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1923-24-mg-raworth-the-11-9-hp-raworth-chummy-six-built-from-mid-1923-to-late-1924 1925-mg-14-28-mg-morris-oxford-4-seater 1925-mg-morris-oxford-4-seater-tourer-dvla-a 1925-mg-morris-oxford-4-seater-tourer-dvla 1925-mg-old-number-one1 1925-morris-oxford-four-seater-tourer 1926-michael-applebee-supersports-14-28-super-sports-model-approx-400-built-from-late-1924-to-late-1926-about-10-known-to-exist 1926-morris-oxford-rk-6284 1926-27-mg-14-28-flat-nose-model-approx-300-of-these-cars-were-built-from-late-1926-to-late-1927-about-10-exist 1927-mhv-mg-14-40-saloon 1927-29-mg-14-40-mk-4-approximately-490-were-built-from-late-1927-to-late-1929-about-21-are-known-to-exist-john-burton-car 1928-mg-18-80-b 1928-mg-sports-14-40-1v 1928-31-mg-18-80-m-g-six-mk-1-there-were-exactly-500-built-between-late-1928-and-mid-1931-and-about-33-are-known-to-exist-with-another-4-or-5-chassis-in-new-zealand-peper-harow-01 1928-32-mg-18-100 1928-32-mg-six-mark-i-and-mark-ii-18-80 1929-m-g-m-type-midget-2-seater-sports-a 1929-m-g-m-type-midget-2-seater-sports 1929-mg-1440-tourer-mkiv 1929-33-mg-18-80-m-g-six-mk-11-there-were-236-built-between-late-1929-and-1933-about-27-are-known-to-exist-again-with-a-few-chassis-in-new-zealandagm-2014-02 1930-m-g-18-100-tigress-a 1930-m-g-18-100-tigress 1930-m-g-m-type-midget-2-seater-sports-a 1930-m-g-m-type-midget-2-seater-sports 1930-mg-18-80-mk-1-speedmodel 1930-mg-18-80-mkii-ad 1930-mg-18-100-mk-iii-tigress 1930-mg-m-type-a 1930-mg-m-type 1931-m-g-m-type-midget-2-seater-sports 1931-m-g-six-mark-ii-18-80-4-speed-with-body-by-carlton-carriage-co-built-for-university-motors-ltd-uk 1931-mg-18-80-4-door-sports-saloon 1931-mg-18-80-six 1931-mg-d-type-4-seater-tourer 1931-mg-high-speed-service-van 1931-32-mg-d-type-midget 1932-m-g-d-type-competition-car-vintagemg 1932-mg-d-type-4-seater-midget-tourer 1932-mg-d-type-4-seater-tourer 1932-mg-d-type-special-racer 1932-mg-f2 1932-mg-j2-sports-roadster 1932-mg-j2 1932-mg-k3-magnette-a 1932-mg-k3-magnette 1932-mg-kn-magnette-saloon-1932-35-mg-k-type-1-b 1932-mg-kn-magnette 1932-mg-k-type-1-b 1932-mg-p 1932-mg-stiles-ad 1932-35-mg-kn-magnette-saloon 1933-m-g-l2-magna-2-seater-sports 1933-mg-01-molenaar 1933-mg-j2-rear 1933-mg-j2-roadster 1933-mg-j2-sports-two-seater 1933-mg-j2 1933-mg-j4-750-ccm-75-ps 1933-mg-k1-magnette-roadstar 1933-mg-k3-magnette 1933-mg-magnette-k3 1933-34-mg-l1-4-seater 1933-34-mg-l1-continental-coupe 1934-mg-1934-kn-ad 1934-mg-k-n-pillarless-magnette-saloon 1934-mg-k1 1934-mg-k3-a 1934-mg-k3-b 1934-mg-k3-c 1934-mg-k3-d 1934-mg-kn-magnette-pillar-less-saloon-was-a-six-cylinder-fast-touring-car 1934-mg-kn-q 1934-mg-magnette-nd-ne-racing-special 1934-mg-na-magnette 1934-mg-nd-1 1934-mg-nd-magnette 1934-mg-ne-magnette-2seater 1934-mg-pa-b-le-mans-works-racing-car 1934-mg-pa-type 1934-mg-q-type-1100cc-supercharged-engine 1934-mg-type-k-magnette-university-tourer 1934-mg-kn-saloon-0 1935-01d-mg-ra-256-esplen-1-b 1935-mg-kn-magnette-pilllarless-saloon 1935-mg-magna-dit-is-een-originele-racewagen-die-destijds-al-230-km-h 1935-mg-midget-r-type-frame 1935-mg-nb-magnette-airline-coupe-by-allingham 1935-mg-nb-magnette-airline-coupe 1935-mg-nb-magnette 1935-mg-pa-airline-coupe-front 1935-mg-pa-airline-coupe-rear 1935-mg-pa-airline-coupe 1935-mg-pb 1935-mg-r-27 1935-mg-r-racetype 1935-mg-r-type-mg-car-club-wester-new-york-centre 1935-mg-rtype 1935-mg-k3-kn-magnette 1935-mg-magnette-kn-saloon-d25dht 1935-mg-rennwagen-r-type-04a-200457 1935-mg-r-type-b 1935-mg-r-type-bobby-baird-donington-park-circa-1935-tail-1760-p 1935-40-mg-p-n-t-type-750cc-record-breaker-pb-magnette-1%c2%bd-2-2-6l-road-test-book 1936-mg-midget-airline-coupe-a 1936-mg-pb-airline-coupe 1936-mg-pb 1936-mg-sa-charlesworth 1936-mg-ta-airline-coupe 1936-mg-ta-drophead-coupe 1937-mg-sa-tickford-drop-head-coupe 1937-mg-ta 1937-mg-va-saloon 1937-mg-va 1937-mg-ta 1938-mg-ex-135-et-1957-mg-ex-181 1938-mg-sa-british-marques-oxnard-ca-aug-9-2009 1938-mg-sa-fvl-2-3-litre-six-cylinder-4-door-4-seater-4-light-sports-saloon 1938-mg-sa-fvr2 1938-mg-sa-rvr 1938-mg-ta-midget 1938-mg-ta-q-type 1938-mg-ta 1938-mg-wa-saloon 1938-mg-wa 1939-m-g-tb-midget-drophead-coupe 1939-mg-sa-saloon-cdu-188 1939-mg-va-saloon-gr 1939-mg-va-saloon 1939-mg-wa-2-6-litre-sports-saloon 1939-mg-wa-tickford-3-position-drophead-coupe 1939-mg-wa-tickford-cabriolet-2 1939-mg-wa-tickford-cabriolet-dvla-first-registered-21-april-1939-2687-cc 1939-mg-wa-tickford-cabriolet 1939-mg-r-type-edwards-shelsley-walsh-june-1939-1761-p 1939%e2%80%85allan-tomlinson-australian%e2%80%85grand%e2%80%85prix-driving-an-mg-ta 1945-mg-tc-drawing 1945-mg-tc-midget 1945-mg-tc-racer 1945-mg-tc-red-midget 1946-mg-tc-551-yud 1947-mg-y-a 1947-mg-y


