AMBULANCES + HEARSES part XVIII on Alphabet beginning with U till Volvo

AMBULANCES + HEARSES part XVIII on Alphabet beginning with U till Volvo

UAZ or “Bukhanka”  Ambulances

1918 Unic C9-O Ambulance

All Unic Ambulances or Red Cross Truck

UNIMOG (Mercedes-Benz) Ambulances

2013 Ural-43206 als militärisches Sanitätsfahrzeug

1899 original

1900 French Motorcycle Ambulance

1909 Ambulance

1910 Police Officer Places Sick Child in an Ambulance, c 1910s (NYC Municipal Archives)

1910 Trane Colliery Ambulance and Nurse

1913 Electric ambulance

1914 Horse Drawn or electric Ambulance attended by medical staff during World War 1

1914 Unknown ambulans Red Cross with follower

1914 WWI Moscow

1914 WWI Savelovski vokzal

1914-18 2 ambulances unknown

1914-18 WWI SanavtoRus 350

1914-1918 WW1 AMBULANCE

1915 Ambulance Evpatorija Ambulance a

1915 Ambulance Odessa 1

1915 Ambulance Odessa 2

1916 London Ambulance with female driver-nurse

1916 Troops-medical-orderlies-of-the-Russian-Armoured-Car-Division-by-their-ambulance-in-a-Turkish-town-1916.

1924 SMP amb


Ambulance Bt

Ambulance with patiënts

Ambulance yxS


Central District Ambulance headquarters

tpt transport truck lorry wagon nk finish end college of ambulance x ray

Macon Hospital Ambulance

Motorcycle ambulance

All Unknown Ambulances and Hearses. Do you know more, please let me know. Thank you in advance.

van Hool Ambulance Buses (Visser Leeuwarden)

Vauxhall Ambulances since 1912

Vauxhall Hearses and ex-Hearses

1900-visser-carrosserie-leeuwarden-1ste-vestiging All Ambulances, Hearses, Heli’s e.s.o. are build by carrosserie Visser te Leeuwarden in the Netherlands a real specialist since 1900.

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