Buses bodybuilders KÄSSBOHRER — SETRA Ulm Germany Part I till 1966


Buses bodybuilders KÄSSBOHRER — SETRA Ulm Germany



1972 Setra S110H coach1972 Setra S110H coach

Kässbohrer Fahrzeugwerke

was a German vehicle manufacturer in Ulm. Its products were buses, coaches, vehicle transporters, trailers and special vehicles like snow groomer vehicles.

In 1893, Karl Kässbohrer founded the Wagenfabrik Kässbohrer in Ulm. In 1922, Kässbohrer developed a trailer for goods transport, having solid rubber wheels. When Karl Kässbohrer senior died, his sons, Karl junior and Otto Kässbohrer, took over the company. In 1969, Kässbohrer was Germany’s biggest coach and truck trailer producer. Kässbohrer’s coaches and buses were named Setra. The snow-grooming vehicles were called PistenBully and 2,000 were sold between 1979 and 1989. At the end of the 1990s, about 9,000 employees worked for Kässbohrer.

Starting in 1993, the company began to fall apart. The division’s truck bodies, semi-trailers and trailers were sold to the competitor Kögel. In 1994, the snow groomer vehicles division was spun off to Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug (all-terrain vehicle) GmbH, based in Laupheim, which also produces beach cleaners. In the end, Mercedes-Benz bought the bus and coach division in 1995 and the new name EvoBus was introduced. The only division which is still family owned is Kässbohrer Transport Technik in Salzburg, Austria, where vehicle transporters are built.

A great number of Kässbohrer Setra coaches and buses are still in service on European roads, sometimes having a mileage of more than a million kilometers.


Kässbohrer tank trailerKässbohrer tank trailer

The compact PistenBully 100The compact PistenBully 100

Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AGKässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG

1893 Kässbohrer1893 Kässbohrer start

1911 Saurer Omnibus Kässbohrer

1911 Saurer Omnibus Kässbohrer1911 Kässbohrer one of the first.1911 Saurer Omnibus Kässbohrer

1911 Kässbohrer one of the first1911 Saurer Omnibus Kässbohrer

1919 Magirus 2 C V 110 Kässbohrer1919 Magirus 2 C V 110 Kässbohrer

FAUN 07V Kässbohrer Fahrzeugwerke Gmbh Motor KHD F6 617 6cyl 13538ccFAUN 07V Kässbohrer Fahrzeugwerke Gmbh Motor KHD F6 617 6cyl 13538cc

FAUN Logo op RoodDaimler Engine Company and Kässbohrer 100 Years of CooperationDaimler Engine Company and Kässbohrer

Kassbohrer convertible Opel BlitzKässbohrer convertible Opel Blitz

1936 Kässbohrer-Karosse1936 Kässbohrer-Karosse


landwasserschlepper-5 Kässbohrerlandwasserschlepper-5 Kässbohrer

1941 Mercedes O 2600 Kässbohrer1941 Mercedes O 2600 Kässbohrer

1948 Magirus O 3000 Kässbohrer1948 Magirus O 3000 Kässbohrer

1949 Südwerke TD 50 Kässbohrer1949 Südwerke TD 50 Kässbohrer

1950 Henschel Bimot - HS 190 N Kässbohrer1950 Henschel Bimot – HS 190 N Kässbohre

1950 Krauss-Maffei KMO 140 Kässbohrer1950 Krauss-Maffei KMO 140 Kässbohrer

setra1950 Setra Historisch1950 Setra Historisch

1950 Setra S 8 Reisebus dl1950 Setra S 8 Reisebus dl © O. Nordsieck

1951 Büssing 5000 TU Kässbohre1951 Büssing 5000 TU Kässbohrer

1951 Henschel HS 140 N Kässbohrer1951 Henschel HS 140 N Kässbohrer

1951 Kässbohrer Setra S8 Oldtimer Bus1951 Kässbohrer Setra S8 Oldtimer Bus

1951 kässbohrer-setra-busse-oldtimer-02b-2000471951 Setra S 8 Hanseat Bus

1951 Kässbohrer Setra S8 Oldtimer Bus

1951 kässbohrer-setra-busse-oldtimer-02b-2000491951 Kässbohrer Setra S8 Oldtimer Bus