1947-51-mg-type-ya-saloon 1948-mg-tc-at-the-imperial-palace-auto-collections-in-las-vegas 1948-mg-r-type-owned-by-fregona-then-roy-hesketh 1948-mg-tc-british-sports-car 1949-mg-tc-le-mans-special-a 1949-mg-tc-le-mans-special-b 1949-mg-tc-le-mans-special-c 1949-mg-tc-le-mans-special-d 1949-mg-tc-le-mans-special-e 1949-mg-tc-le-mans-special 1949-mg-tc-race-car 1949-mg-td-midget 1950-mg-y-convertible 1952-mg-1%c2%bc-litre-series-yb-saloon 1952-mg-yb-saloon 1953-mg-td-at-the-great-west-road-run-aust-bristol-england 1953-mg-td-dutch-licence-registration-dl-03-98 1953-mg-td-voiturerouge-ronsenac-01 1953-mg-tf-beautiful-patina-on-a-black-plate-car 1953-1958-mg-magnette-zazb 1954-mg-r2-flying-shingle 1954-mg-tf-1250 1954-mg-tf-frontwp 1954-mg-tf-rearwp 1954-mg-tf-roadster-a 1954-mg-tf-roadster 1954-mg-tf 1955-ken-miles-in-the-mg-ex182-at-the-1955-24-hours-of-le-mans 1955-mg-td-lester-coupe 1955-mg-tf 1955-mg-za-magnette-n 1956-mg-goldie-02 1956-mg-r-type-x2x 1957-mg-a-cabriolet 1957-mg-a1600 1957-mg-ex-181 1957-mg-magnette-zb-cabriolet 1957-mg-mga-coupe-hudson 1957-mg-za-magnette-1489cc 1957-mg-zb-magnette 1958-mg-a-coupe 1958-mg-a 1958-mg-ex205-prototype 1958-mg-magnette-2 1958-mg-magnette-mkiii 1958-mg-magnette-zb-varitone 1958-mg-magnette-zb 1958-mg-mga-roadster 1958-mg-zb-rear 1958-mg-zb 1958-mga-roadster-sebring 1959-farina-magnette-mk-iii-john-elwoods 1959-mg-a-1600-coupe 1959-mg-a-coupe

