese buy out, since GM has technology licenses in SAAB.

Saab’s restructuring process was granted, and the plan was that in 2014 the company would have had a positive equity. The restructuring process would have removed 500 employees from Saab, saving about €100,000.00, according to the restructuring plan. General Motors rejected the deal with Youngman and Pang Da on 7 November 2011, although unsuccessful discussion to convince GM continued for a month. On 19 December 2011, chairman Victor Muller was forced to file Saab Automobile for bankruptcy following the failed buyout by a Chinese consortium, which was blocked by former parent GM to prevent technology transfer.

On 6 March 2012 an Indian news paper reported that at least two companies have placed bids for complete SAAB Automobile buy out. These are India‘s Mahindra and Mahindra and China‘s Youngman. It is reported that these bids are in the range $300 million to $400 million.

On 13 June 2012 it was announced that the National Electric Vehicle Sweden had bought Saab Automobile’s bankruptcy estate.

Spyker joint ventures

In August 2012, Youngman agreed to acquire 29.9% of the Dutch luxury sportscar maker Spyker N.V. for €6.7 million, and the companies agreed to form two new joint ventures. The Spyker P2P joint venture will focus on the development of a new luxury sports utility vehicle, with ownership split 75:25 between Youngman and Spyker respectively. The Spyker Phoenix joint venture will focus on the development of a range of premium cars based on Saab’s Phoenix platform, with ownership split 80:20 between Youngman and Spyker respectively.


Youngman sells passenger cars in China under the Youngman-Lotus marque. Current products include the L3 and L5 models, and are engineered with the assistance of the United Kingdom-based Lotus Engineering.

Youngman currently produces coaches and trucks in collaboration with the Germany-based MAN Truck & Bus. Coaches are sold under the Youngman and Neoplan marques.Trucks are sold under the Youngman and MAN marques.

Youngman-Neoplan a

Buses NEOPLAN 1935 – 2008 Stuttgart Germany

Neoplan logo


1936 Neoplan-den Oudsten uit 1974 KLM Rondleiding in de 30-er jaren1936 Neoplan-den Oudsten KLM Rondleiding in de 30-er jaren NL

Type Private company with limited liability – GmbH, subsidiary of MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG
Industry Automotive
Founded 1 July 1935
Founder(s) Gottlob Auwärter
Headquarters StuttgartGermany
Number of locations PlauenSaxony, Germany
Key people Joachim ReinmuthChairman of the Board of Management
former designers: Albrecht Auwärter, Bob Lee, Konrad Auwärter
Products Buses
Employees 1,300
Parent MAN SE

NEOPLAN Bus GmbH is a German automotive company that manufactures busestrolleybuses and coaches. NEOPLAN is now a subsidiary of MAN SE.


00 Neoplan Auwärter v1-Automarken-Logo


01 1983 Neoplan Skyliner 611983 model year Neoplan Skylineroperated by Trathens Travel Services of Plymouth
02 Neoplan Doppelstockbus Viernheim 100 3625

A modern unliveried Neoplan Skyliner
03 DXB on 23 September 2007

NEOPLAN Bus used at Dubai Airport 2007
04 OxfordtubeA current NEOPLAN Skyliner model
05 JR Bus Kanto Neoplan MegalinerNEOPLAN Megaliner (Japan version)

The company was founded by Gottlob Auwärter in Stuttgart in 1935, and manufactured bodywork for bus and truck chassis. From the very beginning, the designs of the buses produced were considered stylish. After World War II, an all-steel body design was developed, a rarity at that time. By 1953, the company had moved away from manufacturing buses on truck chassis, to a partial monocoque design with a steel tube skeleton, providing the structural support, enhanced by welded side panels. The engine was moved to the rear, and the running gear and body functioned as one. In 1957, air suspension was made available, improving the ride of the bus for passengers.

06 Neoplan-StammwerkNeoplan-Stammwerk


In 1961, a new bus design, the Hamburg, was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. At a time when most coaches were rounded, bulbous or streamlined, the new design had clear-cut lines with edges and large windows. Developed by the founder’s eldest son, Albrecht Auwärter, and another student, Swiss national Bob Lee, as part of their dissertation at Hamburg University. The design also allowed every passenger to regulate their fresh air supply through a nozzle from two air ducts, commonly seen today.

