ZIL (Zavod Imeni Likhachova) Cars, Buses, Trucks. Moscow Russia 1916 – now


AMO ZiL (Avtomobilnoe Moskovskoe Obshchestvo – Zavod Imeni Likhachova)
Formerly called
  • AMO (1916-1931)
  • ZiS (1931-1956)
Type Joint-stock
Industry Automotive
Founded Moscow, Russia (1916)
Headquarters Moscow, Russia
Key people
  • Igor Zakharov (CEO)
  • Konstantin Laptev (General Director, 2002–present)
  • Luxury automobiles
  • Heavy road vehicles
  • Offroad vehicles
  • Military vehicles
Website www.amo-zil.ru

Moscow Joint-Stock Company “The Likhachov Plant” AMO ZIL

“Zavod imeni Likhachova”, more commonly called ZiL (Russian: Завод имени Лихачёва (ЗиЛ)—Likhachov Plant, literally “Plant named for Likhachov”) is a major Russian truck and heavy equipment manufacturer based in the City of Moscow, which also produced armored cars for most Soviet leaders, as well as buses, armored fighting vehicles, and aerosani. The company also produces hand-built limousines and high-end luxury sedans (автомобиль представительского класса, also translated as “luxury vehicle”) in extremely low quantities, primarily for the Russian government. ZIL passenger cars are priced at the equivalent of models from Maybach and Rolls-Royce, but are largely unknown outside the CIS and production rarely exceeds a dozen cars per year.

01 Расположение_АМО_ЗиЛ

 1916 plan for the AMO factory.


The factory was founded in 1916 as Avtomobilnoe Moskovskoe Obshchestvo (AMO, Russian Автомобильное Московское Общество (АМО)—Moscow Automotive Society). The plans were to produce Fiat F-15 1.5 tonne trucks under licence. Because of the October Revolution and the subsequent Russian Civil War it took until 1 November 1924 to produce the first vehicle, the AMO-F-15. In 1931 the factory was re-equipped and expanded with the help of the American A.J. Brandt Co., changed its name to Automotive Factory No. 2 Zavod Imeni Stalina (ZIS or ZiS). After Nikita Khrushchev denounced the cult of personality of Joseph Stalin in 1956, the name was changed again to Zavod imeni Likhachova, after its former director Ivan Alekseevich Likhachov.

ZiL lanes—road lanes dedicated to vehicles carrying top Soviet officials—were named after the car.


BAZ produces off-road tractors and chassis with carrying capacity from 14 to 40 tonnes.



02 ZIS-101


09 Ził 130ZIL 130

10 ZIL 5301
 ZIL 5301
11 ZIL 4331
 ZIL 4331
12 fire truck AC 3.2-40 (ZiL-4331)
 fire truck AC 3.2-40 (ZiL-4331)
13 fire truck Zil-4334
 fire truck AC 3,0-40 (ZiL-4334)

14 Zis_5


30 ZiS-127_front interurban bus ZIS-127

31 ZIL-119
  • AKZ-1 (1947-1948, based on ZIS-150 truck)
  • AMO-4 (1932-1934, based on the AMO-3)
  • ZIS-lux (prototype, based on the ZIS-6, 1934)
  • ZIS-8 (1934-1938, based on the ZIS-11)
  • ZIS-16 (1938-1942, based on the ZIS-5)
  • ZIS-17 (prototype, based on the ZIS-15, 1939)
  • ZIS-44 (based on the ZIS-5)
  • ZIS-127 (1955-1961)
  • ZIL-129 (short-range version of ZIS-127)
  • ZIS-154 (1946–1950)
  • ZIS-155 (1949–1957)
  • ZIL-118 “Yunost” (1962-1970, based on ZIL-111)
  • ZIL-119 (1971-1994, based on ZIL-118; also called ZIL-118K)
  • ZIL-158 (1957-1959, based on ZIL-164)
  • ZIL-159 (1959, prototype for LiAZ)
  • ZIL-3207 (1991-1999, based on ZIL-41047)
  • ZIL-3250 (1998-present, based on ZIL-5301)

32 ZiS-8

Sport and racing cars

ZIL-112 Sports1962 ZIL-112 Sports

36 ZIL-112S-front1962  ZIS-112 Sports


37 ZIL-49061 Soyuz_TMA-2_-_Edward_T._LuAstronaut Edward T. Lu, having landed with Soyuz TMA-2, is being recovered with a ZIL-49061 vehicle.

