About Me, your host Jeroen

Schiedam, Appelmarktbrug
Schiedam, Appelmarktbrug (Photo credit: Truus, Bob & Jan too!)
coa Schiedam, Netherlands
coa Schiedam, Netherlands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Location of the province of Noord-Holland (Nor...
Location of the province of Noord-Holland (North Holland) in the Netherlands. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m Jeroen, your host on this page. You can find info here about all sorts off Transportation. But not only Info, also history and possibly future.

It started as a hobby, but daily I’m studying, scanning and collecting, but also taking pictures, sites, books etc. to make my collection broader and more complete.

I began with Buses, with the A, not knowing that there are more than hundred markes with an A.

What I show as a result of my study is not complete and I’m always interested in more and new info so this is directly an invitation to improve and actualysize this blog with your INFO, Pictures and so on. You can reach me on hotrose60@gmail.com

Please join me in this adventure through the past, the now and the future.

You’re very welcom

I great you all

It’s 26 januari 2016. Losts of things are happened in my life since I wrote to you readers. Fysical my payed workingtime is over. My mussle disease Poli Myositis got worse, and last july doctor’s found Cancer. It’s called plaveiselcelcarcinoma. I got Chemo and 36 radiation treatments. Since that heavy treatment is nothing the same anymore. It’s impossible to work anymore so our income became criticly low. I became incontinent, have lots of medicaments and problems with my memory, sometimes I can’t find words, I’m very tired, sleep a lot and my motivation is not the same anymore. Working on myntransportblog.com is less important but when I feal a little bit oké than it’s a terrific way to be buzy.

I don’t miss my work anymore, and that’s the same with most of my collegeas. The patiënts are giving lots off support and that’s surprising. Lots of cards, messages, or motivational words. They miss me and that’s a good feeling.

I will try to continue myntransportblog.com, but my treatment is not over yet, and also I don’t know about results and so on. I try to stay positive and working with this blog helps me hereby.

Since half may 2014 I learn to become consultant for patiëntslogistics in the same hospital. It’s for 20 hours a week, and that’s better. I couldn’t work for 36/40 hours a week because my mussle disease “Poli Myositis”, For now I like it, but I miss the job that I did before, in blue. It costs some time to become stabel again.

My name is Jeroen, and I was a nurse on the Detox ward. Since Januari I work half time on a centre where people come on their way back to the normal way of live. They get structure there and get the opportunity to work with wood, textile, making food and so on. It’s nice to work there and to help people to get back their self confidence and more.

My name is Jeroen, I’m a nurse in a psychiatric hospital on a ward for edicted people. It’s a great job but I need relaxing too, and this is besides my other hobbys a great way to relax and enjoy. I live in the town of Schiedam, that’s near to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Western Europe. hotrose60@gmail.com


My WIFE Els de Roos has a blog also, sometimes I write there also. You can find her on http://elsderoos.blogspot.com


English: Windmill De Kameel in Schiedam
English: Windmill De Kameel in Schiedam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Schiedam (Photo credit: Silvain de Munck)

4 thoughts on “About Me, your host Jeroen”

  1. Hallo,
    ik hebben gewerkt met Google Translator.
    Ik heb uw site gevonden in het net. Ik heb een oude document van het bedrijf Gaubschat uit 1934/11/26 in mijn collectie die ik wil verkopen. Zal dat niet wat je voor? Als ik een foto kan versturen via e-mail.
    Groeten Ralf


  2. Een vriendin rijdt met een Jonckheere-DAF schoolbus rond, waarvan ik het model in de fotoreeks niet aantref. Zijn spoorbreedte is merkwaardig smaller dan het koetswerk. Hoe kan ik jullie er foto’s van opsturen?


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