1951 Mercedes O 3500 Kässbohrer1951 Mercedes O 3500 Kässbohrer

1951 Mercedes1951 Mercedes O 3500 Kässbohrer

1951 Setra Kässbohrer d1951 Setra Kässbohrer

1951 Setra S 8 Käsbohrer a

1951 Setra S 8 Kässbohrer

1951 Setra S 8 Kässbohrer b1951 Setra S 8 Kässbohrer

1951 Setra S 8 Kässbohrer1951 Setra S 8 Kässbohrer

1951 Setra S Kässbohrer i1951 Setra S 8 Kässbohrer

1951 Setra S Kässbohrer oldi041951 Setra S 8 Kässbohrer

1951 Setra S8 blau Wahrenburg1951 Setra S8 blau Wahrenburg

1951 Setra S8 Kässbohrer Oldtimer Bus1951 Setra S8 Kässbohrer Oldtimer Bus

1951 Setra S8 rot-schwarz Reiseglück1951 Setra S8 rot-schwarz Reiseglück

1952 Hanomag L 28 Kässbohrer1952 Hanomag L 28 Kässbohrer

1952 Kässbohrer Setra bus1952 Kässbohrer Setra bus

1952 Kässbohrer Setra S8 Nr211952 Kässbohrer Setra S8 Nr21

1952 Kässbohrer, op basis van het MAN chassis type MKN261952 Kässbohrer, op basis van het MAN chassis type MKN26

1952 MAN MKN 26 - Gelenkzug Kässbohrer1952 MAN MKN 26 – Gelenkzug Kässbohrer

1952 kässbohrer-setra-busse-oldtimer-02b-01501952 kässbohrer-setra-busse-oldtimer

19521952 Model Setra Kässbohrer © Michel Rougraff

1953 Henschel HS 200 UN Kässbohrer1953 Henschel HS 200 UN Kässbohrer

1953 Kässbohrer Setra S 8 Panoramabus1953 Kässbohrer Setra S 8 Panoramabus

1953 Setra S 10 - alte Bauform Kässbohrer1953 Setra S 10 – alte Bauform Kässbohrer

1953 Setra S 10 Reisebus1953 Setra S 10 Reisebus © W. Nordsieck

1953 Setra S 11 - alte Bauform Kässbohrer1953 Setra S 11 – alte Bauform Kässbohrer

1954 Büssing 6000 T Gelenkzug Kässbohrer1954 Büssing 6000 T Gelenkzug Kässbohrer

1954 Faun 07 V Kässbohrer1954 Faun 07 V Kässbohrer

1954 Kässbohrer Ulm Faun O7 V1954 Kässbohrer Ulm Faun O7 V

1954 Hanomag L 28 2,5 t Kässbohrer1954 Hanomag L 28 2,5 t Kässbohrer

1954 Hanomag L 28 Kässbohrer1954 Hanomag L 28 Kässbohrer

1954 Kässbohrer Setra S 61954 Kässbohrer Setra S 6

1954 Kässbohrer Setra S8 mit Kässbohrer Anhaenger1954 Kässbohrer Setra S8 mit Kässbohrer Anhänger

1954 Kässbohrer Ulm Setra S 101954 Kässbohrer Ulm Setra S 10

1954 kässbohrer-setra-busse-oldtimer-02b-2000091954 kässbohrer-setra-busse-oldtimer

1954 MAN 558 HOC 1 Kässbohrer1954 MAN 558 HOC 1 Kässbohrer

1954 Setra S 6 BW 11954 Setra S 6 BW 1

1954 Setra S 10 Kässbohrer1954 Setra S 10 Kässbohrer

1954 Setra SP Kässbohrer1954 Setra SP Kässbohrer

1955 Setra S 6 Klein-Reisebus1955 Setra S 6 Klein-Reisebus © O. Nordsieck

1955 Setra S 10 Kässbohrer1955 Setra S 10 Kässbohrer

1956 Kässbohrer - AEC - Verheul, Waddinxveen1956 Kässbohrer – AEC – Verheul, Waddinxveen

1956 Kässbohrer Golden Eagle Prototype Continental Bus Symthim1956 Kässbohrer Golden Eagle Prototype Continental Bus Symthim