MG Magnette MkIII.  The 1489cc B-series engine was given Twin SUs for the MG (and the Riley 4/68) when launched in 1959.
MG Magnette MkIII. The 1489cc B-series engine was given Twin SUs for the MG (and the Riley 4/68) when launched in 1959.

1959-mg-magnette-mark-iii-original-car-sales-brochure-a 1959-mg-magnette-mark-iii-original-car-sales-brochure-b 1959-mg-magnette-mark-iii-original-car-sales-brochure-c 1959-mg-magnette-mk-iii-adv 1959-mg-magnette-mk3 1959-mg-magnette-mk3a 1959-mg-magnette-mkiii-ado9g 1959-mg-magnette-mkiii-ado9ga 1959-mg-magnette-mkiii-primer-john-elwood 1959-mg-magnette-mkiiib 1959-mg-magnette-zb-varitone-tt-gray-int2 1959-mg-mga 1959-mg-za-magnette 1959-mg-zb-magnette-zb 1959-mga-1500-roadster 1959-mga-a 1959-mga-b 1959-mg-magnette-mk-iii-car-sales-brochure-1959 1960-mg-magnette-mkiii 1960-mg-magnette-original-dealers-sales-sheet 1960-mg-mga-in-rare-dove-gray 1960-mg-mga-roadster 1960-mg-mk-iii-magnette-saloon-16344619535 1961-mg-a-twin-cam-1 1961-mg-mga-auto-classique 1961-mga-1600 1961-68-mg-magnette-iv-ad 1962-mg-a-mkii 1962-mg-mgb 1963-m-g-midget-1-1-litres 1963-mg-b-berlinetta 1963-mg-b-gt-racing-team 1964-mg-bgt-sebring 1964-70-mg-mgb-berlinette-by-jacques-coune-carrossier-of-belgium


