AMBULANCES part VIII international Ambulances on Alphabet from G(olf) till I

AMBULANCES part VIII international Ambulances on Alphabet from G(olf) till I

Golf Ambulance


GUY Motors Ambulance

Hanomag + Hanomag Henschel Ambulances

hansa-lloyd-Ambulance 1





Helicopter Ambulances

Hino Ambulance Paramedic Resque Unit LY3391

Holden Ambulances and Hearses

Horch Hearses and Ambulances

HONDA Ambulances and HONDA Quick Responder Motor Units

Hudson Ambulances and Hearses since 1922


Humber Ambulances and Hearses since 1933

HUMMER + HUMVEE Ambulance and Hearses

Hyundai Ambulance and Quick Responder units

Hyundai Hearses

That were all the ambulances and hearses beginning with H, Do you know more, please let me know, then I make this blog more complete.

MAGIRUS DEUTZ Ulm Baden-Württemberg Germany 1866-1983 when it became IVECO

01 Ulmer Münster Magirus-Deutz Logo

Magirus Deutz

Magirus Fire Fighting Academy

Magirus GmbH
Industry Automotive
Founded 1866 (As Magirus Kommanditist)
1974 (Magirus Deutz)
1983 (Iveco Magirus)
Founder Conrad Dietrich Magirus
Headquarters Ulm, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Number of locations
Production locations:
France: Chambéry
Italy: Brescia
Area served
Key people
Products Trucks
Decrease €1.042 billion (2009)
Owner CNH Global
Number of employees
2,100 (2009)
Parent Iveco

Magirus GmbH is a truck manufacturer based in Ulm, Germany, founded by Conrad Dietrich Magirus (1824–1895). The company began manufacturing fire-fighting vehicles in 1866. In the late 1910s, it started the production of trucks and buses. These vehicles developed a reputation for high engineering standards, able to operate under the most arduous conditions.

The company also invented the turntable ladder, as Magirus Leiter, which quickly became an essential item of fire brigade equipment worldwide.

The parent company was Klöckner Humboldt Deutz AG, maker of the well-known Deutz engines, so the brand commonly used was Magirus Deutz, and for a short time Klöckner. The logo of Magirus Deutz was a stylised M with a sharp, long center point to represent the tower of the Ulm Cathedral.

In 1975, Magirus was purchased by Iveco which continued producing some Magirus trucks for a short while under the name “Iveco Magirus” before abandoning it completely in most countries. However, Iveco trucks were sold under the Magirus brand in Germany and other European and Middle Eastern markets until the end of the 1980s. Today, the Magirus brand is only used for the company’s firefighting equipment section, not for the whole fleet of manufactured trucks.

In 1974 he was awarded the contract (called Delta Project) for delivery in 1975-1976 about 9,500 dumper and flatbed trucks Magirus М 232 D 19 and Magirus M 290 D 26 in the USSR to work on the construction of Baikal–Amur Mainline (BAM). These models are export options KHD products on the domestic market of Germany were not supplied. By January 1, 1975 for the first batch of Magirus for BAM building was ready to be sent to the Soviet Union. Many of these trucks are working now. As a result of this, the largest in the company’s history, and other export transactions in 1975 export products accounted for 70% of total production Magirus-Deutz, and the firm took the second place among the German truck manufacturers.

Iveco Magirus is one of the leading manufacturers of fire fighting equipment. The underpinnings for the line of fire fighting trucks are primarily Iveco’s own chassis designs and engines, but occasionally platforms from other truck manufacturers serve as the base for specialized or customized fire-fighting equipment layouts. With its Magirus brand turntable ladder, Iveco Magirus is the unrivalled global market leader by sales.

Most trucks from Magirus are also known as Magirus Deutz because the air-cooled engine came from the factory of Deutz AG. These engines are still being sold for agricultural and marine use.

Though seldom seen today, the Magirus company produced almost all of the early, movable ladders used in the construction of large, rigid airships in both the Germany and the United States. The multi-extension, wooden ladders were mounted on massively constructed, wooden carriage frames with a “fifth-wheel” style, forward axle assembly. Although it appeared to be designed for horses, the ladders could be easily moved by two men. The carriage was equipped with four, hand screw type “outriggers” that would resist the ladder from tipping. The ladder did not swivel on the carriage. It was elevated and extended only towards the front of the carriage. In the “working” position, the ladder had to be elevated to about an 80 degree angle in order to allow full extension to 85 feet. (I do not know what the maximum extended length of the largest wooden Magirus ladder was, but the ones used during the erection of the Goodyear-Zeppelin Corporation’s USS AKRON and USS MACON reached to 85 feet.)