08 Oosakaniponnkannkou MAN22.280HOCRNeoPlanOosakaniponnkannkou MAN22.280HOCR

Both Albrecht and Lee joined NEOPLAN after graduating from the university. Albrecht took over management of the company in 1965, and Bob Lee later became head of Engineering and Design.

09 Auwärter_OP_3750_v

1947 Auwärter Mercedes Benz OP3750 v

In 1964, the founder’s second son, Konrad Auwärter, developed a double-deck bus design for a service bus as part of his dissertation. The ‘Do-Bus’ design had low weight, and could carry over 100 passengers. It also featured a low-frame front axle with forward-mounted steering gear that permitted a low flat floor. The double-deck principle was applied to the coach design, creating a high-capacity comfortable touring vehicle. This vehicle was known as the Skyliner.

10 1958 Auwärter Neoplan NH6-71958 Auwärter Neoplan NH6-7


In 1971, the Cityliner was introduced to the public. This design had a passenger platform above the driver’s cab, and included an onboard toilet.The vehicle also made use, of glass-fibre reinforced plastic for certain areas of the body, this was the first instance when this technique was used. In 1973, the Jetliner was introduced, featuring a large one-piece windshield, with the driver and door windows sloping from the passenger window line down to the bottom of the windshield level.

11 1960 Neoplan typ hamburg1960 Neoplan typ hamburg

A second manufacturing facility opened in Pilsting in 1973, and a third opened in Kumasi, Ghana in December 1974 to support increasing orders.

1973 NeoPlan Jumbocruiser1973 NeoPlan Jumbocruiser

In 1975, the Jumbocruiser was launched, a double-deck articulated coach 18 metres (59 ft 1 in) long and 4 metres (13 ft 1 in) high. The Spaceliner, introduced in 1979 took the Cityliner concept of passenger floor level above the driver, and extended the actual floor above the cab. This kept the height of the vehicle lower than a double-decker, at 3.65 metres (12 ft), but still allowed installation of toilets, kitchens or sleep cabins below the passenger compartment.

1973 Neoplan Cityliner N1161973 Neoplan Cityliner N116


24 Airfield Shuttle, Domodedovo AirportAirfield Shuttle, Domodedovo Airport

A new fourth plant was added in 1981 in Berlin, and Bob Lee led the establishment of a fifth plant in Lamar, Colorado. In 1984, a further plant was added in Honey Brook, Pennsylvania. The United States plants were later spun off into a separate, and now defunct, independent company (Neoplan USA) that used the NEOPLAN name under licence.

13 Neoplan erster niederflurbusNeoplan erster niederflurbus (low floor bus)

In 1980, the United Kingdom deregulated services over 35 miles (56 km) in length. This led to intense competition on a variety of long-distance services, with operators looking to differentiate their service. NEOPLAN vehicles, with their futuristic design and high quality construction, began to be imported in greater numbers.

14 Neoplan metroliner carbonNeoplan metroliner carbon

The Metroliner was introduced in 1988. This vehicle was the first full monocoque bus in the world, requiring no separate chassis or skeleton.



23 Basel Neoplan N 6021Basel Neoplan N 6021 Trolleybus

A manufacturing facility was opened in Ehrenhain in 1990.

16 JR-Bus-Megaliner-Tsukuba1993 JR-Bus-Megaliner-Tsukuba

In 1992, the 15 metres (49 ft 3 in) four-axle Megaliner was introduced, prompting a change in European Union regulations to allow non-articulated vehicles greater than 12 metres (39 ft 4 in) in length. The Starliner was introduced in 1996, and would go on to win the Bus of the Year award for two consecutive years – in 1998 and 1999.

17 Neoplan Centroliner-Linienbus

Neoplan Centroliner-Linienbus




In 2001, NEOPLAN, or correctly, “Gottlob Auwärter GmbH & Co KG” was acquired by MAN AG subsidy MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG to form NEOMAN Bus GmbH. The Starliner won the Bus of the Year award for two more consecutive years in 2001 and 2002.

18 Neoplan-de dietrich eurailbus modellNeoplan-de dietrich eurailbus modell

A new coach designed for touring was introduced in 2003 under the name Tourliner, and the Starliner was redesigned in 2004 and included the Electronic Stability Programme (ESP). The Trendliner was released in 2004, as a ‘dual purpose’ intercity and combination bus – which is designed to be used seven days a week.