1924 amo f15 1924 1934 ZIS-8 bus 21 s 1934 ZiS-8 city bus 1934-38 ZIS-8 21s 1935 NATI op Zis 8 chassis 1935 ZIS-6 chassis, 6x6 BZ-35 bowser 1935 ZiS-8 Moskou 1936 ZIS 8 side bus 1936 ZIS-12 chassis Flak artillery 1937 ZIS-12 chassis Z-15-4 searchlight 1938 ABTO 6 cylinder 1938 Zis 16 1938 ZIS-6 in Lithuanian army 1938-41 ZIS 16 1939 ZiS-16 city bus 1939 ZIS-16 USSR 1939 ZIS-22 1940 ZIS-35 1941 ZIS-32, 4x4 1942 ZIS-42 1944 ZIS-5 truck manufactured by Ural autoworks 1946 ZIS-151 truck, 6x6 1947 ZIS 110A Ambulance emergency 1947 Zis 154 1947 ZIS 154b 1947 ZIS-154 34s 4x2 1947 ZiS-154 1949-55 ZIS 155 4x2 USSR 1949-57 ZIS 155  comp busru1003a 1950 ZIS-150 1951 ZIL 112 Cyklon Experimental Car - fVl (Russia) 1954 ZIS-151А with TPP pontoon bridge nose section 1955 ZIS-151А chassis, 6x6 КММ mechanical bridge 1955 ZIS-E134, 8x8 1957 ZIL 158 (USSR) 1957 ZIL-134 (АТК-6), 8x8 1957 ZIL-157R, 6x6 1957 ZIL-158 1958 ZIL 111 1958 ZIL-135B amphibious vehicle, 8x8 1959 ZIL 111 1960 ZIS-120N with vaulted tyres 1961 ZIL-135L 8x8 1961 ZiL-158 1962 ZIL-112S-front 1962 Zil-118k (2) 1962 Zil-118k 1962 Zil-118k-02 1962 Zil-118k-03 1962 Zil-118k-05 1962 ZIL-157К with LPP pontoon bridge section 1962-70 Zil 118 Tartu Tarvo 1962-70 ZIL-118k Yunost 1963 zil 118 Ambu 1963 zil-118. 1963 Zil-118k 1964 Zil 118 back 1964 Zil 118 1965 Zil 118A Junost Ambulance 1965 ZIL-135P amphibious vehicle, 8x8 1966 ZIL-131, 6x6 1967 ZIL 114 1967 ZIL-135MSh self-propelled platform (wheel arrangement - 4x4 + 2x2) 1969 ZIL-132А, 8x8 1969 ZIL-135LN (8x8) tractor-leader of ZIL-135КP articulated truck 1971 ZIL 1971 1971 ZIL-137 (10x10) active articulated truck with ZIL-137B semitrailer 1972 ZIL-114 1976 ZIS-154 1978 ZIL-131 chassis PR-14М resupply vehicle 1980 ZIL-157KG, 6x6 1985 ZIL-131V with PR-11DA resupply machine of S-75М SAM 2007 Zil op Cuba 2012-Zil-980 2014 ZIL achterzijkant 2014 ZIL inside 2014 ZIL zijkant 2014 ZIL Amo amb bus F2802201113222 amo Molotok amo-3 AMO-F-15 ambulance bus Amo-f-15 Ikarus 545 ZIL Ikarus Ford ZIL pmz(zis42) Zavod imeni Likhachova ZIL Logo ZIL (1) ZIL (2) ZIL 1 (2) ZIL 1 ZIL 2 (2) ZIL 2 ZIL 3 ZIL 117V Zil 127 32s USSR zil 127og Zil 130 Ad Ził 130 ZIL 131 (firetruck) ZIL 131 Missile Launcher ZIL 131 ZIL 131v-1 Zil 133 G4 zil 158 2 zil 164 zil 164pm Zil 4331 (2) ZIL 4331 (3) ZIL 4331 Zil 4334 ZIL 5301 ZIL 41047 Staatsbegräbniswagen Carrozzeria Zanardo, AutoZeller GmbH & Co ZIL Bulgarije 2 Zil Bulgarije ZIL Limousine (2) ZIL Limousine 2 ZIL Limousine ZIL super Limousine ZIL Zavod imeni Likhachova 1956- Rusland Zil Zavod Imieni Lichacheva (Rusland) ZIL_8 ZIL-111 ZIL-112 Sports Zil-115 4104 1zil117 zil-118k-04 ZIL-118К ZIL-119 zil-130-front ZIL-131 ZiL-133.1 Zil-135 BM 27 Uragan ZiL-157-5340 ZIL170 KAMAZ ZIL-485 BAV ZiL-4331 Zil-4334 Zil-41047 ZIL-49061 Soyuz TMA-2-Edward T.Lu zil-e167 zil-e167-2 zil-e167-6 ZIL-E-167-6 zil-e167-bluebird Zil-MMZ 4502 zil-zis-155-05 Zis 5 zis 6 Zis 8 Aremkuz ZIS 8 zis 11 zis 13 Gasgenerator zis 15 zis 16 3 ZIS 17 USSR Zis 42m zis 53 zis 53b ZIS 110 I ZIS 127 (USSR) Zis 127 Moskva 1 zis 127tr Zis 150 ak32o Zis 150 museum zis 150 zis 150pm zis 151 ZIS 161 wy ZIS 162 zis 585 Zis Amphibie ZIS Buses bus568 Zis lux 6x4 USSR zis nami 375-4 ZIS Stalin zis yaaz ZIS Zavod Imeni Stalina 1924-1956 Moskou Rusland zis_101a_sport_by_reyork-d38df89 zis_127_by_rover57-d4qlze5 ZIS-6 zis8_Dan_MEgorov zis16_9838 ZIS-17 experimental USSR ZIS-33 Truck ZIS-101 zis110 ZiS-110B zis112-1_b ZiS-127 front ZIS-127-uuena ZIS-150 bus zis150-13 ZiS-151 ZIS-253 experimental a ZIS-253 experimental