They can be seen, commonly, in early photographs of airships under construction in the 1920s and 1930s.


Current products


1904 Magirus Ulm L-feuerwehr

1904 Magirus Ulm L-feuerwehr

Anhängeleiter Magirus

Anhängeleiter Magirus

1923 Magirus Fire Engine Model BayernMagirus Fire Engine Model “Bayern” 1923

1961 Magirus Fire EngineMagirus Fire Engine 1961

Magirus-Deutz 232 in KasachstanMagirus 232 in the USSR

Iveco Magirus fire engine TLF16-25Iveco Magirus fire engine

Volvo Magirus fire engineVolvo Magirus fire engine

Hino-MagirusJapanese Fire Service Hino Motors Magirus fire engine

Astra en Magirus Iveco Parade Rome 2006Italian Fire Service vehicles with an Astra crane on the left and a Magirus turntable ladder on the right, Army Parade in Rome, 2 June 2006.

1945 Magirus-Deutz truck, similar to those used as gas vans in Chełmno extermination campMagirus-Deutz truck, similar to those used as gas vans in Chełmno extermination camp

Magirus ladder on floor at front of USS MACONMagirus ladder on floor at front of USS MACON

Magirus ladders in use on the construction of a rigid airship. (Notice men at the very top of several ladders.)


  • 1864 – Founded by Conrad Dietrich Magirus
  • 1872 – 1872 2-wheel hand ladder climbable when free-standing, model »Ulmer Ladder«
  • 1892 – First horse-pulled rotating ladder 25 m
  • 1904 – First steam powered self-propelled “fire engine”
  • 1916 – First fully automatic drive turn table ladder in the world
  • 1917 – Production of Magirus motor vehicles
  • 1931 – First turn table ladder with steel ladder set
  • 1936 – Fusion with Humboldt-Deutz Motorenfabrik
  • 1951 – Made the highest turntable ladder in the world 52 m
  • 1953 – First turntable ladder with hydraulic drive
  • 1965 – First forward control truck chassis
  • 1971 – First rescue vehicle RW-rail for subway and local railway operation
  • 1972 – First large airport crash tender
  • 1980 – First turntable ladder »low-design«
  • 1986 – First computer controlled turntable ladder
  • 1987 – Take over of previous Bachert production plant in Weisweil, Germany
  • 1992 – Iveco Mezzi Speciali, Brescia, Italy
  • 1994 – First articulated ladder DLK 23-12 GL CC
  • 1996 – Production start of light pumper vehicles in Görlitz/Germany
  • 1997 – Lohr-Magirus in Graz/Austria
  • 2000 – First oscillation-free turntable ladder (Computer Stabilized)
  • 2005 – „Firework of Novelties“ at the Interschutz in Hannover
  • 2007 – New modular bodywork generation AluFire 3
  • 2010 – Presentation of the models M 32 L-AT, M 33 P, SuperDragon 2, MultiStar2 at the Interschutz in Leipzig

 01 Ulmer Münster Magirus-Deutz Logo1904 Magirus Ulm L-feuerwehr1917 Magirus 3К11918 Magirus 70PS, 4x41919 Magirus Deutz wl531921 Magirus Elefant und Magirus LF 15 19421921 Magirus Lastkraftwagen1921 Magirus1923 Magirus Bayern1923 Magirus Deutz Bayern1923 Magirus1925 Magirus M1007 carr. Allan Rotterdam GTA 35 Stadsbus 1925 gebruikt van 1926-19361925 Magirus, M1007 Car Allan1925 Magirus-Deutz AG(D) M1007 1925 (via Geesink, Weesp) - Allan, Rotterdambusserie71926 Magirus-Deutz AG(D) (via Geesink, Weesp) - A.R.M., Amsterdam busserie9