1956 Kässbohrer Setra-Bus mit Panoramafenstern1956 Kässbohrer Setra-Bus mit Panoramafenstern

1956 kässbohrer-setra-busse-oldtimer-02b-2000051956 kässbohrer-setra S6-busse-oldtimer

1956 kässbohrer-setra-busse-oldtimer-02b-2000171956 kässbohrer-setra S6-busse-oldtimer

1956 kässbohrer-setra-busse-oldtimer-02b-2000431956 kässbohrer-setra S6-busse-oldtimer

1956 Opel Blitz Kässbohrer (2)1956 Opel Blitz Kässbohrer

1956 Opel Blitz Kässbohrer1956 Opel Blitz Kässbohrer  mit anhänger

1956 Setra Golden Eagle Kässbohrer1956 Setra Golden Eagle Kässbohrer

1956 Setra Kässbohrer Panoramabus 1950er Verkehrszentrum1956 Setra Kässbohrer Panoramabus 1950er Verkehrszentrum

1956 Setra Kässbohrer1956 Setra Kässbohrer

1956 Setra S 6 BW 11956 Setra S 6 BW

1956 Setra S 6 Kässbohrer1956 Setra S 6 Kässbohrer

1956 Setra S 6 Klein-Reisebus Bell1956 Setra S 6 Klein-Reisebus Bell © H Küpers

1956 Setra S 6 Klein-Reisebus ENLS1956 Setra S 6 Klein-Reisebus © O. Nordsieck

1956 Setra S 6 Klein-Reisebus REPZ1956 Setra S 6 Klein-Reisebus mit anhänger © O. Nordsieck

1956 Setra S 10 Kässbohrer1956 Setra S 10 Kässbohrer

1956 Setra S Kässbohrer f1956 Setra S Kässbohrer

1957 Kässbohrer DCSP-AEship11957 Kässbohrer DCSP-AEship

1957 Kässbohrer DCSP-AEship21957 Kässbohrer DCSP-AEship

1957 Kässbohrer Golden Eagle Continental Bus System Inc 8011957 Kässbohrer Golden Eagle Continental Bus System Inc 801

1957 Kässbohrer Man Setra ARTICTRAIL2 USA1957 Kässbohrer Man Setra ARTICTRAIL2 USA

1957 Kässbohrer MAN Setra ARTICTRAINLWAYS1957 Kässbohrer Man Setra ARTICTRAIL2 USA

1957 Kassbohrer Setra Artic1957 Kassbohrer Setra Artic

1957 Kässbohrer-Setra1957 Kässbohrer-Setra

1957 MAN 590 HEC 1 Kässbohrer Trolley1957 MAN 590 HEC 1 Kässbohrer Trolley

1957 Sattelomnibus Kässbohrer1957 Sattelomnibus Kässbohrer

1957 Setra Kässbohrer c1957 Setra Kässbohrer

1958 Henschel O-Bus Kässbohrer trolleybus1958 Henschel O-Bus Kässbohrer trolleybus

1958 Kässbohrer Setra S111958 Kässbohrer Setra S11

1958 Kässbohrer Setra Silver Eagle Continental Dixie Lines1958 Kässbohrer Setra Silver Eagle Continental Dixie Lines

1958 Kässbohrer Setra Super Golden Eagle Continental Western Line1958 Kässbohrer Setra Super Golden Eagle Continental Western Line

1958 Kässbohrer Setra Super Golden Eagle Denver Colorado Springs-Pueblo Motorway 89071958 Kässbohrer Setra Super Golden Eagle Denver Colorado Springs-Pueblo Motorway 8907

1958 Setra Golden Eagle Gelenkzug Kässbohrer1958 Setra Golden Eagle Gelenkzug Kässbohrer

1958 Setra-Kässbohrer Articulated Articulated Coach WilsonGoldenEagle1958 Setra-Kässbohrer Articulated Articulated Coach Wilson Golden Eagle

