SOLBUS Kielce Poland


Solbus C95

Solbus C95

Szkielet Solbus Solcity SubUrban 10 - rear


Solbus Soltour 10 RHD in Kielce

Solbus Soltour 10 RHD in Kielce

Solbus C 10,5

Solbus C 10,5


Bussen Solbus Soltour ST11 in Kielce, PolandSolbus Soltour ST11 in Kielce, Poland

Solbus Solcity 11 in KielceSolbus Solcity SN11M in Kielce, Poland

Solbus Solcity 12 LNG in Kielce

Solbus Solcity 12 LNG in Kielce


Solbus Solcity 12 LNG rear - engineLNG gas powered city bus Solbus Solcity SM12 LNG/GPL/LPG

Solbus Solcity SM12 LNG in Kielce, Poland

Solbus Solcity SM12 LNG in Kielce, Poland

Solbus Solcity 18Solbus Solcity SM18 in Kielce, Poland

Solbus is a Polish bus manufacturer founded in 2001 in Solec Kujawski. It has been described as one of the “major players in Poland’s automotive industry”. In 2005 it accounted for 20% of bus production in Poland, and was named by the business daily Puls Biznesu as the best company and one of the three fastest growing companies in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. Currently it produces approximately 100-150 buses a year.

Products – buses

Actual offer:

  • Tourist coaches
    • Solbus Soltour ST10
    • Solbus Soltour ST11
  • Intercity buses
    • Solbus Soltour ST10/I
    • Solbus Soltour ST11/I
    • Solbus Solway SL10
    • Solbus Solway SL11
  • Local buses
    • Solbus Solcity SN11L
  • City buses
    • Solbus Solcity SN11M
    • Solbus Solcity SM12
    • Solbus Solcity SM12 LNG
    • Solbus Solcity SM18 – new
    • Solbus Solcity SM18 LNG – new

Historical buses:

  • Tourist coaches
    • Solbus LH 9,5
    • Solbus C 10,5/1
  • Intercity buses
    • Solbus C 9,5
    • Solbus C 10,5
  • City buses
    • Solbus B 9,5


Solbus Soltour - tourist coach

Solbus Soltour – tourist coach

Solbus natural gas bus

Solbus natural gas bus


SOLARIS Bus, Tram and Coach SA Bolechowo, Poland

Solaris Bus & Coach

Solaris Bus & Coach SA
Type Public
Industry Automotive industry
Founded 2001
Headquarters Bolechowo, Poland
Area served Worldwide
Key people Solange Olszewska, Krzysztof Olszewski
Products Buses
Revenue Increase 292.2 million
Operating income Increase 20.6 million
Profit Increase 13.5 million
Total assets Increase 126.1 million
Total equity Increase 87.6 million
Employees 1562

Solaris Bus & Coach SA is a bus, coach, trolleybus and tram manufacturer based in Bolechowo near Poznań, Poland.

It is a family-owned business, with Krzysztof Olszewski as co-owner and his wife Solange as CEO. It is located in a former weapons factory, and was featured by BBC World in a program related to EU expansion in May 2004, as an example of a post-communist success in Poland.


Solaris started as Neoplan Polska, founded in 1994 by Krzysztof Olszewski. Neoplan Polska was selling, and since January 1996 also building under German licence, low-floor Neoplan city buses. In 1999 it released first buses under its own Solaris brand (model Urbino). On 1 September 2001 Neoplan Polska was renamed to Solaris Bus & Coach Sp. z o.o. In 2005 it was transformed into a joint stock company.

In the 1990s, the company developed its own research office and used computer software originally developed for the design of space shuttles. It reduced the time needed to design and build new prototypes to about six months. Another six months are needed to build a new bus prototype.

Trolleybuses are made in co-operation with the Hungarian company Ganz Electro or (the Czech division of) the company Cegelec and Polish company Medcom. Both companies make the electric devices for the vehicles. Solaris produced the first European bus model using hybrid technology, the Solaris Urbino 18 Hybrid. That hybrid model was delivered in November 2008 to the Polish city of Poznań.

In 2007 Solaris was employing about 1,200 workers, in 2009 about 1,600 workers. Now “Solaris Bus & Coach” builds about 1,000-1,200 buses a year.

In 2013, Solaris sold 1,302 buses and trams.


