AMBULANCES + HEARSES part XIX on Alphabet beginning with V(olga) till A

AMBULANCES + HEARSES part XIX on Alphabet beginning with V(olga) till A


Rostov-on-Don, Russia – May 21,2017:Old car GAZ-22 “Volga” in the parking lot

Volga Ambulances and Hearses


Volvo Ambulances Hearses and ex-Hearses


Digital StillCamera


Digital StillCamera

All Volkswagen (ex) Ambulances and Hearses

Wanderer Ambulances – Krankenwagen

Wartburg Ambulance (and models)

Weller Brothers Coachbuilders of Ambulances

 White Motor Company Ambulances between 1904-1920

Kaiser WILLYS Overland Siebert Ambulances and Hearses

Wolseley Ambulances and (ex) Hearses

ZIL ambulances and hearses

ZIS Ambulances and Hearses

As far I know that were almost all ambulances and hearses that I could find on de WWW. Do you know more, let me please know.

Thanks for your interest. Greetings Jeroen

AMBULANCES part IX international Ambulances on Alphabet from I till K

AMBULANCES part IX international Ambulances on Alphabet from I till K

1953 – IFA F8 Krankenwagen

1955 IFA F8 Kombi-Hearse 1983 IFA Wartburg 353W 1986 ifa-barkas-b-1000-ambulance-1986 IFA Framo V901-902 Bestattungswagen – Leichenwagen DDR IFA Granit 27 IFA Phänomen és Fiat 1100 (a nagy a Phänomen) IFA Robur Ambulance a IFA Robur ambulance IFA Framo

Imperial 1927 Cadillac, 1939 Chevrolet, 1951 Pontiac, 1957 National Landau, 1959 Crown, 1959 Memphian Chrysler, 1959 National, 1964 National and 1977 Chrysler Ambulances and Hearses.

International Harvester Ambulances


Isuzu Ambulances

IVECO Resque Units and Ambulances

Jaguar Ambulance and Hearses

JEEP – Kaiser – Willys – Willys Overland – Holden – Horton Quick Responders and Ambulances

1915 Jeffery Ambulance en Hearse (Hansen)


American Austin hood ornament

American Austin Car Company 1929-1956

Not to be confused with Austin Automobile Company or Austin Motor Company.
American Austin Car Company
Industry Automobile
Fate Acquired by American Rolling Mills
Founded 1929
Defunct 1956
Headquarters Butler, Pennsylvania
Products Vehicles

1931 American Austin


 1931 American Austin 7.jpg1931 American Austin 7


The American Austin Car Company was an American automobile manufacturing corporation. The company was founded in 1929, and produced motorcars licensed from the British Austin Motor Company from 1930 through 1934, when it filed for bankruptcy.

In 1935 the company was reorganized under the name American Bantam. Production resumed in 1937 and continued through 1941, including the first prototype of what later became the Jeep.


American Austin Car Company was founded in 1929, in Butler, Pennsylvania in premises that had belonged to the Standard Steel Car Company. Their intention was to assemble and sell in the United States a version of the Austin 7 car, called American Austin. After some initial success the Great Depression set in, and sales fell off to the point that production was suspended. In 1934 the company filed for bankruptcy.