Buses MARCOPOLO + NICOLA Cia Ltda Brasil

Marcopolo S.A.

Marcopolo S.A.
Type Sociedade Anônima
Traded as BM&F BovespaPOMO3,POMO4
Industry Automotive
Founded 1949
Headquarters Caxias do SulBrazil
Area served the Americas, Western Europe, South Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand
Key people Paulo Bellini, (Chairman)
Jose Rubens De La Rosa,(CEO)
Products Intercity, Urban, Micro and Mini Buses
Revenue Increase US$ 2.0 billion (2012)
Net income Decrease US$ 147.5 million (2012)
Employees 20,016
Subsidiaries Volgren
New Flyer Industries (19.99%)
Tata Marcopolo (49%)
Website www.marcopolo.com.br

Marcopolo S.A. (BM&F Bovespa:Marcopolo) is a Brazilian bus manufacturer founded on August 6, 1949, in the southern Brazilian city of Caxias do Sul, state of Rio Grande do Sul. The company manufactures the bodies for a whole range of coaches, e.g. microbus, intercity and touring coach. Marcopolo produces over half of the bus bodies made in Brazil and exports its coaches to more than 60 countries.

Currently Marcopolo has four plants in Brazil and plants in ArgentinaAustraliaColombiaIndiaMexico, and South Africa, in addition to the technology that will be transferred to China. Recently it announced a joint-venture with Tata Motors to enter the Indian market. Marcopolo closed its plant in Portugal in September 2009.


Marcopolo was founded as Nicola & Cia Ltda, a company then having 8 partners and 15 employees. The production was entirely handmade.

1949 Marcopolo 1958 NICOLA 285 CARMO 1959 carroceria Nicola Série Prata, chassi Mercedes-Benz LPO-344 1959 memoria-marcopolo 1960 carroceria Nicola Série Ouro, chassi Mercedes-Benz LPO-1113 1961 carroceria Nicola Nicola, chassi Mercedes-Benz LP-1113 1962 - Mercedes bens - Carroceria Nicola 1962 Ônibus Nicola da Expresso Minuano, exposto em Montevidéu em março de 1962 1963 carroceria Nicola Nicola, chassi Mercedes-Benz LP-321 1963 Ônibus Nicola. Carroceria Nicola-Mercedez no ano de 1963 1963 onibus20urbano20nicolaHistória da Marcopolo 1964 carroceria Nicola Marcopolo, chassi Mercedes-Benz LPO-344 1964 Marcopolo rdodviário 005 1964 Nicola Nicola, chassi Scania B75 1965 Carroceria Nicola Nicola, chassi Mercedes-Benz LP-321a 1966 Carrocerias Nicola S-A completa 17 1966 Ônibus+antigo.finalizado[1] 1968 Helios 48-Marcopolo Nicola FNM Alfa Romeo D-11000 1968 Marcopolo I, lançado no VI Salão do Automóvel em 1968 1968 versão Marcopolo I (traseira e frente de fibra de vidro) 1969 carroceria Nicola Nicola, chassi Mercedes-Benz LP-321b 1969 marcopolo_2 1969 Nicola Série 5500 Mercedes Benz LP-344 1969 1970 Marcopolo

1970 Mercedes bens - Comprado de Silvana em Taquara-RS em 1970 - Carroceria Nicola 1970 patoense marcopolo anos 70 fksjbfgk 1971 Marcopolo II Merc.B O-352 1972 Marcopolo San Remo 1974 Car. Nicola Maua31040001 1974 Marcopolo Veneza Expresso 1975 Marcopolo II ( CAMELO ) MBB )-362 1976 Marcopolo Nielson (primeiro carro da Viação São Luiz). Arquivo São Luiz. Em 1976 1978 Marcopolo Sanremo - Mercedes-Benz LPO-1113-45 - ano 1978 1979 Marcopolo Veneza II Scania S112 1979 Carr. Nicola carr.nicola-governador-gr carro 154, carroceria Marcopolo II, chassi Mercedes-Benz LP-1113 Carroceria Nicola sobre chassi Chevrolet carroceria Nicola Urbano, chassi Mercedes-Benz LP-321 CARROCERIA NICOLA. Empresa ÚTIL Carroceria Nicola carroceria-onibus-nicola-8140 carroceria-onibus-nicola-13917- Marcopolo completa 63 anos hoje Marcopolo II M Benz Buses Sol Del Pac Marcopolo III Buses Cruz del Sur MARCOPOLO III DE-LA-DESAPARECIDA-EMPRESA-EXPRESO-SUDAMERICANO Marcopolo III de-SAN-PEDRO-DE-MALA Marcopolo III de-TEPSA Scania Marcopolo image_1-6 Marcopolo Nicola por Marcopolo Magirus Deutz Marcopolo Viaggio 850 GIV- Volvo B10M d Marcopolo Viaggio 850 GIV- Volvo B10M de Turismo Chincha Turismo-Chincha marcopolo-torino-varig NICOLA & Cia a NICOLA & Cia b NICOLA & Cia c NICOLA & Cia d NICOLA & Cia e NICOLA & Cia f NICOLA & Cia g NICOLA & Cia h NICOLA & Cia i NICOLA & Cia j NICOLA & Cia k NICOLA & Cia l NICOLA & Cia n NICOLA & Cial m nicola Nicola-Marcopolo volvo marcopolo g7

In 1953, Marcopolo starts the production of the first steel structures.

