Navistar International Coorporation -International Harvester Company 1902 – present Lisle Illinois United States of America


Navistar International Coorporation -International Harvester Company 1902 – present Lisle Illinois United States of America III Pictures

International Harvester The Big Wagon Ad

1908 International highwheel pickup1909 Russian International Harvester Advertising Poster1910 International Harvester vehicle Long Lake Regional Park New Brighton Minnesota Mile 118.51911 IHC Mogul tractor1911 International Harvester Auto Wagon1911 International J30 Touring1912 international highwheel Peddlerswagon1912 StudBus1913 International Harvester Cars Autocar1913 International MW. It is powered by a two cylinder engine rearside1913 International MW. It is powered by a two cylinder engine1916 International Model H Truck1917 International Motor Truck Advertising Poster1917 Model F International Motor Truck1917 Model H International Motor Truck1918 international 2-ton1918 International Fire Truck Advertising Card1920 International Harvester tractor1920 Triumph Medium Weight Truck1920-01 International Truck Calendar1920's McCormick Deering Tractor, 13-33 Model E1921 International-Harvester-six-speed-spezial1922 Ford Model T kid hack bus1922 IHC Saving the World From Starvation Advertisement1923 International Municipal Service Truck Catalog1923 International Red Baby Truck Advertising Poster1923 Red Baby Truck Cartoon1924 International Harvester Repair Service Advertising Poster1924 International Motor Truck Advertising Poster1924 International Motor Trucks Advertising Poster1924 International Truck Advertising Poster1924 Model S for today's Throw-Back Thursday! It featured a 4-cylinder, block cast engine and sliding gear1925 Here's a Good Plan That Succeeds1925 Model S International truck owned by Zieglers Furniture Store1926 IH brochure1926 International Harvester Toy Trucks1926 International Transit THUNDER BAY1927 international 4cyl1927 international 541927 International Harvester toys produced by Arcade Toys1927 international S24 4cyl1927 International stakebed1928 international 1ton 6speed Special1928 International Model 15 with body by Moore1928 International Speed Six Truck1928 international truckdumpbed1928 International Trucks Advertising Poster (Brazil)1929 Deering Farm Equipment and International Truck Advertising Poster1929 International Motor Truck Advertising Poster1929 International Six-Speed Special Truck Advertising Poster1929 International Truck Advertising Poster (Argentina)1929 International Trucks Advertising Poster (Africa and India)1930 Advertisement for International fire-rescue trucks featuring the National Air Races held at Curtiss-Reynolds Airport in Chicago1930 international 6spd1930 International Model A-5 Poster1930 International Model AW-1 Truck Advertising Poster1930 International Six-Speed Special Truck Advertising Poster1930 International SSS Special 1ton6spd4cylflathead3spdtrans2spdrear1930-45 IH dealer in Texas, showing trucks, tractors and refrigeration equipment N.P. Hurst Motor Co. IH1931 International Hainje Heerenveen B-48881931 International o1931 International Truck Advertising Poster1931 McCormick-Deering Corn Sheller and Feed Grinder Poster1932 International A-2 Truck Advertisement1932 International Bread Truck1932 International Harvester Bakeries Poster1932 International Harvester Bottling Truck Poster1932 International Harvester Cordoba-Cruz DE1932 International tractor with sleeper hauling for Golden Age Beer1932 International Trucks for Construction Industry1932 International Trucks Poster1932-1956 international 11932-1956 international 41932-1956 international 51932-1956 international 61932-1956 international 71932-1956 international 81932-1956 international 91932-1956 international 101932-1956 international 111932-1956 international 121932-1956 international 131932-1956 international 141932-1956 international 15

1932-1956 international 161932-1956 international 171932-1956 international 181932-1956 international 191932-1956 international 201932-1956 international 211932-1956 international 221932-1956 international 231932-1956 international 241932-1956 international 251932-1956 international 261932-1956 international 271932-1956 international 281932-1956 international 291932-1956 international 301932-1956 international 311932-1956 international 321932-1956 international 331932-1956 international 341932-1956 international 351932-1956 international 361932-1956 international 371932-1956 international 381932-1956 international 391932-1956 international 401932-1956 international 411932-1956 international 421932-1956 international 431932-1956 international 441932-1956 international 451932-1956 international 461932-1956 international 471932-1956 international 481932-1956 international 491932-1956 international 501932-1956 international 511932-1956 