1927 Magirus-Deutz M1007 AG(D)  Kromhout (via Geesink, Weesp) - Werkspoor, Zuilen  A'dam1928 Magirus ММ31929 Magirus Werkspoor Autobus G-66828, Amsterdam1929 Magirus-busse-oldtimer1929 Magirus-Deutz AG (via Geesink, Weesp) - Werkspoor, Zuilen a A'dam1929 Magirus-Deutz M1007 AG (via Geesink, Weesp) - Werkspoor, Zuilen  A'dam1930 Magirus-Deutz AG (via Geesink, Weesp) - Werkspoor, Zuilen a A'dam1930 Magirus-Deutz AG (via Geesink, Weesp) - Werkspoor, Zuilen A'dam1931 Magirus M1007 - Werkspoor, Zuilen  A'dam1932 Magirus 3881934 Magirus М206, 6x61935 Magirus M45L Fire Tender1935 Magirus Polte-Werksfeuerwehr1935 Magirus-deutz-busse-oldtimer-02b-01511936 Magirus Deutz De City 351936 Magirus M 301936 MAGIRUS wo46261936 Magirus1936 Magirus-bus 361937 Magirus KS151937 Magirus Römkens P-24101937 Magirus S88D1937 Magirus-busse1938 Magirus Deutz 33221938 Opel Magirus Deutz Karosseriefabrik VOLL Würzburg1939 Magirus Eindhoven1939 Magirus M401941 Magirus KL 26 FL1451942 Feuerwehrfahrzeug mit Klöckner-Deutz-Logo, Baujahr 1942a1942 Lf 25 lauf1945 Magirus Deutz carr Jongerius Eindhoveninbeeld1945 Magirus-Deutz truck, similar to those used as gas vans in Chełmno extermination camp1948. Merk Kromhout carosserie Hoogeveen, deze bus is later omgebouwd met een Magirus motor1949 Magirus S3500 Drehleitner DL221950 Magirus Deutz Bus Truck1950 Magirus Deutz KastenwagenTyp S 35001950 Magirus Deutz Klöckner Humbold ULM wh20221950 Magirus Deutz Löschzug1_Hermeskeil1950 Magirus Deutz. Known as The Jupiter this German truck1950 Magirus mit Vorbaupumpe (2)1950 Magirus Nachkriegszeit1950 MAGIRUS woAA1950 MAGIRUS woBB1950 Magirus-Deutz NJ 04-301950 Magirus-Deutz O3500H Omnibus1951 klöckner-deutz-o-3000-021951 Magirus 03500 bus1951 Magirus Deutz 33291951 Magirus Deutz bus NL1951 Magirus Deutz De City 481951 Magirus Deutz Rio de Janeiro1951 Magirus Deutz UK o35001L 0001951 Magirus Deutz1951 Magirus Deutzbus Type O 6500

