Glas (company)

1955 Glas Goggomobil 250 Limousine

Glas Goggomobil 250

Hans Glas GmbH is a former German automotive company, which was based in Dingolfing. Originally a maker of farm machinery, Glas evolved first into a producer of motor scooters, then automobiles. It was purchased by BMW in 1966, mainly to gain access to Glas’s patents; they were the first to use a timing belt with an overhead camshaft in an automotive application. Its limited model range was shortly phased out by its new parent.


1965 Glas 1700GT

Glas 1700 GT Cabriolet, 1965

Mechanic Andreas Glas founded a repair company for agricultural machines at 1895 in Pilsting. He named the company Andreas Glas, Reparaturwerkstätte für landwirtschaftliche Maschinen mit Dampfbetrieb (in English: Andreas Glas, repair-shop for steam-powered agricultural machines). During the summer periods about 16 people worked for him. In 1905 Andreas Glas’ company built their first crop sowing machines (seed drill). He then had sufficient work to employ all his employees during the winters. The production of sowing machines rose from year to year:

Winter period 1905/06 – 10 sowing machines
Autumn 1906 – 20 pieces
Winter period 1906/07 – 40 machines
1907 – 60 pieces
Winter period 1907/08 – 254 sowing machines.

Since 1905 Glas had a branch office in Dingolfing. He started to produce in Dingolfing in 1908 with 150 sowing machines per year. The production count rose each year.

After World War II, the market for sowing machines was declining, and the company began building little carrows and later working machines for bakers along with sowing machines.


1958 Goggomobil Coupé Spain

Goggomobil TS 250 Coupe.

Glas were known for small cars like the Goggomobil. However, in 1964 the company introduced the Glas 1300GT coupe and later the 1700GT. The body was designed by Pietro Frua. However competition, mostly from British cars, was tough and in 1966 they released the 2600GT powered by a SOHC V8 engine, with a volume just under 2.6 litres. However this didn’t help and later the same year the company was sold to BMW. The Glas models were kept in production by BMW, but fitted with BMW engines. The Glas 1300 GT coupe was fitted with a 1.6-litre BMW engine and renamed BMW 1600 GT. BMW also fitted a 3-litre engine and named it 3000 GT. This model kept the Glas name, but had a BMW logo in the front and rear. In 1968 BMW created their own large coupe, the BMW 2500 CS, and this meant the end for Glas. 277 copies of 2600 GT was made and 389 of the 3000 GT.



Glas Goggo scooter with sidecar

In 1951 Andreas Glas saw the Vespa scooter from Piaggio in Verona, Italy. He was so enthused that he began production of motor scooters that July.

The scooter debuted with a 125 cc motor, increased over time to 150 cc and 200 cc. Until 1956 46,181 motor scooters were built. Production of scooters stopped because of the Goggomobil cars. From 1953 on, load-carrying scooters were built as well. With the 200 cc engine and 9.5 bhp, they had a load capacity of 200 kg.



A 1966 Glas 2600 with Glas logo, nicknamed Glaserati


A 1968 BMW Glas 3000GT. Notice the BMW logo in the front, but that it otherwise doesn’t look like a BMW.
1958 Goggomobil Transporter van
1958 Goggomobil Transporter van
  • Goggomobil T250, T300, T400, Sedan (1955-1969), Coupé (1957-1969), Transporter (1957-1965)

1957 goggomobil isar

1957 goggomobil isar

1958 goggomobil isar

1963 glas 1004s coupe

Glas 1004

  • Glas 1204
  • Glas 1300 GT all models
  • Glas 2600

Absorption by BMW

In 1962 BMW released the BMW 1500. The popular four-door compact’s success exhausted the production capacity of the Munich plant. In 1966 management decided to buy Glas and absorb the Glas model line. Most of Glas’ existing lineup was retired, while some models ended up being badged as BMWs until the company was fully absorbed. It was reputed that the acquisition was mainly to gain access to Glas’ development of the timing belt with an overhead camshaft in automotive applications, although some saw Glas’ Dingolfing plant as another incentive. However, this factory was outmoded and BMW’s biggest immediate gain was, according to themselves, a stock of highly qualified engineers and other personnel. The Glas factory began the manufacture of BMW front and rear axles until they could be modernized and fully incorporated into BMW.

BMW immediately retired most of the Glas range, including all of the outdated microcars.

Changes under BMW

  • The 04-type, the GT and the 1700 sedan were given BMW badges in the last year of their production.
  • The GT was reengineered and so it was built with a BMW engine and rear axle and sold as BMW 1600 GT until 1968.
  • The V8 got a bigger engine constructed by Glas and was also sold until 1968 as BMW-GLAS 3000 V8.
  • The 1700 sedan was built and sold by a South African importer with several changes as BMW 1800 SA until 1974.
  • The Goggomobil T300, T400, T400 Coupé (renamed Sport), Glas Isar T700 and the Glas 1204 were licensed for manufacture in Argentina during the 1960s.