international 521932-1956 international 531932-1956 international 541932-1956 international 551932-1956 international 561933 international 1ton 6cyl1933 International D-1 Trucks Advertising Poster1933 international D1truckbuiltbyWillys1933 Wardbuslogo1934 international 19341935 international 1.1,2ton1935 international 6cyl paddy wagon 41935 International C-1 truck owned by Elsner's Blue Ribbon Bakery1935 International Harvester and Packard1935 International late 6cyl armoured by John C Dix Companyfor Federal Reserve Bank built in MemphisTN WNL1935 International Lawrie ModelCs1935 International Truck Advertisement1935 International Truck Advertising Poster1935 International1935 South African International C-35-CS-35 Truck Brochure1936 international 1936 c1_taxi_norway1936 International C-1 Truck Brochure1936 International C-15 Truck Brochure1936 international C301936 International C-35 B and CS-35-B Bus Flyer1936 International C-40 and CS-40 Ad Flyer1936 International C-300 Truck Brochure1936 International dumptruck1936 International Trucks Ad Proof1937 brochure for heating and defrosting systems used in International trucks1937 international ambulance 19371937 international D21937 International Harvester cab-over-engine (COE) tow truck parked in front of Miller Motors dealership.1937 international harvester-d-21937 International Trail Magazine Cover1937 International Truck Ad Proof1937 McCormick-Deering tractor1937 Two specially designed International trucks connected with an awning at an African camp site1937-40 International milk delivery truck owned by Carnation Milk1938 I H Superior1938 international 6cyl deluxe paneltruck1938 International Builds Trucks for Every Class of Hauling1938 International Carr. Buca Born.1938 International D-40 Truck Brochure1938 International Harvester Ad1938 International Harvester D Series Panel Van1938 International Harvester D-DS-30, D-DS-35, D1938 International Industrial Power Advertising Poster1938 International model D-400, Coca Cola1938 International Trail Magazine Cover of Gatti Expedition1938 International Trail Magazine Cover1938 International Truck Advertising Poster a1938 International Truck Advertising Poster1938 International Trucks Advertisement1938-1975 Preserved International Harvester Metro Van in Portland in 20121939 dodge school bus1939 International Air Mail Delivery Truck Advertising Poster1939 International België1939 International D-301939 International D-300 delivery trucks owned by Golden Age Beer1939 International Harvester carr. Renkema Middelstum B-225141939 International harvester rapid ihc1939 International Harvester woodie wagon 19391939 International Jungle Yacht Truck, Commander Gatti1939 International Models D-500 and DR-700 Trucks1939 International Woodies1939 International-d-series-sedan1939IH1940 international 1940 d-2 woody sw1940 International D-400 Truck Advertising Poster1940 International De Luxe Delivery Truck Advertising Poster1940 International D-Line Truck Advertising Poster1940 International Harvester, D5 Panel Van, 'Weddell's Bread', Aberdeen Street, Geelong1940 International madel D-300, owned by Richfield Petroleum1940 International METRO Delivery Trucks1940 International model D International owned by Standard Oil1940 International model D-151940 International Model D-40 and DS-40 Trucks1940 International Panel Truck At Airport1940 International Tanker Truck ad1940 International Woodie Station Wagon1940 International-police-wagon 19401940 Prospector for International Harvester Dealers1940 SchoolBus1941 IH Models K-8, K-10, and K-11 Trucks1941 International Harvester K-5 Wayne1941 International Harvester Truck Advertising Proof1941 International Harvester woodie wagon1941 International Harvester, D2 Station Wagon1941 International Harvester, D30 Motor Buses, City Road, South Melbourne1941 International Harvester, Reo Speed Wagon Bus,11941 international KandFruehauftrailer1941 International K-Line Truck Advertising Poster1941 International K-Line Truck Advertising Proof a1941 International K-Line Truck Advertising Proof b1941 International K-Line Truck Advertising Proof1941 International Modelos K-6, KS-6, K-7 and KS-7 Trucks1941 International Truck Advertising Proof a1941 International Truck Advertising Proof ad1941 International Truck Advertising Proof b1941 International Truck Advertising Proof1942 international 6cyl4spd1942 International Harvester Ambulances1942 International Harvester Maintenance Battalion Poster1942 International K6flatbed1942 International1943 Both Working for Victory1943 International Harvester D series1943 International Trucks Alaska Highway Ad1944 Everything Changed But The Paint1944 International (2)1944 International hc m2-41944 International semi-truck (tractor-trailer) on a road with a hazy view of a bridge1944 International Truck on the Ohio River Boulevard1944 International Truck Operated by Mistletoe Express Service, Inc1944 International1945 International M-5H63611945 International Model K-8-F Truck1945 International