1958 Setra S 11 Kässbohrer1958 Setra S 11 Kässbohrer

1958 Setra S Kässbohrer h1958 Setra S Kässbohrer

1958 Setra S Kässbohrer k1958 Setra S Kässbohrer

1959 Industrion-a Setra S11 te Rolduk 0804061959 Kässbohrer Industrion-a Setra S11 te Rolduk NL

1959 Setra Kässbohrer1959 Setra Kässbohrer

1959 Setra S 9 Käsbohrer1959 Setra S 9 Kässbohrer

1959 Setra S 9 Kässbohrer1959 Setra S 9 Kässbohrer

1959 Setra S 10 Kässbohrer a1959 Setra S 10 Kässbohrer

1959 Setra S 10 Kässbohrer1959 Setra S 10 Kässbohrer

1959 Setra S 10 Reisebus 591959 Setra S 10 Reisebus 59 © J. Thiele

1959 Setra S 11 Kässbohrer1959 Setra S 11 Kässbohrer

1959 Setra S 11 UL Kässbohrer1959 Setra S 11 UL Kässbohrer

1959 Setra S 12 Hochdecker Kässbohrer1959 Setra S 12 Hochdecker Kässbohrer

1959 Setra S9 19591959 Setra S9

1959 Setra S9 a1959 Setra S9

1959 SETRA S9,S10,S111959 SETRA S9,S10,S11

1959 Setra S91959 Setra S9

1959 Setra SG 165 Kässbohrer1959 Setra SG 165 Kässbohrer

1959 Setra ST 110 Kässbohrer1959 Setra ST 110 Kässbohrer

1959 Setra1959 Setra

1959 Setra-S9-Reisebus-rot-weiss-Front1959 Setra-S9-Reisebus-rot-weiss-Front © O. Nordsieck

1959 Setra-S10-Reisebus-Buck-dunkelblau-weiss1959 Setra-S10-Reisebus-Buck © W. Nordsieck

1959 Setra-S10-Reisebus-weiss-Dekor-blau-Str-der-Lieder1959 Setra-S10-Reisebus © J. Thiele

1960 Kässbohrer Setra S9 19601960 Kässbohrer Setra S9

1960 Setra 7301960 Setra Kässbohrer 730

1960 Setra S Kässbohrer j1960 Setra S Kässbohrer

1961 Setra S 12 Überland Kässbohrer1961 Setra S 12 Überland Kässbohrer

1961 Setra S 14 Kässbohrer1961 Setra S 14 Kässbohrer

1961 Setra Seida I1961 Setra Seida I

1962 Kässbohrer Setra a1962 Kässbohrer Setra

1962 Kässbohrer Setra S 61962 Kässbohrer Setra S 6

1962 kässbohrer-busse-oldtimer-02b-00051962 kässbohrer-busse-oldtimer

1962 Setra Panoramabus Kässbohrer1962 Setra Panoramabus Kässbohrer

1962 Setra S 6 Kässbohrer1962 Setra S 6 Kässbohrer

1962 Setra S 9 Kässbohrer1962 Setra S 9 Kässbohrer

1962 Setra S 11 Kässbohrer1962 Setra S 11 Kässbohrer

1962 Setra S 12 UL - 2. Baureihe Kässbohrer1962 Setra S 12 UL – 2. Baureihe Kässbohrer

1962 Setra S6 Henschel   R Spanje1962 Setra S6 Henschel R Spanje ?

1962 Setra S14 Kässbohrer1962 Setra S14 Kässbohrer

1962 Setra S150 EVO Bus, Retro Classics1962 Setra S150 EVO Bus, Retro Classics

1962 Setra SG 175 Kässbohrer1962 Setra SG 175 Kässbohrer

1963 Kässbohrer Setra b1963 Kässbohrer Setra’s

1963 Kässbohrer Setra Bus S1963 Kässbohrer Setra Bus S

1963 Setra S 125 - Prototyp Kässbohrer1963 Setra S 125 – Prototyp Kässbohrer

1963 Setra S 125 Kässbohrer1963 Setra S 125 Kässbohrer

1963 Setra S6 19631963 Setra S6

1963- Setra S125

 1963- Setra S125

1963 Setra Speedwell 16 NL1963 Setra Speedwell 16 NL

1964 Setra S 10 Kässbohrer1964 Setra S 10 Kässbohrer

1964 Setra S 10 Reisebus1964 Setra S 10 Reisebus © O.Nordsieck

1964 Setra S 11 Kässbohrer1964 Setra S 11 Kässbohrer

1964 Setra S 12 Kässbohrer1964 Setra S 12 Kässbohrer

1965 Setra S 7 Kässbohrer a1965 Setra S 7 Kässbohrer

1965 Setra S 7 Kässbohrer1965 Setra S 7 Kässbohrer

1965 Setra S 11 Stadtlinienausführung KÄssbohrer1965 Setra S 11 Stadtlinienausführung KÄssbohrer

1965 Setra SG 175 Kässbohrer1965 Setra SG 175 Kässbohrer

1965 Setra Sonderanfertigung Kässbohrer1965 Setra Sonderanfertigung Kässbohrer

This is the end of part I

Buses SILVER EAGLE Germany-Belgium-USA

SILVER EAGLE Buses Germany-Belgium-USA

Eagle Bus

Eagle Bus, (in full, Silver Eagle Bus Manufacturing, Inc.), is an American bus manufacturing company with a long history. During a period of over four decades, some 8,000 Eagle coaches were built in four countries on two continents. The coaches have been a common sight on American highways and have been associated with Continental Trailways for over three decades.