Goggo mobile
1955            10126
1956            33385
1957            43372
1958            36717
1958            6741
1959          22561
1959          24717
1960         19506
1960         17854
1961         20285
1961         15001
1962         18267
1962         11888
Glas 1004
1962            2286
1963          15945
1963             5778
1963            7394
1964          14950
1964            4634
1964             7347
Glas 1300
1964          1140
1964            952
1965        11610
1965            972
1965          8533
1965          1865
1965           1792
1966         12490
1966           8991
1966           5145
1966             219
1967           8961
1967           6944
1967           1563
1967             373
1968           6906
1968             368
1968              494
1968                74
1969            3141
Goggo mobile 1955 10126
1956 33385
1957 43372
1958 36717
Isar 1958 6741
1959 22561
Isar 1959 24717
1960 19506
1960 17854
1961 20285
1961 15001
1962 18267
1962 11888
Glas1004 1962 2286
1963 15945
1963 5778
1963 7394
1964 14950
1964 4634
1964 7347
Glas 1300 1964 1140
Glas1700 1964 952
1965 11610
1965 972
1965 8533
1965 1865
1965 1792
1966 12490
1966 8991
Glas1700 1966 5145
Glas2600 1966 219
1967 8961
1967 6944
1967 1563
1967 373
1968 6906
1968 368
1968 494
1968 74
Gogomobile 1969 3141


In the late 1960s BMW shut down Glas and built entirely new production facilities, which would eventually become an important production site. As of 2008, BMW’s Dingolfing branch is BMW’s largest factory, with 22,000 workers producing 5-6- and 7-Series cars and as well as bodies for Rolls-Royce.

1955 Glas Goggomobil 250 Limousine1955 GLAS Goggomobil1955 goggomobil podwozie1955 goggomobil tyl1955 goggomobil1956 goggomobil coupe1956 goggomobil1957 goggomobil coupe genewa1957 goggomobil isar1957 goggomobil t 3001958 Glas Goggomobil Dart 21958 Glas Goggomobil Dart1958 Glas Goggomobil Dart-black 21958 Glas Goggomobil Dart-black1958 Glas Goggomobil T-250 Sedan sunroof (D)1958 Glas Goggomobil Transporter (D)1958 Glas Goggomobil Transporter 3x (D)1958 Glas Goggomobol Dart1958 Goggomobil Coupé back-side1958 Goggomobil Coupé Spain1958 goggomobil coupe1958 goggomobil isar1958 Goggomobil T250 with wind-up windows1958 goggomobil t300 sedan1958 Goggomobil Transporter van1958 Goggomobile-TS1959 Glas Goggomobil Transporter Pick-Up (D)1959 Glas Goggomobil Transporter Pick-Up binnenkant (D)1959 Glas Isar T600 Kombi (Germany) 0,6 ltr, 19hp, 720kg, 98km-p-u1959 goggomobil 184a (2)1959 goggomobil 184a (3)1959 goggomobil 184a (4)1959 Goggomobil Buckle Dart1959 goggomobil coupe1959 Goggomobil Dart - roadster body by Buckle MotorsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA1959 goggomobil isar1959 goggomobil sedan1959 Goggomobil-Transporter-LT a1960 Glas (Isard) T-700 Royal1960 Glas Goggomobil T-300 w sunroof + aanhanger (D)1960 Glas ISARD (D)1960 Glas ISARD 2 (D)1960 Glas ISARD achterkant (D)1960 glas royal1960 goggomobil coupe1960 Goggomobil en gemotoriseerde hond. Zo noemden ze die melkboer wagentjes bij ons in mijn jeugd1960 goggomobil t7001960 goggomobil tyl1960 Goggomobil-Transporter-LT1961 Glas 1200 11961 Glas 1200 2jpg1961 Glas 1200 31961 goggomobil goggoIsar 1861961 goggomobil 7001961 goggomobil coupe1961 goggomobil goggoIsar1881891961 goggomobil sedan1962 glas isar 1004 coupe1962 Glas S1004 coupé1962 goggomobil isard k 7001962 goggomobil isard t7001963 glas 1004s cabrio1963 glas 1004s coupe1963 glas 1204 dashboard 081963 glas 1204 kabrio1963 glas 1204 sedan1963 glas 1300GT 04051963 glas 1300gt cabrio1963 glas 1300gt dash1963 Glas Goggomobil Transporter (D)1963 Glas Goggomobil Transporter achtekant (D)1963 glas isar t6001964 glas 1004s coupe1964 Glas 1204 Cabrio red1964 Glas 1204 Cabrio1964 glas 12041964 glas 1300GT 10111964 Glas 1700 06071964 Glas 1700 dashboard 08091964 glas 17001964 Glas Goggomobil Coupe (D)1964 Glas Goggomobil Coupe achterkant (D)1964 glas s 1004 cabrio1964 goggomobil coupe1965 glas 1004 coupe1965 glas 1204 011965 glas 1300 gt coupe1965 glas 17001965 Glas 1700GT1965 glas 2600 frankfurt1965 Glas Goggomobil 17001965 Glas Goggomobil Cabriolet (D)1965 Glas Goggomobil Cabriolet open (D)1965 goggomobil glas gogo 651966 BMW-Glas 3000 V8 detail1966 Glas 1700 Convertible1966 glas 1700 gt cabrio1966 Glas 1700 GT1966 glas 17001966 glas 2600 v81966 glas cl 11966 Glas CL1966 Glas Goggomobil 1300 GT1966 goggomobil coupe1966 goggomobil sedan1967 BMW 1600 GT Coupé The year that is was not a Glas anymore but a BMW1967 glas 1304 cl kombi1967 Glas 1304-011967 Glas 1304-091967 Glas 1304-101967 Glas 1700 Dutch licence registration AL-90-04 pic21967 glas 1700gt1967 Glas 2600 V8 - coupe body by Frua1967 glas 2600 v81967 goggomobil t 2501967 goggomobil ts2501967-68 glas 3000 v8 BMW1968 bmw glas 30001968 glas 1700 sedan1968 glas bmw1968 Goggomobil Ad1968bmwglas30001969 goggomobil t 2501973 MHV BMW1973 01BMW-Glas 3000 V8Glas 1004 CL (Kombi-limousine)Glas 1004 sedanGlas 1700GTGlas 2600 V8 au HelderGlas 2600 V8-hintenGlas Isar station wagon FinlandGlas IsarGlas x 3Glas-v8-2GoggoGoggomobile dart birdwoodGoggomobile, Spain


