AMBULANCES + HEARSES part XIX on Alphabet beginning with V(olga) till A

AMBULANCES + HEARSES part XIX on Alphabet beginning with V(olga) till A


Rostov-on-Don, Russia – May 21,2017:Old car GAZ-22 “Volga” in the parking lot

Volga Ambulances and Hearses


Volvo Ambulances Hearses and ex-Hearses


Digital StillCamera


Digital StillCamera

All Volkswagen (ex) Ambulances and Hearses

Wanderer Ambulances – Krankenwagen

Wartburg Ambulance (and models)

Weller Brothers Coachbuilders of Ambulances

 White Motor Company Ambulances between 1904-1920

Kaiser WILLYS Overland Siebert Ambulances and Hearses

Wolseley Ambulances and (ex) Hearses

ZIL ambulances and hearses

ZIS Ambulances and Hearses

As far I know that were almost all ambulances and hearses that I could find on de WWW. Do you know more, let me please know.

Thanks for your interest. Greetings Jeroen

AMBULANCES + HEARSES part XVIII on Alphabet beginning with U till Volvo

AMBULANCES + HEARSES part XVIII on Alphabet beginning with U till Volvo

UAZ or “Bukhanka”  Ambulances

1918 Unic C9-O Ambulance

All Unic Ambulances or Red Cross Truck

UNIMOG (Mercedes-Benz) Ambulances

2013 Ural-43206 als militärisches Sanitätsfahrzeug

1899 original

1900 French Motorcycle Ambulance

1909 Ambulance

1910 Police Officer Places Sick Child in an Ambulance, c 1910s (NYC Municipal Archives)

1910 Trane Colliery Ambulance and Nurse

1913 Electric ambulance

1914 Horse Drawn or electric Ambulance attended by medical staff during World War 1

1914 Unknown ambulans Red Cross with follower

1914 WWI Moscow

1914 WWI Savelovski vokzal

1914-18 2 ambulances unknown

1914-18 WWI SanavtoRus 350

1914-1918 WW1 AMBULANCE

1915 Ambulance Evpatorija Ambulance a

1915 Ambulance Odessa 1

1915 Ambulance Odessa 2

1916 London Ambulance with female driver-nurse

1916 Troops-medical-orderlies-of-the-Russian-Armoured-Car-Division-by-their-ambulance-in-a-Turkish-town-1916.

1924 SMP amb


Ambulance Bt

Ambulance with patiënts

Ambulance yxS


Central District Ambulance headquarters

tpt transport truck lorry wagon nk finish end college of ambulance x ray

Macon Hospital Ambulance

Motorcycle ambulance

All Unknown Ambulances and Hearses. Do you know more, please let me know. Thank you in advance.

van Hool Ambulance Buses (Visser Leeuwarden)