1946 International Product Advertising Proof1946 International Truck Advertising Poster a1946 International Truck Advertising Poster1946 International Truck Advertising Proof Logging1946 International Truck Advertising Proof1946 International West Coast Model Truck1947 International Harvester, K Line Station Wagon1947 International HFA1947 International KB and KBR Truck Advertising Proof1947 International KBR-11 Truck Advertising Proof1947 International Model KB-10 Trucks1947 International Truck Advertising Proof a1947 International Truck Advertising Proof ad1947 International Truck Advertising Proof b1947 International Truck Advertising Proof1947 International Trucks Gatti-Hallicrafter's Expedition to Africa1947 International-kb-2-pickup1947 New International Harvester Logo Advertising Poster1947-52 International carr. Verheul NB-28-271948 International Harvester Dittmar1948 International KB-1-M and KB-3-M Metro Delivery Trucks1948 International KB-8 school bus1948 International KB-81948 International KB-8-1 Truck Advertising Proof1948 International Metro Advertising Proof a1948 International Metro Advertising Proof1948 International Model KB-2 Trucks1948 International Panel van1948 International Products Advertising Proof1948 International Tractor-Trailer & Diesel Crawler Tractor1948 International Truck Advertising Proof ad1948 International Truck Advertising Proof1948 REOschoolbus1949 International Harvester Company's annual report1949 INTERNATIONAL Harvester et Half-Track1949 International Harvester RDC 4051949 International Harvester W1949 International Heavy Duty Truck Advertising Proof1949 International K -2 Special Coach Truck and Airplane1949 International KB-81949 International L-120 Truck with Pickup Body1949 International L-120, L-110, and L-130 Trucks1949 International L-130 Truck with Stake Body1949 International L-160 Truck with Platform Body1949 International Metro Advertising Proof1949 International Model KB-5 Trucks1949 International Model KB-8 Trucks1949 International Truck Advertising Proof a1949 International Truck Advertising Proof ad1949 International Truck Advertising Proof Featuring Commander Gatti1949 International trucks promoting United States government bonds1949 International W-301949 International W-3042-L Truck-Van, Closed Top with Semi-Trailer1949 International-metro-kb1m1949 Internationals Harvester s at work1949 International-Visdalsruten1949-52 International carrosserie Hoogeveen NB-67-751950 Blue Bird1950 International Engine Advertising Proof a1950 International Engine Advertising Proof1950 International Gardner Wood 500-5001950 International Harvester ACO `90 Sightliner V-8 gas1950 international harvester bus a1950 International Harvester Bus1950 International Harvester L series1950 International L and LF Truck Advertising Proof1950 International L-110 Panel Truck1950 International L-120 truck loaded with milk cans1950 International L-120 truck, W-4 tractor and grain drill1950 International L-160 Truck Delivering Chickens1950 International L-160 truck owned by the S.L. Daniel Furniture and Mattress Factory1950 International LB-110 Truck1950 International Metro and dump Truck Advertising Proof1950 International Metro Trans delivery truck for Thalimers' Department Store1950 International Truck Advertising Proof - Metro1950 International Truck Advertising Proof a1950 International Truck Advertising Proof ad1950 International Truck Advertising Proof with Truck Driver and Boy1950 International Truck Advertising Proof1950 International Truck Driver Talking with a Boy on a Bike1950 International truck filled with firewood1950 International Truck Hauling Corn Cobs1950 International truck loaded with sacks1950 Loading Bales of Hay from International L-Series Truck1950 Loading Eggs into International L-120 Pickup Truck1950 Loading trees into an International L-120 truck1950 Planting trees out of an International L-120 truck1950 Two men loading bags into a International L-120 truck1950's International Haukes1951 ECF-International Harvester1951 International Half Ton Pickup Truck Advertising Poster1951 International Harvester L1101951 International Harvester ICHBus21951 International Harvester L160 ECF1951 International Harvester Touringcar L160 ECF Matser 231951 International Harvester Touringcar L160 ECF Matser 23a1951 International Harvester Truck with Pumpkins1951 International L-110 Truck (115-Inch W.B.)1951 International LD-400 Series Truck and Trailer1951 International Truck Advertising Poster ad1951 International Truck Advertising Poster1951 International Truck Advertising Proof1951 International1951+1953 International Harvester Sightliner and DCO1952 International C-254 Cultivator on Super C Tractor1952 International