AMBULANCES + HEARSES part XVI on Alphabet beginning with S till T

AMBULANCES + HEARSES part XVI on Alphabet beginning with S till T

Modellauto Cadillac S&S Landau Hearse (1:18, Precision Miniatures)

 S&S Sayers & Scovill Ambulances & Hearses

SAAB Ambulances and Hearses



SEAT Ambulancias + Coches Funebres

EBRO Siata 12 Ambulancia

All sorts of SIATA’s

Siebert Ohio build Ambulances, Limousines and Hearses

Singapore Style Hearse


Škoda Ambulances and Hearses mostly build by carrosserie Sodomka

  Cadillac, Packard and Buick Ambulances gebouwd door carrosseriebedrijf Smit in Joure Friesland NL

SPYKER Ambulances since 1908 till 1920


Ssangyong Ambulances

1925 Stevens Hearse Vehicle

Steyr Ambulanze – Pinzgauer – Puch – FIAT – Daimler

Studebaker Ambulances and Hearses

some of them  with Coachwork by Bender Body Company of Cleveland

SUBARU Ambulances and Hearses

SUZUKI Ambulances

That was the Last S I Think, lets go to the T

AMBULANCES part VI international Ambulances on Alphabet from E + F(Flxible)

AMBULANCES part VI international Ambulances on Alphabet from E:

EBRO siata 12 Ambulancia

Nissan EBRO Ambulancia 1622

1954 Jeep EBRO Willys Ambulance 4wd 5

EBRO F 108 Ambulances

Edsel Ambulances and a hearse from 1957, 1958 + 1959

Eureka Coachbuilders for Ambulances, Hearses and more from 1933 till recent

No more Ambulances or Hearses beginning with an E going further to the F

196201 . Fargo-ambulanssi nro 43 vm. 1961.

 FARGO Ambulances and Hearses from 1936 – 1966

Ferrari Hearses

tpt transport bus minibus double decker coach minibus? ambulance? fiat italy show presentation demonstration seminar

Fiat Ambulances from begin 1900 till recent!!

FIAT Hearses – auto Funebres

 Flxette ambulances on Buick chassis