1965-mg-mgb 1965-mgb-lemans-a 1965-mgb-lemans-b-x2 1965-mgb-lemans-c 1965-mgb-mk1 1965-mg-b 1966-mg-magnette-mk-iv 1966-mg-mgb-a 1966-mg-mgb-mk-ii-racer 1966-mg-mgb-racer 1966-mgb-gt-mk-i 1967-austin-1100-mki-countryman-estate-1098cc-nov-1967 1967-mg-mgb-gt 1968-mg-b 1968-mg-c-gt-cc2912 1968-mg-c-roadster 1968-mg-mgb-mk-ii-with-removable-hardtop 1968-riley-kestrel-1300-1275cc-october-1968 1969-mg-1300-mk-ii-two-door-saloon 1969-morris-1300-mkii-traveller-registered-september-1969-1275cc 1970-austin-1300-countryman-1970 1970-mg-mgb-roadster 1970-mgb-gt-racer 1970-morris-1100-mark-ii-2-door-saloon 1970-72-mgb-gt 1971-austin-1300-mark-iii 1971-mgb-gt 1972-austin-1300-luxury 1972-austin-1300gt-registered-june-1972-1380ccsic-dvla 1972-bmc-ado16-amalgamated-drawing-office-project-number-16 1972-mg-mgb-harvest-gold 1972-mg-x-2 1972-mgb-gt 1972-wolseley-1300-march-1972-1275-cc 1973-austin-victoria-mkii-de-luxe-1973-rear-iso-view 1973-mg-b-us6 1973-mg-mgb-gt-v8 1973-mg-mgb-roadster-a 1973-mg-mgb-roadster 1973-mgb-gt-sebring-style 1973-mgb-gt 1973-mgb-orange 1973-mgb-tourer-fitted-with-factory-hardtop 1974-mg-b-int 1974-mg-b-roadster 1974-mg-b 1974-mg-b-746 1974-mg-b-nl6 1974-mg-b-y-det6 1974-mg-midget-mk3 1974-mgb-gt 1975-mg-b-convertible 1975-mg-b-us-sv6

1975-mg-mgb-rubber-bumper-series 1976-mg-b-gt-bra 1976-mg-mgb-gt-v8 1976-mg-midget-1500 1979-mg-b-v8-roadster 1979-mgb-gt-sebring-v8 1983-austin-maestro 1983-austin-metro 1984-austin-montego-countryman 1984-austin-montego-gold 1985-mg-exe-prototype-heritage-motor-centre-gaydon-2 1985-mg-exe-prototype-heritage-motor-centre-gaydon-rear 1985-mg-maestro-20-efi 1985-mg-maestro 1985-mg-metro-turbo-01 1985-mg-montego-02-2000-efi 1985-mg-montego 1986-mg-maestro-efi-this-car-had-a-115bhp-2-0-litre-efi-engine 1988-mg-montego-burrells-walk 1988-the-last-mg-montego-at-the-british-heritage-motor-centre-in-gaydon 1989-grey-austin-metro-1-3-gs-metro 1989-mg-metro-arp 1990-rover-montego-1-6lx 1991-mg-metro-6r4-biturbo-willgollopwinningholjesin1991 1992-austin-maestro-2-0-turbo-diesel-clubman-rover-maestro 1993-mg-rv8-3950cc-jun-1993 1993-rover-metro-rio 1993-rover-montego-estate-2-0i-countryman 1994-rover-100-knightsbridge-se 1994-95-m-reg-rover-metro-rio 1995-mg-tf-blue-front 1995-96-rover-111-i-extra 1996-rover-100-kensington-se-rear 1999-austin-maestro-oxford-frontquarter 2002-mg-tf 2002-mg-zs-120-hatchback 2003-mg-zr-105-le-mans 2003-mg-zr-160

hp photosmart 720
hp photosmart 720

2003-mg-zs-180-saloon 2003-mg-zs-180-super-saloon 2004-mg-zs180-saloon-facelift 2004-05-mg-zs-180-sedan-16775855208 2005-mg-metro-6r4-002 2005-mg-metro-6r4-at-the-spirit-of-rally-2005