01 Hershey - Antique Automobile Club of America Museum - Bus Museum


Trailways Golden Eagle on display at the Hershey Antique Automobile Museum.

The first 54 Eagles were Golden Eagles built by the German company Kässbohrer.


1958 EAGLE Setra Golden Eagle Gelenkzug(Articulated) Kässbohrer Fahrzeugwerke Rolls Royce Diesel 275ps 1956

 They were part of an order for 200 highway coaches manufactured under a contract with Continental Trailways. Of this original group, four were articulated. All of these coaches were of the “Setra Design” which meant that they had a chassis-less frame called selbst tragend (self-carrying). The bus was called Setra, a name formed from the first letters of those two words. A slightly less highly equipped model, called “Silver Eagle” because of its stainless steel (“silver”) siding, became the standard fleet bus for Continental Trailways.

In the late 1950s, Kässbohrer announced its decision to concentrate on European coaches. At this point, Continental Trailways formed its own company, Bus & Car Co, N.V., in partnership with the Belgian company La Brugeoise and established its own factory in Belgium. Kässbohrer fulfilled its commitment under the contract with Trailways and Bus & Car picked up production. The Trailways Eagles provided a more comfortable ride than Greyhound Lines MCI coaches. During the middle 1960′s, Trailways and Greyhound ran competitive services on the Boston and New York route with hourly departure schedules. This allowed frequent travelers to draw comparisons between the lines’ equpiment. The Eagles were warmer in the winters, had a softer ride, better upholstery and cushioning on the seats and a quieter cabin.

A small number of other models were built in Belgium for different markets through 1968. In 1968 the Model 05 was introduced and was produced in Belgium.

In the early 1970s, drivers referred to Old Eagles and New Eagles. The Old Eagles had the tag axle behind the drive axle, like a MCI. The New Eagles had the tag axle located forward of the drive axle which made them interesting to drive. The front suspension was very soft with a lot of travel, and since the tag axle torsion bar was pushing the front end up also, some drivers said it was like driving a diving board. The front end went up and down at the slightest provocation and occasionally the driver had to grip the steering wheel to remain seated. Some New Eagles had air ride seats, and some drivers would take the hydraulic jack from the tool kit and set it under the seat to reduce its motion.

In 1974 Eagle International, Inc. started building coaches in Brownsville, Texas, and for two years, the Model 05 was built both in Belgium and Texas. Since 1976, all US-bound coaches have been built in Texas. The Model 10 was introduced with many design changes in 1980. In 1985 the Model 15 was introduced making the standard bus 102 inches wide, then four years later coaches could be ordered 45 feet long. In 1987 Greyhound purchased Trailways and Eagle International, Inc. The name was then changed to Eagle Bus Mfg. Inc. In the 1990s, Greyhound declared bankruptcy, which also included all of its subsidiaries including Eagle Bus Mfg. Inc. Some Eagles were being made, mostly “Entertainer Coaches” for celebrities.

In the late 1990s the company was split and moved to two locations in Mexico. Mexico has a high demand for seated buses and Eagles were built for that market – all with the Eagle Ride “Torsilastic Suspension”.

