YOUNGMAN Buses, Cars and Trucks China


China Youngman Automobile Group Co., Ltd.
(trading as Youngman)

Industry Automotive
Founded 2001
Founders Pang Qingnian
Headquarters Jinhua, Zhejiang, China
Products Automobiles, buses and trucks
Employees Approx 4,000
Subsidiaries Spyker N.V.(29.9%)
Website Youngman

Youngman (officially China Youngman Automobile Group Co., Ltd.) (Chinese: 青年汽车集团) is a Chinese manufacturer of automobiles, buses and trucks located in Jinhua, Zhejiang province. The company was founded in 2001 by Pang Qingnian.


“Youngman” is an English literalization of the name of the company’s founder, Pang Qingnian.


The Samand car from Iran Khodro

The Samand car from Iran Khodro.
2011 Youngman Lotus L5.

A 2011 Youngman Lotus L5.

Youngman was founded in 2001 by Pang Qingnian. In the early-2000s the company formed joint ventures with two German companies – a bus manufacturing venture with Neoplan (at the time known as Gottlob Auwärter GmbH & Co. KG) and a truck manufacturing venture with MAN. After increasing of orders, the manufacturer has built plants in the cities of Jinan, Tai’an, Lianyungang, Quzhou and some other places to meet the high number of orders.

In September 2006 Youngman established a joint venture with the Iranian state-owned carmaker Iran Khodro for the manufacture of Iran Khodro’s Samand and Soren models at Youngman’s Tai’an plant, with parts supplied by PSA Peugeot Citroën.

In November 2006, Youngman became the official Chinese importer for the British sports car maker Lotus Cars. In another joint-venture with the Lotus Group which was closed in December 2008, Youngman is assembling Lotus and Europestar branded cars in Guangdong for the Domestic Chinese and export market. The units receive a Chinese independent brand to differentiate itself from the British sports car models. With the Lotus joint venture, Youngman is engaged in secondary activities as the exclusive importer of American automotive brand ZAP!. Both brands had its China debut at the Beijing International Auto Show in 2009.

In 2007, Youngman acquired the American electric car maker Detroit Electric, with the intention of manufacturing vehicles for the North American market. In May 2008 it was reported that Youngman had signed two major agreements with the Malaysian carmaker Proton. The first was for the import of 30,000 Proton Gen-2 models from Malaysia to China over two years, to be sold under the EuropeStar marque as the RCR. The second was a licensing deal for Proton’s Lotus-designed Campro engine, whereby Proton would sell 150,000 complete knock down units to Youngman over the subsequent six years.

In June 2010 Youngman announced that it would be making an investment of CNY 4 billion in the construction of new manufacturing facilities in Haining, Zhejiang Province, for the production of passenger cars, alternative energy powertrain systems, vehicle bridges, transmissions and inner and exterior auto components.


On 28 October 2011 it was reported that Youngman and the Chinese automotive retailer Pang Da Automobile Trade Co had agreed a joint 100-millionEuro (USD140 million) takeover of the Swedish carmaker Saab Automobile and its United Kingdom dealer network unit from Swedish Automobile, with Youngman and Pang Da taking 60 and 40 percent stakes respectively.

Both Chinese companies pledged to invest 610 million euros ($844 million), prompting a court to extend the manufacturer’s protection against creditors.

In December 2011 General Motors (GM) blocked the Chinese buy out, since GM has technology licenses in SAAB.

Saab’s restructuring process was granted, and the plan was that in 2014 the company would have had a positive equity. The restructuring process would have removed 500 employees from Saab, saving about €100,000.00, according to the restructuring plan. General Motors rejected the deal with Youngman and Pang Da on 7 November 2011, although unsuccessful discussion to convince GM continued for a month. On 19 December 2011, chairman Victor Muller was forced to file Saab Automobile for bankruptcy following the failed buyout by a Chinese consortium, which was blocked by former parent GM to prevent technology transfer.

On 6 March 2012 an Indian news paper reported that at least two companies have placed bids for complete SAAB Automobile buy out. These are India‘s Mahindra and Mahindra and China‘s Youngman. It is reported that these bids are in the range $300 million to $400 million.

On 13 June 2012 it was announced that the National Electric Vehicle Sweden had bought Saab Automobile’s bankruptcy estate.