Brand names

1 2012 Tata Marcopolo Green Chandigarh India

Tata Marcopolo Bus in ChandigarhIndia

  • Marcopolo
  • Ciferal – focuses on urban operations,
  • Volare – dedicated to the development, production and commercialization of the V5, V6, V8, W8, and W9 models of the School bus, Municipal, Tourism/Freight, Easy Access and Mobile Unit sectors.
  • Tata Marcopolo Bus (Joint venture with Tata Motors in India)


  • MVC – which started its activities operating in the automotive industry and gradually broadened its operations, introducing its plastic products to the light industry and infra-structure markets, etc.
  • Moneo – the financial service unit of Marcopolo.
  • Volgren – is an Australian bodywork company owned by Marcopolo.

Products – Marcopolo division


2006 marcopolo ideale 770

2006 Marcopolo Ideale 2006 Scania K270

  • Ideale 770

2005 Marcopolo Allegro MBenz Buses JNSMERCEDES MARCOPOLO ALLEGRO

  • Allegro

Marcopolo Andare Classmarcopolo-andare-class-1000-2006-mercedesbenz-oh1636l59

  • Andare Class

BUS-MARCOPOLO-GV-VIAGGIO-DE-CRUZ-DEL-SURmarcopolo-viaggio-gv-850-1997Marcopolo Viaggio GV 1000 6x2marcopolo-viaggio-gv-1000-02

  • Viaggio series

2013 Marcopolo Paradiso 1050 G7-M.Benz-Buses Pullman Sur

2013 Marcopolo Paradiso G7 1200 Tur Bus Internacional

Scania Marcopolo Paradiso G6 1550LD


Marcopolo Paradiso 1200 G7 Mercedes-Benz O-500 RSD

2006 Marcopolo Paradiso 1800DD  MB O400RSD


mercedes-benz-marcopolo-paradiso-06 8x2

  • Paradiso series

Mercedes-Benz Marcopolo Multego OC-500Marcopolo Multego sobre carrocería Mercedes Benz OC-500mercedes-benz-marcopolo-multego-oc400-6x2Marcopolo Multego e

  • Multego

City bus

Marcopolo Gran Viale LE Volvo Marcopolo Viale MB MB OF 1730 marcopolo-gran-viale_6483c marcopolo-gran-viale-via-sul-5-3914-veculo-eltrico-hibrido marcopolo-viale III marcopolo-viale tek marcopolo-viale scania-marcopolo-viale-02 scania-marcopolo-viale-08


2014 MARCOPOLO Mercedes VIALE BRT BUS transoeste 2014 MARCOPOLO VIALE BRT BUS transoeste 2014 Marcopolo Viale BRT Volvo B340M


  • Viale series

2011 Marcopolo Torino 7 - Volksbus 17.230 EOD Marcopolo Torino G7 Marcopolo Torino Scania G5. MArcopolo Torino Volvo San Felipe Express Marcopolo Torino, Mercedes-Benz OF-1113 torinog3-busmg-3 Marcopolo Torino Marcopolo TorinoSanJuande marcopolo-torino-01 MarcopoloTorinoEx-Enatru marcopolo-torino-varig

  • Torino

Marcopolo BOXER 50 - 728 Marcopolo boxer by Antonio by MichelleOrdonhez Marcopolo Boxer Mexico Marcopolo Boxer Marcopolo Merc. B Boxer7

  • Boxer


Marcopolo Ideale 600 Volkswagen 15-190 EOD marcopolo ideale 770 a marcopolo ideale 770 marcopolo ideale mb OF-1722M 770 a Marcopolo Ideale VV EOD Camargo 0075

  • Ideale 600

Marcopolo Senior urbano a Marcopolo Senior urbano b DIGITAL CAMERA marcopolo-senior-08 mercedes-benz-lo-915-marcopolo-senior-04

  • Senior

2006 Agrale Marcopolo Temple 2006 agrale-marcopolo-temple-02 2009 marcopolo temple Marcopolo Temple a Marcopolo Temple b Marcopolo Temple c Marcopolo Temple

  • Temple


2011 carroceria Marcopolo Fratello XL, chassi Volkswagen 8.150 EOD Mercedes-Benz Marcopolo Fratello mercedes-benz-marcopolo-fratello-08

  • Fratello

Marcopolo Lista c marcopolo listo

  • Listo

Marcopolo Vicino  Mercedes Benz LO-712  Pullman Bus Marcopolo Vicino Buses Tucapel Marcopolo Vicino, chassi Mercedes-Benz LO-915 Marcopolo Vicino

  • Vicino