Eagle Buses today

As of January 2007, Silver Eagle Bus Mfg offers the following models: Model 15 in 38 ft, 40 ft, and 45 ft versions, Model 20 in 38 ft, 40 ft, and 45 ft versions, and the new design Model 25 in 40 ft and 45 foot. The only significant difference between the Model 15 and Model 20 is the width of the body – the Model 15 is 102 inches wide and the Model 20 is the classic 96 inch width body. One of the design changes incorporated into the Model 25 is the height of the body. A similar design analogy could be made by comparing the MCI ‘D’ series with the MCI ‘E’ series buses. The Model 25 is 102 inches wide, and (at the time of this writing) has not yet been certified and completely tested for US Government standards required for intercity buses, so it can only be ordered as a shell for conversion into an ‘Entertainer Coach’ or built as a ‘House Car’.

At the time of this writing, all three models are available with a choice of CumminsDetroit Diesel Series 60, or Caterpillar engines. Two transmissions are available, the fully automatic Allison 500 series or the standard Eaton Autoshift.

Once again “Eagle Coaches” were planned on being made in Brownsville, Texas. As of June 19, 2009 Silver Eagle had reviewed sites in middle and western Tennessee as well as Ohio, Michigan, Alabama, and Mississippi and negotiated with several communities before choosing to break ground on a new location in Gallatin, Tennessee. Officials from Silver Eagle joined Governor Phil Bredesen, Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner Matt Kisber, and local officials in announcing the project. Silver Eagle Bus Mfg has brought together all of the jigs and blueprints from the original Eagles to make the classic “Eagle” once again, plus they have introduced a newer design.

As of April 2010 Silver Eagle Manufacturing has produced one single Model 25 Tour Shell Coach which has received less than stellar reviews in the cosmetic department. Prior to moving from Brownsville they had an in-process 35 foot Model 20. Here under I Show him.


Silver Eagle Model 25 bus is manufactured by Silver Eagle Bus Mfg. in Brownsville, Texas, USA.


1960 Eagle articulated 1960 Continental Trailways Articulated Golden Eagle


1961 Eagle


1961 Eagle demonstration bus


1962 Eagle TRAEN BV Belgium


1963 Silvereagle USA


1964 Eagle service uit Belgie


1964 Eagle van Maarse en Kroon en NZH NL


1964 Silvereagle pubb


1965 Silvereagle


1966 Silver Eagle-01 5773 Continental Trailways © Daniel Marra


1966 Silvereagle  Bus & Car NL


1968 Eagle old inconstitutional


1968 Silver Eagles #100 © Hank Suderman Collection


1969 Silver Eagle 07


1970 Eagle 10 6x2v


1971 Eagle number 45118 Trailways Model 10


1972 Eagle M12b Bus & Car België


1972 Silver Eagle Detroit V71 8cyl 9300cc motor België


1972 Silver Eagle 09


1975 Eagle 16 Bus&Car België Caterpillar 6cyl 10400cc




1984 EAGLE Int Model 10


1988 EAGLE 35


1988 EAGLE 35+40+45


1988 EAGLE Greyhound


1988 EAGLE Model 15


1988 EAGLE Model 20


Bussen EAGLE 05


Bussen Eagle 15 6×2


Eagle 16 Caterpillar


Eagle 16


Eagle 45ft, Right Side


Bussen Eagle’s © Hank Suderman Collection












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Buses BUS+CAR Belgium

Bussen BUS & CAR België

Bus&Car Golden Eagle 05 1969 België
 Bus & Car Co.S.A 1964 Silver Eagle pub België
Bus & Car Co.S.A 1963 SilverEagle 01 België

Bus & Car Eagle 01 1964

Bus & Car Co.S.A Eagle Traen

Bus & Car Co.S.A 1966 Silver Eagle 04

Bus & Car Eagle Caterpillar 250-MIVB-8053

Bus & Car Co.S.A eagle14

Bus & Car Co.S.A 1965 silvereagle 01

         Bus & Car Co.S.A eagle M12
                                                Bus & Car Co.S.A 1969 SilverEagle 07
                                                                                  Bus & Car Co.S.A eagle demonstration bus
                                                               Bus & Car 05 1973
         Bus & Car Co.S.A 1972 SilverEagle 09
                                                 Bus & Car Co.S.A Eagle 16 Caterpillar
                                                                                      Bus & Car Co.S.A eagle 16 voorstelling
                                                           Bus&Car Eagle 05 1970
                   Bus & Car Eagle 7 1969
                                                                                 BUS & CAR EAGLE 16 CATERPILLAR