01 Solaris InterUrbino 12 in Kielce, Poland

 Solaris InterUrbino 12 in Kielce, Poland

Current models

Discontinued models


City buses

20 Solaris Urbino 10

Solaris Urbino 10

21 Sol133

Solaris Urbino 12

22 Sol131 23 Sol135 24 Sol136

Solaris Urbino 12


Solaris Urbino 12 LPG-GPL-CNG

02 Solaris Urbino 12 in Chur, Switzerland

Solaris Urbino 12 in Chur, Switzerland

03 Solaris_Urbino_12_cockpit

Driver’s area of Solaris Urbino 12

04 Solaris_Urbino_12_interior

Interior of Solaris Urbino 12

05 Solaris_Urbino_12_engineEngine of Solaris Urbino 12

05a Solaris Urbino 12 Hybrid in Brno

2010 Solaris Urbino 12 Hybrid in Brno

06 Solaris_Urbino_18_Reutlingen 07 Solaris_Urbino_Warsaw_Airport_2005A Solaris Urbino 18 of RSV (Reutlingen, Germany

Solaris Urbino 10 at Warsaw Okęcie Airport, Poland


08 Trådbuss_Landskrona

A Solaris Trollino 12 trolleybus in LandskronaSweden

09 SolarisT18ACInTallinn

Solaris Trollino 18AC inTallinn in Estonia

10 Solaris_Trollino_15AC_in_Vilnius_15.08.20062006 Solaris Trollino 15 in Vilnius in Lithuania

26 Sol199

Solaris Urbino 18

27 Sol211

Solaris Urbino 18 Hybrid II


Solaris Alpino

29 Sol039

Solaris InterUrbino 12

30 Sol229

Solaris Urbino 18 Hybrid Vossloh Kiepe

11 Salzburg_Solaris_Trollino_18_-Metrostyle-

Solaris Trollino 18 “Metrostyle” in Salzburg

17 Solaris_Tramino,_Poznań_2010_(01)

Solaris Tramino LF 32 in Poznań

18 Solaris_Tramino,_Poznań_2010_(06)

Interior of Solaris Tramino LF 32

19 TRAKO_2013_w_Gdańsku_–_Solaris_Tramino_Jena

Solaris Tramino S109j for Jena, Germany

31 Sol239

Solaris Urbino 18 Hybrid MetroStyle

32 Wikivacanza

Solaris Vacanza 12 pierwszej generacji z 2002 roku w Katowicach jako ruchome centrum krwiodawstwa

34 Sol097

Solaris Trollino 12

35 Sol099

Solaris Trollino 12

36 Sol103

Solaris Trollino 15

37 Sol107

Solaris Trollino 18

38 Sol113

Solaris Trollino 18 MetroStyle

39 Sol075

Solaris Tramino w Poznaniu

40 Sol088

Solaris Tramino

41 Special version of Solaris Vacanza 13 als mobiele bloed donatiemobiel in Grodzisk Mazowiecki Ambulance

Special version of Solaris Vacanza 13 als mobiele bloed donatiemobiel in Grodzisk Mazowiecki Ambulance

11 Salzburg_Solaris_Trollino_18_-Metrostyle-

Intercity buses and coaches

12 Solaris-vacanza-austriaA Solaris Vacanza 13

13 Solaris_Valletta_in_Kielce,_19-09-2007Solaris Valletta in Kielce, Poland, Transexpo 2007

14 Solaris_InterUrbino_12_-_Transexpo_2010Solaris Interurbino 12 at Transexpo 2010

15 Sol055Solaris Interurbino 12 interior

Roma filosnodato (dual-mode trolleybus) built by Solaris Solaris Alpino de Dunois Solaris Urbino 9 bus Solaris Urbino 10 Solaris Urbino 12 Hybrid Solaris Urbino 12 III Solaris Urbino 12 Solaris Urbino 15 LE Solaris Urbino 18 Hybrid (2) Solaris Urbino 18 Hybrid Solaris Urbino 18 SOLARIS von Ground Handling Düsseldorf Nr.11 Solaris-Urbino-18-Gelenkbus-DSW-1141-NRW-Design