Spyker joint ventures

In August 2012, Youngman agreed to acquire 29.9% of the Dutch luxury sportscar maker Spyker N.V. for €6.7 million, and the companies agreed to form two new joint ventures. The Spyker P2P joint venture will focus on the development of a new luxury sports utility vehicle, with ownership split 75:25 between Youngman and Spyker respectively. The Spyker Phoenix joint venture will focus on the development of a range of premium cars based on Saab’s Phoenix platform, with ownership split 80:20 between Youngman and Spyker respectively.


Youngman sells passenger cars in China under the Youngman-Lotus marque. Current products include the L3 and L5 models, and are engineered with the assistance of the United Kingdom-based Lotus Engineering.

Youngman currently produces coaches and trucks in collaboration with the Germany-based MAN Truck & Bus. Coaches are sold under the Youngman and Neoplan marques.Trucks are sold under the Youngman and MAN marques.

Youngman-Neoplan a






Yutong (officially Zhengzhou Yutong Group Co., Ltd.)

is a conglomerate based in Zhengzhou, Henan province, China focused on bus manufacturing as the core business, construction machinery and real estate as the strategic business and at the same time giving attention to other investment portfolios.


The company was established in 1963 as the Zhengzhou Yutong Group Co., Ltd.

Yutong Bus

A core part of the company, Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yutong Bus”), is located in Zhengzhou Industrial Parkand now has developed into the largest and most advanced bus manufacturing base in Asia.


In 2012 Yutong delivered 51,688 buses and coaches, a rise of 10.71 percent compared with the same period of last year.

Yutong city bus in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Yutong city bus in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

In 2009, Yutong bus sales reached 28,186 units, while exports slumped 64% from 2008 to 1,010 units due to global financial crisis.

In 2007, sales amount of Yutong Group reached high up to RMB 12,588,000,000, taking up over 22% of the domestic market share. In the same year, 25,522 units of Yutong buses were sold throughout the year, making Yutong Group once again enter into world top 5 considering the sales volume. And among them, 3,319buses were exported with the export amount up to USD187 million, increasing 92% compared with the corresponding period last year. Till now, the possessed number of Yutong buses all over the world exceeds 120 thousand, making Yutong an international large-scale bus manufacturing enterprise.

In 1997, Yutong Bus became the first domestic bus enterprise listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange with its stock code 600066,becoming a long-established blue-chip potential stock in China’s A stock market. The main economic indicators of the enterprise have been growing rapidly for ten continuous years. Yutong Bus has obtained AAA credit from ICBC for eight consecutive years and was awarded by BAAV “The Best Export Marketing Campaign of the Year 2006”, “The Best Marketing Campaign of the Year 2007” and “Coach Builder of the Year” in 2002, 2005 and 2006.


In Apr. 2006, “Three Ministries and Commissions” such as Science and Technology Department embarked jointly on the pilot work of enterprises with independent innovation, and Yutong Bus was designated as such an enterprise. In Aug. 2006, Yutong Bus was titled “National Vehicle CBU Export Base Enterprise”. And in the same month of this year, Yutong passed the special investigation carried out by General Administration of Quality supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the P.R.C and won the first “Certificate for Product Exemption from Export Inspection” in China’s vehicle industry. In Nov. 2006, Yutong brand won “China Brand Award of the Year”(NO.1 in China’s bus industry) issued by World Brand Lab. In 2007, the value of Yutong brand has increased by RMB 471 million and grows up to RMB 7.487 billion, which makes Yutong brand continue to hold the title of No.1 Brand in China’s bus industry for successive four years. According to State Statistics Bureau, Yutong Group ranks 324 in “China’s Top 500 Enterprises” and at the same time stood 41 in “China’s 500 Most Competitive Enterprises of the Year 2006” as the only bus enterprise to enter into this list.