217, 50, 260, 1, 1, 476
217, 50, 260, 1, 1, 476

2006-mg-zr-160-vvc-trophy-se-face-lift-edition 2006-mg-zr180 2006-mg-zs-btcc-collard 2007-mg-tf 2010-mg-3-streetwise-in-a-showroom-in-china 2010-mg-6-china 2011-mg-6-1-8-dvvt-15686396267 2012-mg-3-ii-01-china 2012-mg-3-xross-china 2012-mg-5-01-china 2012-mg-5-02-china 2012-mg-5-2-auto-chongqing-2012-06-07 2013-mg-3-cressing 2013-mg-cs 2013-mg3-launch 2015-mg-gs-01-china-2015-04-08 2015-mg-gs-02-china 2015-mg-gs-suv-2015 2015-mg6-facelift-uk 2016-mg-triple-eight-british-touring-car-2016 2016-mg3-2016-upgrade 2016-mg-igs-003 12440439_1018424371555592_1608483282748574251_o 13872762_1228159143895472_802064182588335495_n 13902623_10207177706183728_675438761146176014_n 13923743_10210077180195374_4180568592705142011_o 13925903_10154491837073086_853267804041739048_o 14079525_1496824197011534_2502233995877823666_n 14100294_1496824353678185_5611415710825925872_n 14100316_1496824153678205_4176855991074560643_n 14102183_1496824023678218_2409575651175065349_n 14102369_10210508353170837_8811374892697452582_n 14141822_1306193889404308_2258397605433385879_n 14184381_1496824297011524_6348650635758950110_n 14184400_1306193852737645_4105688807176181060_n 14192003_10154538879053203_5445505474969336514_n 14196030_1190712074282475_4428142874373130552_o 14199383_1190712077615808_2773085630328141054_n 14222207_1190712967615719_3063376254331429301_n austin-maestro-campervan-front dargue-mg-special enamelled-badge-on-an-early-mg-car enzo-ferrari-with-mg-outfit george-eyston-in-an-r-type-at-brooklands-banking images-of-the-2015-mg-triple-eight-race-car-liverys mg-k3-magnette-k3003 mg-2 mg-6-btcc-2014 mg-6-f mg-6-magnette-sedan mg-6-sedan-2 mg-18-80-belgium mg-18-80-02 mg-18-80-1928-32

source Profile Publicationsa #86
source Profile Publicationsa #86
source Profile Publicationsa #86
source Profile Publicationsa #86

mg-18-100-07 mg-18-100-11 mg-18-100-04 mg-961-xuf-mga mg-1100-for-sale mg-1100-white mg-1100 mg-1347 mg-a-1600-roadster-white-vr mg-a-and-mg-magnette-saloon-ad mg-avallone mg-b-01-rear


mg-c-type-rear-left mg-car-company-logo mg-c-type-competition-car mg-drive-kalm-drive-mg mg-ev-concept mg-express-12 mg-express-hssv-high-speed-service-van mg-f-convertible mg-f-mark-i mg-j-type-advertisement mg-k3-sportscar mg-london-piccadilly-showroom mg-m-type-advert mg-magnette-ad mg-magnette-mark-iii-ad mg-magnette-silverstripes mg-magnette-za mg-magnette-z-typen-het-verhaal-door-huyb-timmers mg-magnette mg-mga-1600-coupe mg-mga-1600-mk-ii-de-luxe mg-mga-roadster-orange-julep mg-mga-rot-2 mg-mga1600-mk2grille mg-mgc-gt-rear mg-mgc-gt mg-midget-concept mg-midget-r-type mg-midget-rwa mg-motor-uk-hq-saic-uk-technical-design-centre




mg-prints-page-1final-1e mg-r-type-racer-is-a-recently-completed-replica mg-r-vintageautophotodec-2011-138 mg-r2-flying-shingle mg-race mg-tc-race-special mg-tf-001 mg-tf-160-interiour mg-tf-1500 mg-triple-eight-btcc-cars-2012-to-2014 mg-worldwide mg-xpower-sv-rear mg-yt-tourer mg-za-magnette-3653330607 mg-za-magnette mg-zr-3door-in-italy-rear

MG Racing at Snetterton
MG Racing at Snetterton

mg-zs-mk2-with-full-bodykit mg mg3-trophy mgb-gt-flickr-exfordy


mgb-gt MG F mg-midget mhv-austin-montego-01 mhv-morris-1100-02 mini-metro-as-panel-van-ca-1992 morris-garage-longwall-street-geograph-org-uk-721833 morris-garages-marque qvale-mangusta-2010-05-22-bearb qvale-mangusta-rear qvale-mangusta-side vanden-plas-princess-1100-01

Historic Cars Part I

With Citroën Ami 6 Ad from You Tube from the fifties

Myn Transport Blog

Oude auto’s

Het is soms leuk met mijn toestel rond te lopen en warempel, dan merk ik dat ik toch een beetje ben aangestoken door Hot en zijn liefde voor oude auto’s. Dus zodra ik dan langs een echte oude loop kan ik het niet laten om deze op de foto te zetten.  Hot is dan zo vriendelijk om me te vertellen wat voor soort het is. Deze rechtse is een Citroën Ami 6.