19 Neoplan starliner und euroliner und centroliner modelleNeoplan starliner und euroliner und centroliner modelle

In 2005, two new shorter 13 metres (42 ft 8 in) versions of the Tourliner and Trendliner were released. From 2006, Euro4 compliant engines from MAN began being fitted in the new generation Cityliner.

20 Neoplan N 4516 ZurichNeoplan N 4516 Zurich

In 2007, a new Auwärter Museum was opened in Landau/Isar.

On 1 February 2008, NEOMAN Bus GmbH was fully integrated into the Bus Division of the larger MAN Nutzfahrzeuge Group, and ceased to exist in its own right. NEOPLAN and MAN AG Buses now operate as two separate but integrated marques of MAN Nutzfahrzeuge Group. As a result of the reorganisation and restructuring of the Bus Division, NEOPLAN will concentrate on production at its Plauen and Pilsting sites, with Plauen being used for luxury coaches, whilst Pilsting will concentrate on customisations.

22 2011 Neoplan Skyliner 20112011 Neoplan Skyliner

1928 Lancia   Auwärter Aufbau 1936 Neoplan-den Oudsten KLM Rondleiding in de 30-er jaren 1938 Auwärter Opel Blitz Bus 1947 Auwärter OP 3750 v Mercedes Benz 1953 Neoplan SH 6 Klein-Reisebus 1954 Auwärter L 4500 1954 Auwärter-NEOPLAN   L 4500 Schweizer - Modell Diesel 6 cyl 1954 Büssing 4000 T  Neoplan 1954 1954 Neoplan Auwärter SH 8 1955 Auwärter Neoplan SH 6 1955 Auwärter Neoplan SH 8 Diesel 6 cyl  6130cc 1955 Auwärter SH6 Neoplan 1955 1955 Auwärter-NEOPLAN   SH30 Schweizer- Form 6139cc 1955 Neoplan Auwärter SH6 1955 Neoplan SH 6 Klein-Reisebus 1956 Auwärter Neoplan S 6-7 1956 Neoplan SH 30 Stromlinienbus - Heckansicht 1956 Neoplan SH 30 Stromlinienbus 1957 Auwärter Neoplan Omnubus Prospekt 1957 1957 Auwärter-NEOPLAN SF6-7 OM 3-21 5068cc 1957 Neoplan SF 6 6 Reisebus 1957 Neoplan SH6 - K. Auwärter 1958 Auwärter GoldenBus 1958 Auwärter Neoplan NH6-7 1958 Auwärter Neoplan NNNNH 6-7 Disel 6120cc 1958 Neoplan NH 6 7 Reisebus 1960 Auwärter Neoplan NH12 1960 Neoplan Hamburg NH12 1960 Neoplan typ hamburg 1961 Auwärter Neoplan NH 14 Typ Hamburg für RUOFF 1961 later de NH16 1961 Auwärter Neoplan NH16 Ahlen 1961 Auwärter Neoplan Typ Hamburg Prototyp Generationen-Treffen 1961 Neoplan NH 16 Ahlen 1961 Neoplan Pullman Atlantico  neco 1961 Neoplan Sh 8 1961 Neoplan Typ Hamburg Prototyp Auslieferung an FRÖHLICH 1962 neoplan-busse-sh-8-02b-200032 1963 Auwärter Neoplan NH 13 L Typ Hamburg - Stadtwagen ÜSTRA Hannover 1963 neoplan-busse-oldtimer-02b-0133 1964 Auwärter Neoplan Do-Bus Typ Hamburg Liniendoppeldecker Diplomarbeit von Konrad Auwärter 1964 Neoplan NH 9 Typ Hamburg Reisebus (kurz) 1964 NEOPLAN NH16 Omnibus Revue 1964 NEOPLAN NH16L 1965 Auwärter Daimler Benz O319D 1965 Auwärter Neoplan Do-Lux Typ Hamburg Frontansicht 1965 Auwärter Neoplan Mit Henschel DB 522 6162cc motor 1965 Auwärter Neoplan NMAN 20 L - DO LUX - Museumsfahrzeug 1965 Auwärter-NEOPLAN