Position within the Industry

Now, after many years’ development, Yutong Bus has achieved a premier position in the bus field with its integrated enterprise strength and also formed its unique enterprise culture and advanced management concept. With market oriented, Yutong Bus carries on its R&D based on the market and programs its products rationally. It has powerful R&D strength, the first post-doctoral science and development working station in the bus industry of China equipped with the world-class test device and instrument, and also the first state-level technology center in the bus industry of China. Yutong Bus has established the entire-process quality control supervision system in order to guarantee the quality of the product. In 2004, Yutong Bus was evaluated by an internationally recognized quality authentication institute—Germany Quality System Authentication Company (DQS), and successfully passed ISO/TS16949: 2002 authentication, which is the first authentication in China’s bus industry, indicating that China’s bus industry represented by Yutong Bus has been progressively geared to the international quality management.

Yutong Group has begun its establishment of management information system since 1994, and at the present time, it has successfully introduced and put into practice the SAP management system and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, thus upgrading the inner management level of the enterprise with different information technology.

Development plans

In the management targets of Yutong Group, it has been definitely confirmed that its principle is finding a foothold in the domestic market and concentrating resource for strategy area and its clear development strategy is opening up international market. The development vision of the enterprise is to establish the enterprise brand of Yutong and to become the predominant world enterprise group of moderate diversification with bus making as the key business. Inside, it integrates its affiliate enterprises, properly disposes recourses and takes great advantage of the privilege of Yutong brand. Outside, it forms the benefit of scale and strengthens capital advantages in order to promote side-by-side development. From now on, with products as the leading role, the capital as the cohesion and enterprise culture and management mode as the core, Yutong Group will develop into a trans-regional, diversified, high-tech and large-scale international enterprise group, covering buses, engineering machinery and vehicle components and integrated with manufacturing, science and development, investment and trade, thus becoming No. 1 brand of China’s bus industry and a main international bus supplier.

Places of operation

Zhengzhou Yutong buses are in service in 27 countries/regions, including:


  • Yutong City Master, a retro-style Doubledecker Bus
  • ZK6891HG city bus
  • ZK6108HG city bus
  • ZK6118HG city bus
  • ZK6118HA 11-meter series
  • ZK6120H 12-meter series
  • ZK6120HR 12-meter series
  • ZK6752H
  • ZK6115D front-engine bus

Products (Philippine Market)

  • ZK6100H
  • ZK6107HA
  • ZK6119HA
  • ZK6122HD9
  • ZK6129H
  • Yutong Bus is the exclusive distributor in the Philippines through Auto Bus Transport Industries, Inc. or ABTII, a joint venture between JAC Liner Inc. and Zhengzhou Yutong Group Co., Ltd.

Image gallery

Yutong Bus XHXFL08

Yutong Heavy Industries

Another core part of the Yutong Group is Yutong Heavy Industries, which manufactures various construction equipment. There are about 3,500 employees in this part of the business, and they have more than 120 products. Yutong Heavy Industries was formed in 2003 and has had sale increases of 30% for 7 years.


  • Yutong YT3621 Mining Dump Truck
  • Yutong YT3761 Mining Dump Truck
  • Yutong 952A wheeled loader
  • Yutong 966H wheeled loader
  • Yutong TL210H earth mover
  • Yutong 988H wheeled loader
  • Yutong 956H wheeled loader
  • Yutong YTQH300 hydraulic crane
  • Yutong 6830 compactor
  • Yutong YTQH400A hydraulic crane
  • Yutong YTQU50 crane
  • Yutong WZ30-25 backhoe
  • Yutong WZ30-25G backhoe
  • Yutong WZ30-25H backhoe

YUTONG  CITY BUS  ZK6128HG YUTONG  CITY BUS  ZK6180HG YUTONG  INTERCITY BUS  ZK6116D Yutong 47 seater coach operated by Bengkel Kereta Berakas (BKB) Coach and Bus Rentals Unit and a Scania Irizar coach Yutong a China Yutong b China Yutong Bus in Guangdong, China XHXCB102 Yutong bus in Hangzhou, China Yutong bus in Singapore SMB135E Yutong bus in Taiwan Yutong Bus in The Philippines Yutong Bus XHXFL08 Yutong city bus in Almaty, Kazakhstan Yutong Coach OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Yutong ZK6100HB China Yutong ZK6116HGS Dubbeldekker China Yutong ZK6118HG China Yutong ZK6119HA China Yutong ZK6120H China Yutong ZK6120HA China Yutong ZK6129H China Yutong ZK6502D-1 China Yutong ZK6737D Rusland Yutong ZK6831H Yutong ZK6831HE Havana Cuba Yutong ZK6896HG China Yutong ZK66770HGS China Yutong_logo_2