AMI De rode auto is een Cadillac Station, Prachtig vind ik dit. Toen hadden de auto’s nog een eigen identiteit, een eigenheid. Rode Cadillac StationDe volgende auto is de grootste liefde van Hot. Het is een Daf 33, 700 cc de luxe uitvoering. Toen ik Hot leerde kennen had hij er zo’n een.Daf 33 Alleen deze was ook beschilderd met anti kernraket en energie logo’s en alternatieve energievormen, en een gebroken geweertje op de achterbak. Hij heeft met die wagen…

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COMMER Trucks Luton England UK 1905

Commer QX


Fate Discontinued
Founded 1905
Headquarters Luton, England
Products Commercial vehicles
02 1907 Commer bus reg EC 634 1907

 Front of a 1909 Commer bus

Commer was a British manufacturer of commercial vehicles from 1905 until 1979. Commer vehicles included car-derived vans, light vans, medium to heavy commercial trucks, military vehicles and buses. The company designed and built its own diesel engines for its heavy commercial vehicles.


The company was formed as the Commercial Car Company, and was initially based in small premises in Lavender Hill, South London. In order to go into volume production a site was bought at Biscot Road, Biscot, Luton, where production of the first truck, the 3-ton RC type started in 1907. In 1909 the first bus was made. With the outbreak of the First World War the factory turned to the manufacture of military vehicles for the British Army, and by 1919 more than 3000 had been made.

In 1926, after being in receivership several times, Commer was taken over by Humber, which in 1931 became part of the Rootes Group.

The Commer name was replaced by the Dodge name during the 1970s following the takeover of Rootes by Chrysler Europe. After Peugeot purchased Chrysler Europe in 1978, the Commer factory was run in partnership with the truck division of Renault, Renault Trucks. It continued to produce the Dodge commercial truck range for some time, with Renault badges and a small amount of product development, eventually these were cancelled in favour of mainstream Renault models and switching production at the factory to production of Renault truck and bus engines in the early 1990s.

Many Commer vans and lorries are notable for being fitted with the Rootes TS3 engine, a two-stroke diesel three-cylinder horizontally opposed piston engine, which came to be known as the “Commer Knocker” owing to the distinct noise it produced. Newer Commer vehicles had Perkins and Cummins diesel engines, and less commonly Mercedes diesel engines.


Main article: Karrier

Commer acquired the Karrier company as part of Rootes acquisition of Karrier in 1934. In the early 1960s production moved to Dunstable where Commer, Dodge (UK) and Karrier were all brought together.

The Karrier trademark is now owned by Peugeot.


52 Commer TS3 Don Everall Tours VJW 882

A Commer TS3-engined bus at the Isle of Wight Bus & Coach Museum‘s 2008 running day

Commer produced buses and is recorded as delivering four to Widnes in 1909. The Commando was released after the Second World War, and the Avenger on 28 February 1948, fitted with the TS3 engine from 1954.

Light commercial vehicles

Commer Light Pick-up

The Commer Light Pick-Up was a pickup truck based on the Hillman Minx saloon and produced by Commer during the 1950s; a similar Hillman-badged model was also produced. The Mark III was powered by a 1184 cc four-cylinder engine, the Mark VI by a 1265 cc unit and the Mark VIII by a 1390 cc engine. Production ended in about 1958.

Commer Express Delivery Van

The Commer Express Delivery Van was a light commercial vehicle produced by Commer during the 1950s, competing in the 8-10cwt van range. It was based on the Hillman Minx saloon and evolved in parallel with that model, with designations ranging from Mark III to Mark VIIIB. The 1957 model, which featured a load space of 100 cu ft (2.8 m3) and a payload of approximately 9 cwt, was powered by a 1390 cc four-cylinder Hillman engine and was fitted with a four-speed column-change gearbox.