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BMW Concept ActiveE

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Concepts and prototypes


BMW Concept CS

1972 BMW Turbo hl1972 BMW Turbo red vr TCE1972 Turbo

1990 M8: A high-performance version of the 8 Series coupe designed to compete with the likes of Ferrari.

1991 E1 Electric car.

1993 Z13

Bmw_k100_engine_i4_1000cc_k100rs1995 Just 4/2 A two-seater open sports car with a BMW K series motorbike engine positioned behind the driver and passenger.

1995 bmw z18 concept 31995 Z18

1997 Z07 Concept Previewed the Z8 sports car

BMW_Z9_Concept_Car1999 Z9 Concept Designed by Adrian van Hooydonk that marked a departure from BMW’s traditional conservative style, causing some controversy among BMW enthusiasts. This later on became the 6 Series.

750hL At Expo 2000. A 7 Series sedan powered by a hydrogen fuel cell engine. As of March 2007, there are as many as 100 750hL vehicles worldwide for testing and publicity purposes.

Bmw_x-coupe2001 X-Coupe

2002 xActivity Concept Previewed the E83 X3

2002 CS1 Concept Previewed the E8x generation 1 series

2006 BMW Mille Miglia Coupe Concept

2007 Concept CS

2008 Concept 1 Series tii Previewed BMW Performance Parts to be made available on the E82 1 Series

BMW_Gina_Museum2008 GINA Based on the structure of a Z8 with a light fabric skin and hydro-electric technology to allow the shape to change.

2008 Concept X1 Previewed a compact Sports Activity Vehicle

2009 BMW 535i GT (F07)_front-22013 BMW 3 series GT2008 Concept 5 Series Gran Turismo First of the BMW Progressive Activity Series

2008 M1 Hommage

BMW C1 200 executive, family friend, C1 125 base, executiveBMW C1 family friend with storage box (laterale)BMW C1 FF 200 (frontale)BMW C1executive1 scooter2009 C1-E An electric version of the C1 scooter

Munich-BMW-Welt-i8-InteriorLondon_01_2013_BMW_Vision_Efficient_Dynamics_5684iaa-by-RalfR-248iaa-by-RalfR-246BMW_i8_NY_Auto_Show_2014BMW_i8_IAA_2013_02_croppedBMW_i8_IAA_2013_01BMW_i8_Frontside_2BMW_i8_FrontsideBMW_i8_ConsoleBMW_i8_Concept_rearBMW_i8_Concept_IAA_sideBMW_i8_Concept_IAA_frontBMW_i8_Concept_IAABMW_i8_ConceptBMW_i8_CockpitBMW_i8_BacksideBMW_Concept_Vision_Efficient_Dynamics_Front2013 BMW i8 IAA2009 Vision EfficientDynamics BMWi8 concept

