Scammell Contractor hauling a Conqueror ARV2 FV222 Tank Recovery Vehicle

Conqueror ARV2 FV222 Tank
Owned by REME Museum. Owned by REME Museum. An armoured recovery vehicle (ARV) is a type of armoured fighting vehicle used to repair battle- or mine-damaged as well as broken-down armoured vehicles during combat, or to tow them out of the danger zone for more extensive repairs.ARVs are normally built on the chassis of a main battle tank (MBT): in this case the FV214 Conqueror, also known as “Tank, Heavy Gun No 1 120 mm Conqueror”. It was a British Main Battle Tank of the post-war era, sometimes classified as a heavy tank. 27 litre petrol engine Rolls Royce Meteor M120 engine 66 tonnes with a speed of 34 km/hr

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