Commer Cob

The Commer Cob is a 7 cwt delivery van introduced in early 1956 based on the Hillman Husky, itself a derivative of the Hillman Minx Mark VIII. In 1958 new Cob and Husky models were introduced, based on the “AudaxHillman Minx.

Commer Imp Van

Main article: Hillman Imp

The Commer Imp Van was introduced in September 1965 and was based on the Hillman Imp saloon. It was renamed as the Hillman Imp Van in October 1968, with total production reaching 18,194 units prior to it being phased out in July 1970. The Hillman Husky estate car, which was introduced in July 1967, was based on the Imp Van.

Commer BF

Ambulance_Coventry_Transport_Museum (1)

 Commer BF based ambulance

Many examples of these vans were coach-built as ice cream vans.

Commer Walk-Thru

Commer Walk-Thru van as used by the Dutch company Van Gend & Loos

 Commer Walk-Thru van as used by the Dutch company Van Gend & Loos

The Commer Walk-Thru was introduced in 1961 as a replacement for the Commer BF. The Walk-Thru was offered in 1½ ton, 2 ton and 3-ton van and cab-chassis variants with a choice of diesel or petrol engines.

Commer FC/PA/PB/Spacevan

Commer FC
1968 Commer FC
Manufacturer Rootes Group
Chrysler Europe
Production 1960–1982
Body and chassis
Body style Forward control panel van. Numerous conversions and adaptations to special purposes
Engine 1500 cc Straight-4
1725 cc Straight-4
Transmission 4-speed manual
4-speed manual + Laycock Overdrive (from 1973)
Length 170 in (4,318 mm)
Width 75 in (1,905 mm)
Successor none

Commer became known in later years as a maker of vans for the British Post Office—particularly the Commer FC which was introduced in 1960 with many body styles, including a 1500 cc van. After engine and interior upgrades it was renamed the PB in 1967 and the SpaceVan in 1974. As noted above, it would be sold as a Dodge and Fargo model until 1976, when both Commer and Fargo names were dropped. These were rounded-front forward-control vans with narrow front track—a legacy of their Humber car-derived suspension. Utilising at first the Hillman-derived 1500 cc 4-cylinder engine in the PA series, then the larger 1600 cc, and from 1968 onwards the 1725 cc unit in the PB, only the cast-iron-head version of this engine were used. A Perkins 4108 diesel was also available.

The “1725 cc engine” (as it is known; it actually displaces 1724 cc) was available in the 1970s with a Borg Warner (BW) Model 35 3-speed automatic transmission with a dashboard-mounted selector. This was not a popular option and few were built.

The 4-speed gearbox on manual transmission models was based on those fitted to contemporary Hillman Minx (of the “Audax” generation) and later Rootes Arrow series cars such as the Hillman Hunter.

An unusual feature of the model was that the handbrake operated on the front drum brakes.

One of the reasons that the van was less popular with fleet operators than the Bedford and Ford Transit models it sold against was that, as on the BMC J2 and J4 models the forward-control design restricted access to the engine and made engine changes labour intensive; the only way to remove the engine without dropping the suspension subframe was to remove the windscreen and crane the engine out through the passenger door. A 1974 road test of a motor caravan version fitted with the 1725 cc engine reported a maximum speed of 70 mph (113 km/h) and a 0–50 mph (km/h) time of 25 seconds, indicating a higher top speed but, in this form, slower acceleration than the BMC competitor. However, the testers reported that at 70 mph the van was “plainly at its absolute limit, screaming away in a most distressing fashion”; readers were advised to view 65 mph (105 km/h) as a more realistic absolute maximum.

