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Ward LaFrance Truck Corporation Elmira Heights 1916-1979 United States Motor Vehicles, Fire Apparatus and Trucks

1956 WARD LaFRANCE name in red

Ward LaFrance Truck Corporation
Industry motor vehicle
Founded 1916
Founder Addison Ward LaFrance
Defunct 1979
Headquarters United States
Products Fire apparatus and truck manufacturer

The Ward LaFrance Truck Corporation was an American manufacturer of trucks and fire apparatus founded by Addison Ward LaFrance in 1916 in Elmira Heights, NY. The company ceased operations in 1979.

LaFrance was a relative of the founder of the similarly named fire apparatus manufacturer American LaFrance.

Ward LaFrance built tank wreckers for the US military, vans for United Parcel Service, over the road tractors, cement trucks, dump trucks, chassis for buses and trolleys, and armored cars.

Perhaps the best known Ward LaFrance product was the P-80 “Ambassador” model of pumper, which was used as the fictional Los Angeles County Fire Department Engine 51 on the 1970s television program Emergency!.

1908 Ward LaFrance Chrome Radiator dop1909 & 1946 Ward LaFrance Waterous Fire Truck Ad1915 Ward LaFrance sign1916-1979 Ward La France Truck Corporation1920 Ward LaFrance motorkapdop1921 Ward LaFrance 1921 American Trucking Company Motor Truck 1-03-21 DS1937 Ward Lafrance FDNY Fire Truck Ad Waukesha engines1939 Ward La France1939 Ward Lafrance Resque1940 Ward LaFrance Radiator and Shield1941 Ward LaFrance 1000 series 1 (М1), 6x61942 Ward LaFrance 1000 series 2 (М1), 6x61942 Ward LaFrance 1000 series 3 (М1), 6x61943 Ward LaFrance 1000 series 4 (М1), 6x61943 Ward LaFrance M1A1 wrecker1944 Ford-Ward LaFrance1944 Vintage Ward LaFrance 'Washington, D.C.' Fire Truck Print Advertisement1944 Ward LaFrance 1000 series 5 (М1А1), 6x61945 OLD MAGAZINE PRINT AD1945 Vintage Ad Ward LaFrance Trucks1945 Vintage Ward LaFrance 'Uniondale, L.I.' Fire Truck Print Advertisement1945 Ward LaFrance 120 Fire Truck Brochure1945 Ward LaFrance Ad trk0031945 Ward LaFrance Fire Truck Ad1946 Ward LaFrance Dump Truck1946 Ward LaFrance Tanker Truck1947 FDNY GET 20 wARD LaFRANCE PUMPERS AD1947 Ward LaFrance ad1947 Ward LaFrance tractor, 1931 American LaFrance 75' ladder1947 Ward LaFrance1948 Ward LaFrance wrecker for the City of New York1948 Ward LaFrance1950 Ward LaFrance brochure1950 Ward LaFrance Chrome logo1950s WARD LAFRANCE FIREBALL SPECIAL FIRE TRUCK1951 Ward LaFrance in line1951 Ward LaFrance Model D-1 brochure1951 Ward LaFrance Project511951 Ward LaFrance Pumper Fire Truck Brochure1951 Ward LaFrance tractor trailer1952 Ward LaFrance1953 ILLINOIS CITIES CHOOSE WARD LaFRANCE FIRE ENGINES AD1953 WARD LaFRANCE FIRE ENGINE AD1954 MARLEY PARK MD HAS A WARD LaFRANCE FIRE ENGINE 1954 AD1954 Ward LaFrance b1954 Ward LaFrance1955 Genuine Vintage Ward LaFrance Chrome Emblem Plate, Fire Engine Sign, Large Logo1955 Ward LaFrance Delivery Van Truck Factory Photo1955 Ward LaFrance Furniture Van Truck Factory Photo1955 Ward LaFrance МВ-5, 4x41956 Ford Ward LaFrance Fire Truck1956 WARD LaFRANCE AERIAL TRUCK 1956 AD1956 WARD LaFRANCE name in red1957 Ford Ward LaFrance Fire Truck Factory Photo1957 Ward Lafrance Aerial Pumper Fire Truck Brochure1958 Chevrolet Ward LaFrance Fire Truck Factory Photo1958 Ward la France 31959 Ward LaFrance Fire Truck1959 Ward LaFrance Old Timer detail photo1959 Ward LaFrance-Gerstenslager1960 Ward LaFrance Logo1962 WARD LaFRANCE MARK 1 SERIES FIRE ENGINES AD1963 Ward LaFrance Brass1963 Ward LaFrance tractor on a 1950 ALF 85' wood aerial ladder truck1965 WARD LaFRANCE ASKS WHAT YOU CHOICE 64 AD1965 Ward LaFrance on a 1964 Ford 1950 chassis1965 Ward LaFrance Pumper Fire Truck1965 Ward LaFrance1966 WARD LaFRANCE GIVES AN CHOICE AD1969 Ward LaFrance P80 Ambassador engine1970 Ward LaFrance motorkapdop 21970 Ward LaFrance1972 Ward LaFrance1973 ward lafrance blue-vi1973 Ward LaFrance P80 Ambassador1973 Ward LaFrance М746, 8x81975 Ward LaFrance1976 Ward LaFrance LAFD-0000-1979 W4 r-8501978 Ward LaFrance Patriot P-8D

Ward LaFrance HQ-32

imagess-l500Vintage NOS Metal Ward LaFrance Fire Engine Sign, Truck Logo Plate, Tank Emblem aWard la France 2WARD LA FRANCE 1000 SERIE 5Ward La France 1000Ward La France Heavy Wrecking Truck M1A1 ready for shipment overseas at Hampton RoadsWard La France M1A1 Heavy Wrecker aWard La France M1A1 Heavy WreckerWard La France nameshield with lightWard La France USAFWard La franceWard LaFrance 1Ward Lafrance 1000 M1a1 6x6 gWard LaFrance aWard laFrance Brass 2Ward LaFrance bw1020Ward LaFrance D3[1]WARD LAFRANCE FIRE PUMPERWard LaFrance FirebrandWard LaFrance GrilleWard LaFrance M1 Serie 1 tm 4 + KenworthWard LaFrance M1A1 Serie 5Ward LaFrance Model 1000, 6 x 6, 6VWard LaFrance Model D4KT8Ward LaFrance Model D5T8Ward LaFrance Model D7NST8Ward LaFrance Model D7NST8aWard laFrance Old one

Ward LaFrance P80 Ambassador pumper Ranger cab

Ward LaFrance VantageWARD LaFrance wrecker 1000Ward LaFranceward lafrance-8x8tuWard LaFrance-fire-trucksWard-LaFrance-Kenworth-M1-M1A1-Heavy-Wreckers-Tankograd-6029-TAN-6029_b_0