Sonderfahrzeug Henschel DB 522 6126cc 1965 Neoplan NB20L Do-Lux (1965 01a) 1965 Neoplan NB20L Do-Lux (1965 01b) 1966 Auwärter Neoplan Busse aus Stuttgart Typ Hamburg NH 10 L Bröskamp 1966 Auwärter Neoplan Busse aus Stuttgart Typ Hamburg NH 16 L Wintermayr 1966 Auwärter Neoplan Do-Lux Typ Hamburg für SEVERIN & KÜHN 1966 Auwärter Neoplan Hotelbus Typ Hamburg ROTEL Georg Höltl 1966 Auwärter Neoplan NF 6 - der kleinste Typ Hamburg auf FIAT Fahrgestell für BRB 1966 Auwärter Neoplan NH 16 Typ Hamburg BLAGUSS 1966 Auwärter NEOPLAN ROTEL - Altersruhesitz auf dem Betriebshof 1966 Auwärter Neoplan ROTEL auf Typ Hamburg Basis - das fertiggestellte rollende Hotel 1966 Auwärter Neoplan Typ Hamburg NH 10 L BRÖSKAMP 1966 Neoplan NH 9 Typ Hamburg Reisebus (kurz) 19h 1967 Auwärter Mercedes Benz 319 1967 Auwärter Neoplan Hotelbus Typ Hamburg OLYMPIA Berlin 1967 Auwärter Neoplan NH 14 Linienwagen Stadtwerke REMSCHEID 1967 Auwärter Neoplan NH 22-2 Typ Hamburg der ERSTE SKYLINER - für RAB Reisen Büssemeier 1967 Auwárter Neoplan NH 22-2 Typ Hamburg Skyliner Museumsfahrzeug 1967 NEOPLAN Hamburg NH8, NH9, NH12, NH14 1968 NEOPLAN NB6, NB8, NB10, NB12, NB16 1969 Auwärter Neoplan Busse aus Stuttgart Typ Hamburg NH 15 V Flughafen Frankfurt 1969 Auwärter Neoplan ND 6 Typ Hamburg Skizze von Bob Lee 1969 Tekening 1969 Auwärter VW T1 Auwärter Carlux 1969 1969 Auwärter VW T1 Auwärter Carlux a 1970 Auwärter Neoplan NB 26-3 Liniendoppeldecker SCHNEIDER 1970 Auwärter Neoplan Typ Hamburg - Arbeitsplatz des Fahrers 1971 Auwärter Neoplan Busse aus Stuttgart SKYLINER NH 22 Univers 1971 Auwärter Neoplan NB 22-2 Skyliner Typ Hamburg Sightseeing CITYRAMA Paris 1971 1971 Auwärter Neoplan ND 22-3 Skyliner Stadtrundfahrten APPIAN LINE Rome 1971 Auwärter Neoplan ND6 1971 Auwärter Neoplan NH 12 K - ein kurzer Kombibus der Typ Hamburg Baureihe für SCHNEIDER 1971 Auwärter Neoplan NH 14 Typ Hamburg für ELITE Reisen Hamburg 1971 Auwärter Neoplan NH 16 Typ Hamburg Schuchard - WELTENBUMMLER 1971 NEOPLAN Intercityliner Busfahrt 150971 1971 Neoplan ND6 1972 AUWÄRTER MB 813-913 1972 Auwärter Neoplan NH 12 Typ Hamburg RAML Reisen 1972 Auwärter Neoplan Typ Hamburg ND 12 K Linienbus BURKERT, Gerabronn 1973 DAF met Auwärter body 1973 Neoplan Cityliner N116 1973 NeoPlan Jumbocruiser 1974 Auwärter Mercedes Carlux 1974 Auwärter Neoplan ND 6 Typ Hamburg Auwärter Museum - HESSBRÜGGEN 1977 Neoplan Jetliner N 216 H 1977 Neoplan N 220 1978 Auwärter-NEOPLAN   N138 JumboCruser 1980 NEOPLAN Reisebusse 1982 Auwärter-NEOPLAN   N906 T 1982 Neoplan-pvcc 1983 Neoplan Skyliner 1983 Neoplan, een Auwärter 558 1 foto Henk Langhout 1983 Neoplan, een Auwärter 3033 1 1984 NEOPLAN SKYLINER 1985 NEOPLAN Dubbeldekker 1985 Neoplan Neoplan-11985 Tour Bus 2603 a 1985 Neoplan Neoplan-11985 Tour Bus 2603 b 1985 Neoplan Neoplan-11985 Tour Bus 2603 1986 Neoplan Cityliner Fahrschule Hermanski