AEBI Switserland


AEBI multipurpose transporter and mover

 AEBI multipurpose transporter and mover
AEBI motor mover AM 40
 AEBI motor mover AM 40
Aebi Terratrac tractor
 Aebi Terratrac tractor

AEBI is a Switzerland-based manufacturer of municipal and agriculture machinery. The company’s products include transporters, Implement carriers,road sweepers, tractors, and mowers.


  • 1883: In Burgdorf, Switzerland, Johann Ulrich Aebi established a workshop for manufacturing turbines and sprayers
  • 1894: Workshop held on development of an industrial enterprise with production
  • 1895: Aebi builds starts the production of a replica of McCormick’s reaper
  • 1910: Production of threshing equipment, feed elevators, and forceps begins
  • 1915: Experimental use of a 4-wheel Mähtraktors
  • 1928: Launch of a modernization campaign in workshop and machinery
  • 1929: Production of 3-wheel Mähtraktors
  • 1931: Approximately 40,000-“Helvetia” mowers were sold
  • 1932: Production of the world’s first ball-reaper begins
  • 1942: Takeover of the company Stadler AG; total workforce: 270; turnover: 5.8 million Swiss francs
  • 1950: Launch of the first motor mower: the Aebi AM 50
  • 1954: Production of the first-Aebi Einachstraktors with Triebachsanhänger
  • 1964: The first Aebi transporter is presented
  • 1971: Production of snowblowers begins for municipal and winter use
  • 1976: Development of the Terratrac DD 77, a hangtauglichem Zweiachsmäher
  • 1981: Founding of the Aebi vehicles and machinery in Kematen GmbH (Austria)
  • 1986: Presentation of the TT 88 with hydrostatic drive
  • 1995: Founding of Aebi France S.à.r.l. in Genas, France
  • 1998: Founding of North America Inc. Aebi in Richmond, Virginia, USA; Nussmüller acquisition of land and municipal engineering Schwanberg GmbH (Austria)
  • 1999: Takeover of the company MFH AG, Maschinenfabrik in Hochdorf, Switzerland
  • 2006: The Aebi Holding AG is represented by a group led by entrepreneur Peter Spuhler

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