© O.Nordsieck


 © O.Nordsieck

That’s it


ZSD Nysa Bus Nysa Town Poland 1955-1994


ZSD Nysa

nysaNysa N61

The Nysa van was produced in the town of Nysa, Poland, from 1958 until 1994. Contrary to the angular Żuk van, based on the same chassis parts, the Nysa had rounded body lines, especially the two-part rounded windshield, and was considered more comfortable and a better fit for carrying people. The basic body variant was a universal van, for cargo or persons, with sliding doors on the right or conventional doors (marked with a letter T – towos). At the rear, most variants had a single door opening to the left side. There existed also variants: a cargo van (letter F – furgon), a minibus (letter M) and an ambulance (letter S), and some others. A rare variant was made in the form of a light truck. At the time, the Nysa was practically the only van-size ambulance used in Poland. Many vans were sold to the Militia, which was the only form of police during the Communist era in Poland; blue Nysa vans became a kind of “trademark” of the Militia (Militia variants had slide doors on both sides, most had also a two-part door at the rear).

Nysa N57 emblem - 1958Nysa N57 emblem – 1958

The summit of popularity was in the 1970s, with 18,200 made in 1978. In the 1980s the production decreased. When Poland became a democracy again in 1989 the future was bleak for the Nysa. Development work had been minimal for the past 20 years. Most customers, including the Police, chose more modern, faster and safer vans of Western manufacturers, that became widely imported instead. The production was closed in 1994, after manufacturing 380,575 vehicles.

1955-Nysa N591955-Nysa N59

Both Nysa and its sibling van were heavily based on the Warszawa, itself a licensed version of the Soviet GAZ-M20 Pobeda. Among others, it had the same wheelbase and engine. Its transmission and suspension were modified. Early variants of the Nysa were powered by the M20 petrol engine (R4 flathead, 2.12 l, 36.8 kW), most common was the newer S21 petrol engine (R4 OHV, 2.12l, 51.5 kW), used from 1964 onward. A big part of production was exported (in some years, 70%), mostly to Eastern Bloc countries, especially BulgariaRussia and Hungary, but also to West Germany and some Asian and African countries.


In Hungary Nysa vans were almost exclusively used as ambulance cars; 777 of them were in use in 1987.

nysa zsd jasloZSD Nysa 522

In 1968 the front end styling was changed, and the most numerous model 521/522 entered production, which remained in a largely unchanged form until the end. Nysa models included: N57 (1958), N58 (1958), N59, N60, N61, N63 (not produced), 501 (1964), 503 (not produced) and 521/522 (1968).