in Essen 1987 Neoplan Pano gelenkreisebus 1988 Auwärter Clubstar Mercedes B Litouwen 1990 Misir-Reisen Essen Neoplan Skyliner E-LM 52  Porscheplatz 1990 Neoplan Double decker 1990 Neoplan Megashuttle 1990 Neoplan N4020 1992 NEOPLAN CENTROLINER 4426 1993 JR-Bus-Megaliner-Tsukuba OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 1994 Neoplan Doppelstockbus Viernheim 100 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 1995 NEOPLAN Skyliner N128 Kettlewells Engeland 1996 Neoplan Coach 1997 NEOPLAN VIERNHEIM 100 3623 1998 NEOPLAN Jumbocruiser Cropped Jumbo 1999 Auwärter Teamstar Mercedes Litouwen 2001 Neoplan N6121 Lausanne 2002 Neoplan N40161 2003 Neoplan N4016 Deutz - Auwärter 757 2004 NEOPLAN DXB Airportbus Dubai 2004 Neoplan EEV 2005 NEOPLAN Centroliner Kanagawa-Chuo-Kotsu-TwinLiner-N4421 2006 NEOPLAN ARTICULE MVK 2007 DXB on 23 September 2007 2007 Youngman-Neoplan 2008 Neoplan Centroliner-Linienbus 2008 Youngman-Neoplan bus in Beijing. 2009 Neoplan at Corfu 2009 Neoplan Tourliner Tri-axle CZ 2011 MIC 8008 - Prototyp bei Messebus Berlin KG 2011 Neoplan Skyliner Airfield Shuttle, Domodedovo Airport Airport-Apron-Bus-JNP6140- Auwaerter-Museum-Sinsheim Auwärter Eurostar HDS Mercedes Polen AUWÄRTER Eurostar Auwärter Man Clubstar Auwärter Mercedes IJsland Auwärter MERCEDES-BENZ-Clubstar Auwärter Mercedes-Benz-Sprinter Auwärter Midi Skate Renault Auwärter Neoplan KLM Auwärter Neoplan NB 22-2 Skyliner Typ Hamburg Sightseeing CITYRAMA Paris Auwärter Neoplan Stuttgart Auwärter Neoplan Typ Hamburg Prototyp Museumsbus - DILLIER Auwärter Neoplan-Vorfeldbus auf dem Flughafen Moskau-DomodedowoAirfield Shuttle, Domodedovo Airport Auwärter NH 22-3 Typ Hamburg Skyliner dreiachsig für STÄHLIN Auwärter VW Carlux by Busbox Auwärter VW dyn003 auwärter VW microstar Auwärter-busse-nh-6-7 Auwärter-busse-oldtimer (2) Auwärter-busse-oldtimer Auwärter-Museum Basel Neoplan N 6021 CBM TDU10+11+12 FCKOELN JR Bus Kanto Neoplan Megaliner OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Logo-Auwärter NEOMAN logo DCF 1.0 neoplan apron NEOPLAN Auwärter Dubbeldekker NEOPLAN Auwärter Hamburg NH8, NH9, NH12, NH14 NEOPLAN AUWÄRTER NB6, NB8, NB10, NB12, NB16 NEOPLAN Auwärter Reisebusse Neoplan Auwärter v1-Automarken-Logo Neoplan Cityliner a NEOPLAN CITYLINER Neoplan coach in Greece Neoplan Doppelstockbus Viernheim 100 3625 Neoplan erster niederflurbus Neoplan Eurocruiser in Cornwall Neoplan jetliner (2) neoplan jetliner Neoplan logo Neoplan Megaliner N128-4 Neoplan metroliner carbon Neoplan MIC Neoplan N 4516 Zurich Neoplan N814 Neoplan starliner und euroliner und centroliner modelle Neoplan Transliner SHD Scania in Krakow Neoplan with B52F body neoplan-apron-07 Neoplan-de dietrich eurailbus modell Neoplan-Stammwerk Oosakaniponnkannkou MAN22.280HOCR Opel Blitzbus 93 Auwärter Oxfordtube Youngman-Neoplan bus in Beijing 2.