Carrozzeria ORLANDI Modena Italy 1859 –


Carrozzeria Orlandi (Modena)

The Carrozzeria Orlandi is a body automaker Italian , famous for the production of buses .


The company was founded in Crespellano, in 1859, by the carpenter and blacksmith Angelo Orlandi, to build wagons and carriages .

1919 Fiat 501 Berlina bodied by Orlandi

1919 Fiat 501 Berlina bodied by Orlandi

Soon, it was necessary to find better accommodation, compared to the original porch of Villa Aldrovandi, moving in the contiguous Bazzano, in a more spacious and suitable place.

In 1881 Angelo Orlandi moved to the city of Modena, on the Via Emilia Est, where he was immediately appreciated for the quality and degree of finish of carriages and landau products. In the following year the city walls were torn down, which brought about a flourishing season of development for public transport, with new tramways steam and animal traction.

The orders increased and the company was able to realize a building specially designed for his needs, even turning on a branch town for the furnishing of horse-drawn omnibus.

The interest of the children of Angelo Orlandi, Augustus, Henry and John, to the new mechanical and motoring led to the construction, in 1899, the first Italian bus on chassis Bonacini , with engine Bolide 20 hp .

Produced in different specimens, the bus captured the gold medal at the Milan International Automotive of 1901, and in September of the same year, was the protagonist of the first experimental use of a means of motor transport in the military during the maneuvers carried out by the Brigade Piacenza, completing the 110 km stretch of Collecchio – Passo della Cisa, carrying nine soldiers and their baggage tactical.

Since the death of Angelo Orlandi, which occurred in 1907, the body was run by his three sons who, in the same year, the company moved into a new place of greater amplitude, near Ferrari theme park.

The disappearance of Henry Augustus and then, in 1921, was the cause of discord between the heirs and the “Body Angelo Orlandi” was divided into “Body Giovanni Orlandi” and “Body Emiliana Renzo Orlandi”, the latter addressed to the son of Henry . For some years the two companies operated in a competitive environment.

Bodywork Giovanni Orlandi

The “Body Giovanni Orlandi” was quickly sold by the heirs to the foundry Vismara, who transformed it into “Officine Padane”, with the same production.

Bodywork Emiliana Renzo Orlandi 

The “Body Emiliana Renzo Orlandi,” continued the successful manufacture of buses, trucks and vans , but also valuable cars built cars , however, always remained a marginal product.

In the thirties , were made ​​vehicles of great formal elegance, intended for widespread use and popularity, increased the supply of vans for Scuderia Ferrari .

During the Second World War , the factory was requisitioned by ‘ German Air Force and, later, heavily damaged by Allied bombing.

The Second World War saw a strong recovery of the business, together with the need to provide collective transport, then decreased with the increasing mass motorization since the early sixties . The production was directed mainly on tourist buses under the guidance of Renzo Orlandi and son Angelo, great-grandson of the founder Angelo Orlandi, who continued the business. Angel, an engineering graduate, has for years been the owner and CEO of Carrozzeria Orlandi.

Over the years the Carrozzeria Orlandi won prestigious awards such as the Golden Rose of San Remo, the Grand Prize of Excellence of Nice and the latest Compasso d’Oro in 1979 with the Model 371 Iveco space, designed by Isao Hosoe. Subsequently Orlandi made ​​the first buses in Italy with plant d’ air conditioning and, shortly after, the first vehicle with large windows and panoramic views.

In 1964 the company was moved to its present location which allowed the development of the activity. In those years, were born the first vehicles mast tilted, subsequently, in 1970, was presented to the body Meteor .

In 1972 it was decided to sell a majority stake to Fiat: the production was increased, especially the tourist vehicles, and modernized the plant. In 1988, also gave the remaining 30%, allowing the incorporation of the brand to ‘ IVECO . In recent years they have been produced in hundreds of specimens of different models of car bodies, among which include Space, Poker and Domino among the most significant ones.