1956 Żuk, Nysa i Tarpan1956 Żuk, Nysa i Tarpan

1957 Nysa N-57 M1957 Nysa N-57 M inside

1957 Nysa N-57 Mi1957 Nysa N-57 Mi

1958 nysa 57-2 1958 Nysa ambulance Nysa ambulance 1958 Nysa N57 1958 Nysa N57a 1959 nysa n58 1959 Nysa N59 emblems 1959 Nysa N-59 S 1959 Nysa N-59 Sa 1960 Nysa N-59 S 1960 Nysa N-60 T 1964 Nysa 501 S 1967 Nysa 501 S 1968 Nysa N 521 1969 Nysa 521 Karawan Hearse 1969 Nysa 521 S 1969 Nysa N 521 1969 Nysa S521 Ambulance 1 1969 Nysa S521 Ambulance a 1970 Nysa 521 S Reanimacja 1971 Nysa 1972 OneofmyfavouriteNysainKiskunsgdestertedareaatthe70s 1973, MTP Poznan, Nysa, Coca Cola 1975 Nysa 521 S Reanimacja 1976 Nysa 522 S R-1 ŚOTM Zabrze 1977 Nysa 522 S 1978-94 ZSD Nysa S522 Resuscitation Ambulance 1986 Nysa 522 uit Schimanski 1988 Nysa 522 S fsd-nysa-522 Image00001 Image00004 img_3856 Itisthepropertyofthepolicemuseum minibusrentaloftheVolnbuszcompany NarrowgaugetrainatDorogwithaNysa nysa 3 NYSA 5 (2) NYSA 5 NYSA 10 NYSA 12 NYSA 15 NYSA 22 Nysa 501M NYSA 521 (Polen) 9Zam 222-W-9) NYSA 521 (Polen) Nysa 521 S Nysa 522 bestel NYSA 522 Gdansk Nysa 522 Muzeum Ratownictwa NYSA 522 OSP Brandweer NYSA 522 S ambu Nysa 522 S Mentőautó NYSA 522 TOWOS NYSA 522 Nysa 522S R Pogotowie Ratunkowe ambu NYSA atthepolicemuseumsgarage NYSA Attila OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA NYSA BIG_0005343495 NYSA BIG_0006057435 SONY DSC SONY DSC NYSA Camper Nysa hearse in front of St. Gabriel church (under construction yet then) at Gumniska Street. Nysa Hearse Nysa Hungary Nysa images Nysa model NYSA Monstfur Nysa N 59 Nysa N57 emblem - 1958 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Nysa N59M at the Muzeum Inżynierii Miejskiej in Kraków Nysa N61-2 nysa n63 63 nysa san2 NYSA Sluby NYSA TEFUmeansGoodsTransportationshortly NYSA TraffipaxcarButwhyisittropicalversion NYSA Traffipaxcarwitharadardevice 2 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA nysa zsd jaslo Nysa, Szafarnia str., Gdansk nysa nysa Nysa_3 Nysa_logo (1) Nysa_logo Nysa_N59M_in_Kraków_-_bus_stop nysa_wsw nysa57-3 nysa-105 nysa-501-02 nysa-521-01 nysa-521-ow-08 nysa-522-12 milicia nysa-522-r-01 Nysa522S nysa-522-s-01 nysa-522-s-mentoauto-veteran-teszt2 NysaambulanceofSopron NysainKecskemt SONY DSC NysaM-5011 NysaM-5012 Nysamicrobusforsightseeing Nysan59Rendrsg-Milicja NysaS-5011 NysaS-5012 nysa-zeitungyn4f Nyski 3drzwiowej , wersja turystyczna Nysy Ambu OMSZNYsa-OrszgosMentSZolglat POL NYSA milicja t_znaczek_105 ThiswastakeninPoland vanrentaloftheVolnbuszcompany ZelmotfoglightsareveryrareinHungary ZSD Nysa 522 OW of Milicja ZSD Nysa 522 ZSD Nysa N59M 1959–68 ZSD Nysa N59M in Kraków ZSD Nysa N59M

Buses AUTOSAN Poland

Bussen AUTOSAN Polen

Autosan A11-12 Sanman
Autosan H9 1970

AUTOSAN SA, een busbedrijf met een oude oorsprong. het bedrijf begon al in 1832, maar toen duidelijk nog niet met auto’s of bussen. Dat kwam pas dik een eeuw later.

Autosan doubledekker H10 1000000 Dit merk valt zoals jullie zien nog steeds onder de A. Ongelooflijk, zoveel A’s er zijn. Er volgt hierna nog een hele grote Auwärter, een enorm van oorsprong Duits bedrijf wat ook met allerlei motoren en busbouwers op de gehele wereld samenwerkt. Daarbij vergeleken is Autosan een kleintje, en een minder tot de verbeelding sprekende, zoals de dubbeldekker

Autosan A8V Wetlina Mercedes

die ze maakten in het verleden was leuk, niet mooi, maar wel leuk. De hedendaagde moderne bussen zijn op alle gebieden vergelijkbaar met alles wat er waar op de wereld ook rondrijd. Wat dat betreft gaat mijn voorkeur uit naar de vijftiger jaren waar de fantasie royaal de vrije loop kreeg. Nu lijkt iedere bus op elkaar.

Autosan A1010T DW police bus
Autosan A1212C Eurolider Transexpo 2009
Autosan Eagle (2008) UK
Autosan A1213C Eurolider in Kielce, Poland
Autosan H9-20 Bus France
Autosan Ramzes (2004) Litouwen
Autosan H9-21 uit 2008 Polen
Autosan Sancity + Jelcz M181MB-3
Autosan A1010M Medium, historical bus
Autosan A8V Wetlina City (Osprey) in Kielce, Poland
Autosan H9-21, a very long-running and popular model now discontinued. The current A0909 types are still descended from this one
Autosan H9 1973
Autosan H-9 piętrowy Dubbeldekker
Autosan H9-21 A09 Republic South Africa 34MY 2006
Autosan H7-10I
Autosan H10-10 #OPR A697
Autosan H9-21 A09 #KGR 27NK Gorlice 2006
Autosan H9-21 #Republic South Africa 48MY
Autosan M09LE Sancity – local bus