Author: Jeroen

In Dutch, my homelanguage: Ik ben Jeroen, tot januari 2015 was ik al dik 26 jaar werkzaam in een psychiatrisch ziekenhuis in een stad vlakbij Werelds grootste havenstad Rotterdam. Eerst als verpleegkundige/begeleider op high care, later op afdeling dubbeldiagnose (verslavingen) en ook nog een tijdje als administratief medewerker. Ik heb een spierziekte "Poli Myositis" (alle spieren zijn ontstoken) daardoor weinig energie. Sinds augustus 2015 is daarbij de diagnose Kanker gesteld, en ben ik helemaal arbeidsongeschikt geworden en zit middenin de behandelfase. Gelukkig ben ik daarnaast getrouwd, vader, en opa, en heb de nodige hobby's. Een daarvan is transportmiddelen verzamelen en daarmee een blog schrijven. Dit blog begon met bussen, maar nu komen ook sleepboten, auto's trucks en dergelijke aan bod. Kijk en geniet met me mee, reageer, en vul gerust aan. Fouten zal ik ook graag verbeteren. In English: I'm Jeroen, till januari 2015 I was already 26 years working as a nurse in a psychiatric hospital, near Rotterdam, Worlds biggest harbour with more than 98 nationalities living within it's borders. First I worked on closed high care ward and the last years on a ward with mainly addicted people. I liked my work very much. In 2007 I got ill. I got the diagnose Poli Myositis, a musscle dissease. Al my mussles are inflamed. And last august I got another diagnose. Cancer. It's plaveicelcel carcinoma and treated with Chemo and radioation. So I've even less energy than the last years. Still I try to make something of my life and the blog is helping with surviving with some pleasure.

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