Models bodied by Carrozzeria Emiliana Renzo Orlandi 

Iveco 315.08.18 Orlandi Poker in versione GT della Tram Servizi RiminiIveco 315.08.18 Orlandi Poker GT version

FIAT 306 Orlandi ConcordFIAT 306 Orlandi Concord Fiat 306

Fiat 306-2 OrlandiFiat 306-2 Orlandi

Fiat 308 ORLANDI 214

Fiat 308 ORLANDI 214 Fiat 308



San Remo-Fiat 308 Orlandi 5051

San Remo-Fiat 308 Orlandi 5051

Fiat 309 Orlandi a Fiat 309 Orlandi


Fiat 309 Orlandi b

FIAT 309 Orlandi I Fiat 309

FIAT 314-2 Orlandi lFIAT 314-2 Orlandi l Fiat 314

Fiat 343 Orlandi in film Fiat 343 Orlandi FIAT-343 Carr Orlandi

3x FIAT 343 Orlandi I Fiat 343

1976 Autobus Fiat 343  L Carrozzato ORLANDI modello SAROS

1976 Autobus Fiat 343 L Carrozzato ORLANDI modello SAROS

IVECO FIAT315 8 18 ORLANDI suburban bus

IVECO FIAT315 8 18 ORLANDI suburban bus Iveco 315

iveco370-12-30 pokerorlandi

iveco 370-12-30 pokerorlandi Iveco 370


 IVECO 391.12.29 EURORIDER ORLANDI della TEMPi Iveco 391 Orlandi Domino, touring

irisbus-domino-hdh-orlandi397 Irisbus Domino Gts Orlandi, coaches

1936 Fiat 635 RNL Orlandi a 1936 Fiat 635 RNL Orlandi b 1936 Fiat 635 RNL Orlandi

1936 Fiat 635 RNL Orlandi. Fiat 635

Fiat 635 RNL Orlandi

Fiat 635 RNL Orlandi



1957 fiat 642 RN orlandi

1957 FIAT 642 Orlandi

Fiat 642 RN Orlandi in film Fiat 642 RN Orlandi

1956 e 1958 Fiat 642 Orlandi SA 28158 - SA 31949

1956 e 1958 Fiat 642 Orlandi SA 28158 – SA 31949. Fiat 642 Orlandi

1956 FIAT 682RN carrozado por Carrozzeria Orlandi, Talleres Padane

1956 FIAT 682RN carrozado por Carrozzeria Orlandi

Fiat 682-M Carrozzato dalla Ditta Orlandi

Fiat 682-M Carrozzato dalla Ditta Orlandi. Fiat 682.

1939 Lancia 3 RO bus orlandi

1939 Lancia 3 RO bus orlandi ?Lancia 3 RO P3.


1955 Lancia Esatau Renzo Orlandi Bus

Lancia Esatau P Orlandi

Lancia Esatau P Orlandi I

Esatau V 11.

 Lancia 715 Esagamma

1 storia-001a 2 storia-003a 3 storia-004a 019

1932 Spa carrozzeria Renzo orlandi anni ’30

1932 Spa carrozzeria Renzo orlandi anni ’30

1938 OM CPO carrozzeria Renzo Orlandi

1938 OM CPO carrozzeria Renzo Orlandi

1955 OM Leoncino Angelo Orlandi Smart Van 1955 OM Super Orione Renzo Orlandi Bus Factory Photo 1958-lancia-funeral-bus Orlandi

1958-lancia-funeral-bus Orlandi

1959 OM Orione 500T Renzo orlandi

1959 OM Orione 500 Renzo Orlandi

1962 Semirimorchio Orlandi Astore con motrice Fiat anni ’60

1962 Semirimorchio Orlandi Astore con motrice Fiat anni ’60

1964 Lancia 703.01 Orlandi stefer

1964 Lancia 703.01 Orlandi stefer

1968 Orlandi Mercedes-Benz O302

1968 Orlandi FIAT

2001 Orlandi Domino HD I 2001 Orlandi Domino Italy Alfa Romeo a karoseriju izradio   carrozzeria Renzo Orlandi Alfa Romeo a karoseriju izradio  carrozzeria Renzo Orlandi Alfa Romeo a karoseriju izradio carrozzeria Renzo Orlandi mEK6gplo15F3TJdmVlQ5G0Q Orlandi Domino GT IVECO I Orlandi Domino GTS IVECO Italy Orlandi EuroClass Iveco I Orlandi Happy a Orlandi Happy Orlandi Poker IVECO Italy Orlandi Poker Orlandi San Remo-Fiat 308 Orlandi 5051

1970 Orlandi-Fiat Meteor

1970 Orlandi-Fiat Meteor

OM Officine Meccaniche Milan Brescia Italy 1899 – 1975

Miani e Silvestri&C-A.Grondona Comi&C

Officine Meccaniche

1938 OM Titano Varesina1938 OM Titano Varesina

Officine Meccaniche
Industry Automotive
Fate absorbed (as part of the Fiat Group) into IVECO.
Founded 1899
Defunct 1975
Headquarters MilanItaly (HQ)
BresciaItaly (Automotive)
Products Automobiles
Railroad locomotives and equipment (Milan)
Cars and Sports Cars (Brescia, before 1934)
Commercial Vehicles (Brescia, 1925)

Officine Meccaniche-Milano-Brescia già Miani e Silvestri&C-A.Grondona Comi&C

1929 OM Superba 665 orange vr TCE

OM Superba 665 1929
Om 1002

OM 120 truck

Officine Meccaniche or OM was an Italian car and truck manufacturing company, founded in 1918 in Milan as Societa Anonima Officine Meccaniche. It disappeared as such in 1975 subsumed into Iveco, but still exist as a forklift builder.