Reportedly, one condition of the government bailout of Chrysler’s British operations in 1976 was a commitment to upgrade the Spacevan, which was praised for its brakes, cornering, and price, but criticized for its power, comforts, and top speed. A revised Spacevan was thus introduced in 1977, using the same mechanicals but with numerous cosmetic changes, conveniences, and a new interior. Although outdated by its demise in 1982, by which time Commer had been taken over by Peugeot, the Spacevan remained a familiar sight in the UK thanks to its role with Post Office Telephones—which was almost solely responsible for it remaining in production for so long and these vans and outstanding orders were inherited by British Telecom on its formation in October 1981. By this time, there were three engines: two 1.7 L petrol engines of 37 kW (with low compression) and 42 kW (with high compression), and a small diesel engine (31 kW), with a four-speed manual transmission and no automatic available. The last Spacevan was built in 1983.

Military vehicles

1951 Commer Q4 330811951

Commer made a range of military vehicles for use during the Second World War, with the range still in use in the 1980s. While serving in the army, British humourist Frank Muir reported a broken-down vehicle over his radio with the words “The Commer has come to a full stop.”


Commer designed and manufactured its own diesel engines for its heavy commercial vehicles and buses. They were low-profile units designed to be deployed under the floor of the cab.


Main article: Commer TS3
1954 Commer tractor unit The front-mounted exhaust silencer shows that this is fitted with the Commer TS3 disel engine.

The TS3 engine was a two-stroke diesel unit with three cylinders each containing a pair of pistons arranged with the combustion chamber formed between the crown of the piston pair and the cylinder walls. It was designed specifically for the Commer range of trucks. The TS3 and derivative TS4 were unique in using rockers to deliver power to the single crankshaft.


The TS4 engine ran 1.2 million miles as a pre-production prototype. It was a 4-cylinder version of the TS3.

1909 Commer Car (EC 634) 1912 Commer WP2W 1930 Commer Parcel Van of the former London North Eastern Railway 1934 Commer Centaur 2 tonner 1934 Commer karrier B-20426 1936 Commer Lyons Tea 1939 Commer Q4 1940 Commer Q4 1946 Commer Q4 Utility Truck Engine 4700cc S6 1947 Commer B-32736 1947 Commer Q4 Tipper Engine Humber Hawk petrol Registered BCK 483 1948 Commer QX R7 released Mk1R7 1948 Commer QX 1949 Commer van HTO 1949 Commer with automatic loader 1950 Commer qx ts3 1950 Commer Superpoise UK 1951 Commer Q4 330811951 1951 Commer QX 1952 commer 05 1952 Commer 07 1952 Commer alle typen brochure a 1952 Commer alle typen brochure b 1952 Commer alle typen brochure d 1952 Commer C762 Showground truck 1952 Commer Superpoise Commer op erf; net thuis afgeleverd 1953 Commer 8,10 & 12 Ton a 1953 Commer 8,10 & 12 Ton b 1953 Commer 8,10 & 12 Ton c 1953 Commer Karrier Bantam Registered ODV 364 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 1953 Commer Type Mk.III 1953 commer- 1954 Commer C Type Mk.III Tipper  Registered CSV 268 1954 Commer Q2 FS V4 33 1954 Commer tractor unit The front-mounted exhaust silencer shows that this is fitted with the Commer TS3 disel engine. 1954 Commer' truck-based armoured car, 1950s 1955 Commer Superpoise 6x6 1955 Commer ts3 1956 Commer + VW Orion 1956 Commer Emergency Tender 1956 Commer Karrier at Carnoustie 1956 Commer Q4 (FV-13201), 4x4 1956 Commer Superpoise 25 cwt MkIV 1956 Commer uit 1956 met een carrosserie van fa. Rondaan Berlikum, een DAF uit 1950 en een Bedford uit 1954 1956 Commer WrT Escape. Fire Engine 1957 CHW Commer Ambulance 1957 Commer 57 Ramblers on KAT rig 1957 Commer Karrier 1957 COMMER VAN Black 1958 Commer C Series Dropside Registered LSU 422 1958 Commer Groet RS-75-43 1958 Commer MUR530 Farming Yesteryear 1958 Commer Q4 1958 Commer Van Gend & Loos RN-85-86