harvester Company Military Construction Equipment Transport1952 International Harvester Company of Australia Pty. Ltd1952 International M-40 Marine Corps Vehicle with Wrecker Body1952 international M-40 Truck on Hillside1952 International M-41 and M-54 Cargo Vehicles1952 International M-51 Dump Truck at Fort Hood1952 International M-61 to spread asphalt at Wolters Air Force Base1952 International M-62 Wrecker Moving Truck1952 International M-62 Wrecker1952 international M-139 Transporting Bridge-Building Unit1952 International M-246 Wrecker with Jet Fighter Wreckage1952 International Model M-51 Dump Truck1952 International R-110 Panel Truck1952 International R-110 Truck with Pickup Body1952 International Truck Advertising Proof1952 Man Using Super C Tractor with Cultivator1952 Retro Vintage Kitsch 50s School Kid Red School Bus1953 American-Indian Youth Fathered Around International truck1953 IHC R-205 Sleeper Cab Truck and Farmall Super M Tractor1953 International Harvester D11001953 International Harvester R-195 semi-truck outfitted with a Space Saver cab1953 International Harvester standard model R-110 truck with a pickup body and ADA-RAK travels down a wooded roa1953 International Harvester Travelall 4x4 2149 AC1953 international L-120 Truck1953 International Model R-120 truck1953 International Model RP-195 roadliner truck with attached trailmobile oil tanker.1953 International R110 pickup1953 International R-110 Station Wagon1953 International R-120 Truck at Nursery1953 International R-120 truck with a stake body1953 International R-150 Truck with Van Body1953 International R-165 Roadliner1953 International R-170 stake-body truck1953 International R-170 Truck with Ladder1953 International R-183 School Bus1953 International R-195 And R-120 Trucks1953 International R-195 truck outfitted with a semi-trailer tank body1953 International RA-140 milk delivery truck1953 International RBA-140 Milk Delivery Truck

1953 International Roadliner Oil Tanker1953 International Truck Advertising Proof1953 International Utility1954 IHC red tractor McCormick Farmall1954 International garbage collection truck parked beside a restaurant1954 International Harvester Farmall Super C1954 International KB7 semi-trailer coach1954 International R110 Front End1954 International R110 Truck1954 International R-160 Truck1954 International RA-140 Stand & Drive a1954 International RA-140 Stand & Drive b1954 McCormick No. 141 harvester-thresher (combine) and an International truck1955 Golden Book with International Trucks1955 International Cab Overs1955 International Harvester DC-405-L PIE1955 International Model SM Mounting Metro-Van1955 International R190 with integrated sleeper1955 International R-400 Series trucks1955 International R-Series trucks1955 International S-110 Light Duty Pickup Truck1955 International S-Line Light-Duty Trucks1955 International S-line Medium-Duty Trucks1955 International trucks coastguard1955 Kenworth-Pacific T-126 school bus1956 international A-100 pickup from local gun-car show1956 International DC-4051956 International KS6 Coach1956 International Metro Pepsi Delivery Truck1956 International Model R-202 Oil Field Truck1956 International model RF-190 oil field truck1956 International pickup1956 International Tractors and Truck1956 International Truck Advertising Proof a1956 International Truck Advertising Proof ad1956 International Truck Advertising Proof1956 International V-line COE Heavy-Duty Trucks1956 Workers service oil field equipment International model RDF-192 Truck1957 International A 100 Golden Jubilee Truck1957 International A-100 Truck Postcard1957 International A-110 Truck Postcard1957 International A-120 4x4 Truck Postcard1957 International A-120 Truck Postcard a1957 International A-120 Truck Postcard1957 International A-130 Truck Postcard1957 International A-150 Truck Postcard1957 International A-160 Truck Postcard a1957 International A-160 Truck Postcard1957 International A-180 Truck Postcard a1957 International A-180 Truck Postcard1957 International golden jubilee custom pickup1957 International H 6x6 Rotterdam1957 International Sightliner Trucks1957 International ХМ409, 8x81958 International R-195 Truck-Tilt Cab with Closed Top Van Body1959 International CO Line1959 International DCO1959 International Fire Truck Brochure1959 International Harvester RDC sleeper1959 International Harvester Sightliner 591959 International Heavy-Duty Trucks1959 International Medium and Heavy-Duty Trucks1959 International Medium-Duty Trucks1959 International Truck and Cofferdam1960 International Harvester Travelall & pickup 601960 International Light-Duty Trucks1960 International Truck Advertising Proof1960 International Trucks with Metroette Dari-Van Bodies1960 Universal Engineer Tractor a1960 Universal Engineer Tractor1961 IHC Scout adv1961 International C-line Travelall Station Wagon