1951 Magirus Hochdach

1951 Magirus O 6500 Reisebus1951 Magirus S 3500 Autotransporter1951 Magirus S3500S DL22 Escape Ladder1951 Magirus wh2022b1952 Magirus Deutz rtm1952 Magirus Deutz1952 Magirus Komunalfahrzeug1952 Magirus Sirius 85 D 7 Kurzpritschen-Lkw1952 Magirus type S 35001952 Magirus Veevervoerde van der Wal1952 Magirus-Deutz S3500 NF-73-101952 MAGIRUS-DEUTZ Saturn 1-HD (W6-621C-264)1953 Jonckheere Magirus Deutz  België1953 Magirus 130pk Gebr. Greving1953 Magirus Deutz S 4500 couchette1953 Magirus Deutz Typ S35001953 Magirus Grimmius1953 Magirus O 3500 H Reisebus1953 Magirus O65001953 Magirus-Deutz O3500H Omnibus1953 MAGIRUS-DEUTZ Saturn II (W6-5735-214d-10 9 1959)1953 magirus-deutz-bus-blechschild1953-magirus-deutz-saturno-i-prisky-buses-turismo-chile-tur-ex-via-sur1954 Magirus Bos141954 Magirus Deuts O 3500 H i1954 Magirus Deutz 0 3500-53A KHD F4L 145 90pk carr Hainje GTW1011954 Magirus Deutz 0 3500-53A KHD F4L 145 90pk carr Hainje GTW1021954 Magirus Deutz 0 3500-53A KHD F4L 145 90pk carr Hainje GTW1031954 Magirus Deutz 0 3500-53A KHD F4L 145 90pk carr Hainje GTW1041954 Magirus Deutz 0 3500-53A KHD F4L 145 90pk carr Hainje GTW1091954 Magirus Deutz Hainje, op de plaat gezet door Jan Voerman1954 Magirus Deutz O 3500-53A KHD F4L154 90pk carr Verheul GTW1111954 Magirus Deutz O 3500-53A KHD F4L154 90pk carr Verheul GTW1131954 Magirus Deutz O 3500-53A KHD F4L154 90pk carr Verheul GTW1141954 Magirus Deutz O 3500-53A KHD F4L154 90pk carr Verheul GTW1151954 Magirus Deutz O 3500-53A KHD F4L154 90pk carr Verheul GTW1161954 Magirus Deutz O 3500-53A KHD F4L154 90pk carr Verheul GTW1191954 MAGIRUS DEUTZ RET Reebok1954 Magirus Deutz S45001954 Magirus Deutz SH35001954 Magirus Gebr Greving1954 Magirus Klöckner-Humbolt-Deutz Magirus O 3500 7983cc1954 Magirus Koeneman Sappemeer Holland1954 Magirus Wigchers1954 Magirus-Deutz, Buses, Hobby1955 Magirus BE 36 73 NL1955 Magirus Deutz Eindhoven in beeld1955 Magirus Deutz S 3500 Sirius1955 Magirus Deutz S6500 Scherenhubkipper-teha1955 Magirus Deutz Uranus PSL7111955 Magirus Gebroeders Bos1955 Magirus Mercur 4500 A Allrad-Pritschen-Lkw1955 Magirus SH3504 SiSi Drankwagen1955 Magirus Sirius 90 L Pritschen-Lkw 77331955 Magirus Transport bedrijf1955 MAGIRUS-DEUTZ LKW 71955 Magirus-Deutz SH35041956 Magirus Deutz Ansair Australia1956 Magirus Deutz S 65001956 Magirus Deutz Saturn Ansair Pioneer701956 MAGIRUS DEUTZ SUPER1956 Magirus Entsorgungswagen1956 Magirus O 3500 Möbelkofferlastzug1956 Magirus_Deutz_O3500_-_Debono_bus_ex-no_1956_,_Floriana,Malta_1996_-_Flickr_-_sludgegulper1956 MAGIRUS-DEUTZ (2)1956 Magirus-Deutz A6500, 4x41956 MAGIRUS-DEUTZ1957 MAGIRUS- DEUTZ 03500H (W6-5735-1556-2-1957)1957 Magirus Deutz Eindhoven in beeld1957 Magirus Deutz SHE 3506, Dutch licence registration SB-47-631957 Magirus Deutz Veltman-Paulusma 21957 Magirus Deutz_SHE_3506 Dutch_licence_registration_SB-47-63_pic11957 Magirus V1957 Magirus-Deutz SHE 3506 SB-47-631957 TAM 4500 Tovarna Automobilov Motorjev (Maribor) Jugoslavia1958 Magirus Deuts O 3500 Hamburg1958 Magirus Deutz Hoogeveen De Jong 1601958 Magirus Deutz Mercure en cabine avancée1958 Magirus Deutz met Ahw. Maastrischt1958 Magirus saturn 145fl1958 Magirus type OS 550 6E Gelede bus RTM Verheul1958 Magirus-Deutz A6500, 4x41958 Magirus-Deutz NWF De Koe 111958 Magirus-Deutz NWF De Koe-91958 Magirus-Deutz RV-16-101958 Magirus-Deutz Sirius 90 L MB-93-961958 Southport beach bus (MCW 234J Magirus-Deutz of unknown model and bodywork)1959 Magirus Deutz Lindbergh 59 [2] Magirus Jongerius1959 Magirus Deutz lindbergh 59 Magirus Jongerius1959 Magirus S 6500 Pritschen-Lkw1959 Magirus S1959 Magirus Saturn II Linienbus Ruhr-Lippe-Eisenbahn D1959 Magirus Uranus Kranwagen1959 MAGIRUS-DEUTZ Saturn II (W6-5735-214d-10 9 1959)1959 Magirus-Deutz Saturn II Velo Deutz Hellas1960 Magirus Deutz fire truck1960 Magirus Saturn II1960 Magirus Saturn1960 Magirus-Deutz Jupiter 178D15A, 6x61961 Magirus Fire Engine1962 Magirus Deutz (2)1962 Magirus Deutz (3)1962 Magirus Deutz1962 Magirus Saturn II Reisebus Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Hollstein VHH1962 MAGIRUS-DEUTZ Saturn 1-HD (W6-621C-264)1962 Magirus-Deutz Sirius 90L (2)1962 Magirus-Deutz Sirius 90L1962 Magirus-Deutz Uranus-250АЕ, 6x61962 Magirus-Deutz1962 magirus-deutz-motorkracht1962 Vozila_TAM_19621963 Magirus De City 991963 Magirus Deutz De City 961963 Magirus Deutz Jupiter, V81963 Magirus Deutz Saturne en 4x41963 Magirus Saturn 150 FS1963 Magirus-Deutz Domburg Westercoach 15