OM Elektrostapler l


1932 OM 469F1932 OM 469F

The inception of the company had resulted from the merger of two companies, Grondona Comi & C and Miani Silvestri & C.

OM 469 N Spider1922 OM 469N

Originally, OM manufactured railway stock. Car production started in 1918, using the plant of the former Brixia-Zust (Brixia-Züst), just after OM took over Zust car company of Brescia, Northern Italy. The first OM car, Tipo S305, primarily an old Zust model, appeared in 1918 with a 4712 cc four-cylinder side-valve in-line engine.

1930 OM 5 BODPL1930 OM 5 BODPL

The OM cars era

1932 ОМ-32 Autocarretta da Montagna, 4x41932 ОМ-32 Autocarretta da Montagna, 4×4

Further models were Tipo 465 (with a 1327 cc four) in 1919, Tipo 467 (1410cc) and Tipo 469 (1496cc) in 1921. 1923 saw an all new model, Tipo 665 ‘Superba’ with a 2-litre six-cylinder engine. This model was extremely successful in racing – won top five positions in the 2-litre class in 1925 and 1926 at Le Mans but the greatest achievement was the victory in the first Mille Miglia race in 1927 where Ferdinando Minoia and Giuseppe Morandi lead home an O.M. ‘123’ at average speed of 48.27 miles per hour (77.7 km/h) for 21 hours 4 minutes 48seconds. Some cars were equipped with Roots superchargers.

1930 OM 665 Convertible 19301930 OM 665 Convertible

In 1925 OM began to build trucks and buses, using licensed Swiss Saurer engines and other mechanical components. Ties with Saurer persisted all along OM life.

1930 OM 665 F11930 OM 665 F1

Fiat take-over and post-war years

1936 OM 5 BLDPL Interurbano1936 OM 5 BLDPL Interurbano

OM was taken over by the Fiat Group in 1938 and in the following year passenger car production ceased, and OM became a commercial vehicle and train part manufacturer.

1955 OM Leoncino Bartoletti GT Bus

1955 OM Leoncino Bartoletti GT Bus

Main new product in the WWII post-war era was the Leoncino (1950) a light truck in the 2.0 to 2.5 tons range, which was an immediate success. It became the forefather of several series of heavier but structurally similar models, namely TigrottoTigreLupettoCerbiatto and Daino, launched between 1957 and 1964. Bus chassis versions of several of these models were also available.

1938 OM Taurus 380 Portesi1938 OM Taurus 380 Portesi

In the 60s and 70s the light and medium-weight OM truck ranges were sold in Switzerland as Saurer-OM or Berna-OM, in Austria as Steyr-OM, in France as Unic-OM, and in Germany as Büssing-OM.

1937 ОМ Titano1937 ОМ Titano

The end of OM

1945 - OM BUD 51945 – OM BUD 5

In 1968 OM was definitively merged into the Fiat Group as a brand belonging to the Commercial Vehicles division, which also included Fiat and Unic.

1951 OM CL 511951 OM CL 51

In 1975 it was absorbed (as part of the Fiat Group) into IVECO and the OM brand disappeared from the truck and bus markets, although it still survives as an independent forklift manufacturer.