1961 International Harvester DCOF-404's 250 HP Rolls Royce diesels1961 International Harvester Metro Van1961 International Harvester Travelall1961 International RD-4051961 International Scout 801961 international scout1961 international-englebert1961 Meet the International Scout for all roads, all weather, all uses !!1961+1962 International Light-Duty C-Line Trucks1961–1962 IHC C-120 Travelette1962 1803 Schoolmaster included an International V-345, 8-cylinder, gasoline engine1962 Int Harv product line1962 international 1962 scout1962 International dump truck1962 International Harvester DCOF405 tractor with a day cab1962 International Harvester DCOF405 tractor with a sleeper cab1962 International Loadstar 1600 with Flatbed1962 International Mk-II, 4x41962 International model V220 truck1962 International Scout Diesel Nameplate1962 International Travelall 10001962 International truck1962 International Trucks with Metro Bodies1962-65 International Harvester Scout 80 with the roll-down windows1963 Children with Circus Wagon1963 IH Travelakk Ambulance Conversion1963 International ACO a1963 International ACO b1963 International ACO1963 International Trucks Brochure1963s International DCOF-405 Emeryville1964 100,000 Red Carpet Series Scout Advertisement1964 international 1964 pu1964 international 1964 Scout Line1964 International CD-4051964 International Emeryville Cover1964 International Harvester catalog of working toy models1964 International Harvester Scout 641964 International Harvester Travelall 641964 International R1851964 International R-Line Heavy-Duty Trucks1964 International Scout Champagne Series Scout Advertisement1964 International Scout in front of Horse Stable1964 International Scout Miniature Demonstrator1964 international Travelall1965 International 65 Payhauler in Quarry1965 International CO-4000 Trucks1965 International DCO-400 Series Emeryville1965 International Harvester C-Series Travelall Wagon1965 International Light-Duty Trucks Advertising Brochure1965 International Scout 800 Brochure1965 International Scout pickup pulling an Airstream camper in the Nevada hills1965 international scout1965 International Truck and Tractors1965 Loading Milk On to International Truck1965 Standard and Turbocharged Engines for the Scout1966 Advertisement displaying illustrations of the seven International Scout vehicle models, including five 800 models and two Sportops1966 international 4x4 021966 International D-Line Truck used by Astrodome Groundskeepers1966 International Harvester Company's annual report1966 International Harvester Scout 800 Sportop truck1966 international scout 800 (2)1966 International Scout 800 Advertising Poster1966 International Scout 800 Sportop Booklet Back Cover1966 International Scout 800 Sportop featuring the slogan The best dressed all-wheel drive car on the road1966 International Scout 8001966 International Transtar 4200 Semi-Truck1966 International Transtar Semi-Truck1966 International Travelall Family Wagons1966 International, 36-passenger school bus1966–68 International Harvester Scout 800 Sportop convertible IHC-Scout-21967 Couples in International Scout1967 Couples Watch Tennis Match from International Scout Pickup1967 International CO-4000 sleeper1967 International K5 with the same setup, 4Lk Gardner,1967 International M-1200 Metro School Bus1967 International M-1500 Metro School Bus1967 International Pickups The Year's Smartest Numbers1967 International Scout Painted in University of Illinois Colors1967 International Scout V-8 Advertising Booklet1968 International C-1100 school1968 International C-1200 School Bus1968 International Fleetstar Advertising Poster

1968 International Harvester Loadstar bus at the Egged Museum, of Holon, Israel1968 International Harvester on maltese Chassis 26201968 International Scout pickup at the Teenbeat Club owned by Steve Miller1968 International Scout Pickup1968 International Transtar Advertising Poster1968 International Travelall Wagon - What a Boat!1968 International Travelall1968 International Turbostar Truck1968 international-bus1968 Man Inspects Interior of International Scout 800A Pickup1968 Shindig at the Teenbeat Club1969 Automatic Scout Advertisement1969 Fire Fighters Practice with International Scout Fire Truck1969 International C1500 ex-Kingaroy Australië1969 International C1800 ACCO Butterbox. Ex Auckland NZFS. Open backed cab, APEX coachwork1969 International D-405 (2)1969 International D-4051969 International Loadstar Trucks Brochure1969 International Metro Advertising Poster1969 International Scout 800A Interior1969 International Scout 800A Roadster1969 International scout 800A with the top off1969 International Scout Aristocrat Advertisement1969 International Scout Aristocrat Pickup1969 International Scout pickup truck near a public beach1969 International Scout SR-2 Truck1969 International Transtar Semi Truck