2010 5 Series Concept ActiveHybrid

2010 Concept Gran Coupe Previewed the F14 6 series Gran Coupe

2010 Concept 6 Series Coupe Previewed the F12 / F13 6 Series Coupe and Convertible

TheBMWVisionConnectedDrive2010 Vision ConnectedDrive Previewed future BMW communications technology

2011 328 Hommage

MEGA-NYT_low_res2011 i3 Concept Previewed the i3 premium compact electric vehicle

2011 i8 Concept Previewed the future production i8 plug-in hybrid electric sports car

2012 M135i Concept Previewed the M Performance variant of the F20 1-Series hatchback

2012 Zagato Coupe

2012 Zagato Roadster

2012 Concept Active Tourer Previewed future FWD BMW vehicle architecture and the new 2-Series Gran Turismo

2012 i3 Concept Coupe Previewed a potential coupe version of the future production i3 premium compact electric vehicle

2012 i8 Concept Spyder Previewed a potential spyder version of the future production i8 plug-in hybrid electric sports car

2013 BMW Concept X4 Previewed the F26 X4 Sports Activity Coupe

2013 Concept 4 Series Coupe Previewed the F32 4-Series Coupe

2013 BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe

2013 BMW Concept M4 Previewed the F82 M4 and F80 M3

2013 BMW Concept X5 eDrive Previewed the future F15 X5 plug-in hybrid

2014 Vision Future Luxury Concept Previewed the G11 7-Series and potential 9-Series flagship

M models

Bmw M logo

2010 BMW X5MBMW 1-Series MBMW E24 6er sstBMW E34 M5


BMW M 2000mqpBMW M1 1BMW M3 E30 frontBMW M3 E36 coupeBMW M3 E46 Cabrio sideBMW M3BMW M5 V10 E60 front leftBMW M5BMW M6 CoupéBMW X6 M (E71)BMW Z4 M Roadster 02M E28 5sig

Main article: BMW M § Lineup

Production series codes

BMW 501 BarockengelBMW 501 — (1952–1958) 6 cylinder Limousine

BMW 502 V8 3,2 LBMW 502 — (1954–1964) 8 cylinder Limousine

BMW 503 ClassicRemiseBerlinBMW 503 Coupé 03

BMW 503 coupe (front)BMW 503 — (1956–1959) 8 cylinder Coupe and Cabriolet

BMW 507 1BMW 507BMW 507 — (1955–1959) 8 cylinder Roadster

BMW 3200 CS convertibleBMW 3200 CSBMW 3200 CS — (1956–1959) 8 cylinder Coupe and 1 Cabriolet

BMW Isetta 100BMW Typ100 — (1955–1962) Isetta

BMW 600BMW Typ106 — (1957–1959) 600



BMW 700 convertibleBMW Typ110 – (1961–1964) 700 Cabriolet

BMW 2002_2-door

BMW Typ114 — (1966–1976) 1600-2, 1602-2002TI, 1502

1963 BMW 1500 FrontSeitBMW Typ115 — (1963–1964) 1500

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABMW Typ116 — (1964–1966) 1600

1965 BMW 1800 TI-SA white_vr_TCEBMW Typ118 — (1963–1971) 1800-1800TI/SA


BMW Typ120 — (1966–1970) New Class Coupe 2000C/CS

BMW 2000 tii vr neonyellow_TCEBMW Typ121 — (1966–1972) 2000-2000tii

BMW 2800 (E3) New Six sedan-saloonBMW E3 — (1968–1977) 2.5, 2.8, 3.0, 3.3 “New Six” Sedans

BMW 3,0 CS E9 cBMW E9 — (1969–1975) 2800CS, 3.0CS, 3.0CSL “New Six” Coupes

BMW E12 Facelift (1976−1981)BMW E12

BMW M5 F10BMW M535i  M5— (1974–1981) 5 Series Sedan/M535i Sedan

1982 BMW e21 316BMW E21 — (1976–1983) 3 Series Sedan/Convertible

1983-86 BMW 735i (E23) sedan 01 1984 BMW 733i E23 rear BMW 728i E23 rear BMW E23 ParkBMW E23 — (1977–1986) 7 Series Sedan

1980's BMW 635CSi E24 1984-86 BMW 635 CSi E24 1986 BMW M6 E24 BMW 633 CSi E24 Front-Side BMW M635CSi engine PL E24BMW E24

1986 BMW M635 CSi, San Diego, CA 2012 BMW M6 convertible 2013 BMW M6 coupe NYIAS 2014 MY BMW M6 gran coupe BMW E63 M6 CoupéBMW M635i — (1976–1989) 6 Series Coupe/M635i Coupe

1980-05-24 Nelson Piquet im BMW M1, Nürburgring Südkehre BMW Engine M88 from a M1