1952 OM Taurus 3401952 OM Taurus 340

OM 469 N Spider 1929 OM Superba 665 orange vr TCE 1930 OM 5 BODPL 1930 OM 665 Convertible 1930 1930 OM 665 F1 1932 OM 469F 1932 ОМ-32 Autocarretta da Montagna, 4x4 1936 OM 5 BLDPL Interurbano 1936 ОМ-36DM, 4x4 1937 OM 4CPO Esperia 1937 OM Titano 137, 11300cm3, 137cv, cabine couchette 1937 ОМ Titano 1938 OM CPO Orlandi 1938 OM Taurus 380 Portesi 1938 OM Taurus 1938 OM Titano Varesina 1940 ОМ Taurus 1941 OM Taurus Esperia 1945 - OM BUD 5 1945 OM Taurus, 4500cm3, 70 à 80cv suivant l'année 1949 OM Taurus 340 1949 OM Taurus 340a 1951 OM CL 51 1951 OM CL51 Autopompa 1951 ОМ CL51 1952 OM CL 52 1952 OM Taurus 340 1952 ОМ-20.110 (CL52), 4x4 1953 OM ORIONE 1954 OM Orione 580 Menarini 1954 stefer 1955 OM Leoncino Angelo Orlandi Smart Van 1955 OM Leoncino Bartoletti GT Bus 1955 OM Leoncino Dalla Via GT Bus 1955 OM Leoncino Scall 1955 OM TIGROTTO 35-N 1956 OM Super Orione Viberti TS 23779 SAP Trieste 6 1956 1956 ОМ-6600 (СР56), 6x6 1958 OM Tigrotto del 1958 1959 OM TIGRE - A.I.T.E. 1959 OM Tigre 1960 OM Leoncino Borsani 1960 OM TIGROTTO carrozzeria Menarini c.c.4941 1961 OM Tigre+Tigrotto 1962 OM LUPETTO 1962 OM TIGROTTO - A.I.T.E. 1964 O.M. Tigrotto Borsani stefer 1964 OM TIGROTTO - A.I.T.E 1964 OM Tigrotto-Smit Joure nr.2, in 1972 vernummerd in 25 1964 om-hng 1965 OM Tigrotto Menarini 1969 OM Leoncino XJ-11-42 1972 OM Cerbiatto DA-64-58 1973 OM Zwitserland Museumplein A dam 1974 om-02-transporttotaal 1976 OM-UNIC 20C Van à chevaux 1977 OM Leoncino (in de oude OM fabriek in Brescia wordt nu de Iveco Daily gebouwd) 1977 OM Leoncino 35L BT-GN-47 1977 OM Leoncino 35L a OM Logo BusFiatOmAntofagasta LEONCINO OM Carrozzeria BARBI spa a LEONCINO OM Carrozzeria BARBI spa Logo_om.svg Officine Meccaniche 469N OM 40.o Salone Automobile Torino CARROZZERIA BARBI SPA OM 110 Om 120 1002 OM 120 OM 180 NT OM 260pk Abbas om 665-09 Om 1002 OM 4820 OM Abbas OM ALn 772 1082 om autocarro-cl51-02 om autocarro-cl51-06 OM Beverdam OM CL51 4x4 om cl-52-04 om cl-52-09 OM CPO om daino-45-04 om daino-45-06 om daino-45-09 OM Elektrostapler l OM Interlimburg OM LEONCINO bl OM Leoncino Borsani OM Leoncino in film OM LUPETTO 1 19 seats 68cv  4156cc OM Lupetto 25 OM lupetto Borsani 002 OM Lupetto Borsani in film OM Lupetto bus M3391M-1012 OM Menarini Bus OM Microbus a OM Microbus Om Officine Meccaniche 1899-1975 I OM Officine Meccaniche, polizia 18286 OM Oldtimer Bus OM Orione 580 Portesi OM Orione Borsani OM SUPER ORIONE - End 50 years OM Super Orione articolati 0 OM Super Orione articolati a OM Super Orione articolati OM Super Orione Carrozzeria BARBI spa
OM Super Orione Siccar OM super orione OM Super Taurus OM Super Taurus Macchi OM Tanker Italië OM Taurus 380 Portesi OM Tigre Borsani OM Tigre Esperia OM TIGRE La pioggia non mi ha fermato quando vedo un pazzesco Spettacolo ! I veicoli di A.I.T.E OM TIGRE P1 45places 6870cc 170cv OM Tigre trattore stradale tractor unit San Vendemiano OM Tigre OM TIGROTTO  ORLANDI OM Tigrotto 4x4 VVFF Trentino 2001 OM Tigrotto 23 posti a OM Tigrotto 23 posti b OM Tigrotto 23 posti c OM TIGROTTO 55 - A.I.T.E. OM TIGROTTO BARBI OM Tigrotto Borsani z OM TIGROTTO Camper - A.I.T.E. OM Tigrotto Grandes OM TIGROTTO Microcirco OM Tigrotto Orlandi Scuola Baraldi OM Tigrotto Portesi om tigrotto-65-01 om tigrotto-65-06 om tigrotto-65-08 om tigrotto-borsani-03 om tigrotto-borsani-07 OM TITANO - A.I.T.E. om titano-01 om titano-05 om titano-09 om titano-11 om titano-12 OM TITANOa OM van Abbas Pinksterwold NL OM-Officine-Meccaniche-Milano OM-Officine-Meccaniche-Milano-Logo Trattori OM a Venturina