Bus UK YEATES of Loughborough (coachworks)


Bus and Coachbodybuilders


England – UK

1936 Brown, Markfield JU7854 with a Willowbrook DP39F body was a Dennis Lancet II which was rebodied in 1955 with a Yeates Riviera FC37F body  ju7854


1938 Bristol with Yeates body after two lives before


1947 Dennis Lancet III with a Yeates C35F body eay58


1948 Crossley SD42-9 with a Yeates C39F body, EJA52


1948 CUD373, a Daimler CVD6 with Wilkes & Meade C33F body + CTL652, a Dennis Lancet III with a Yeates C35F body +


1948 Dennis J3 Lancet III with a Yeates C35F body ENT709


1950 PTW451 was a Dennis J3 Lancet with a Yeates C35F body


1951 HNT886 was a Dennis L6 Falcon with a Yeates C33F body


1951 SMU599, seen at Wembley Stadium was a Yeates C41C bodied AEC Regal IV


1952 MVO115 was a Yeates C41C bodied Leyland PSU1-15 Royal Tiger


1952 Yeates C37F bodied Crossley SD42-9A, LDF815


1953 A.E.C. 9822S Regal IV, PAH800, with a Yeates Riviera C41C body


1953 GTL419, was a Bedford SB with a Yeates C35F body


1953 PWJ98 was a Bedford SB with a Yeates Riviera C35F body pwj98


1954 Bedford SBG with a Yeates Riviera C36F body


1954 Lewington's Yeates Riviera - Bedford SB TJH 538, c


1954 Leyland PSU1-16 Royal Tiger with a Yeates Riviera C41C body knr240


1954 STE 556 is a Yeates Riviera-bodied Bedford SBG


1955 HCL661 AEC MU3RV Yeates C41C


1956 AEC Reliance MU3RV Yeates Riviera C41C  RNM300


1956 AEC Reliance Yeates C41C


1956 Bedford SBG with a Yeates Riviera C41F body


1956 Bedford SBG with Yeates C41C bodywork


1956 TDM 397 - Bedford SB3   Yeates Europa C41F


1957 centre, 950DNU, a Bedford SB with Yeates Europa body


1957 NKY161, a Bedford SB3 with Yeates C41F body



1957 bedford-yeates-europa-uk

1957 Yeates Europa C41F bodied Bedford SBG, CJP630


1958 AEC Reliance MU3RV Yeates C41F KBV251


1958 AEC Reliance MU3RV Yeates C41F VBT-191


1958 AEC Reliance MU3RV Yeates C41F VBT-893


1958 HEB141 was a Yeates Europa C41F bodied Bedford SB3


1958 Yeates Europa C41F bodied A.E.C. MU3RV Reliance XVF800


1959 JEP861 Bedford SB1 with Yeates Europa C41F bodywork


1960 1400UA Bedford SB1 with a Yeates Europa C41F body


1960 7652VW, a Commer Avenger IV with Yeates C41F body


1960 Albion VT17L Victor with Yeates Europa C41F body, 4600NX


1960 Bedford SB1 with a Yeates C41F body


1960 Bedford SB1 with Yeates Europa C41F bodywork


1960 Bedford SB3 Yeates C41F RCT-2


1960 Leyland Yeates RCT3


1960 RCT3, a Leyland Titan PD3-1 with Yeates H39-34RD body


1960 RCT3, was a Yeates H39-34RD bodied Leyland PD3-1


1960 Yeates Europa C41F bodied Bedford SB1


1960 Yeates Fiesta C41F bodywork graced 565AEW, a Bedford SB




1961 27TTE, a Bedford SB with Yeates Fiesta Continental C41F bodywork


1961 5025BT, a Commer Avenger IV with Yeates Fiesta Continental C41F bodywork


1961 8964PT, a Bedford SB with Yeates Pegasus bodywork


1961 9491WY, a Bedford SB1 with Yeates Pegasus B44F bodywork


1961 OIP791, an AEC Reliance 2MU3RA with a Yeates Fiesta body


1961 TDO294, a Bedford SB1 with Yeates Pegasus DP44F body


1962 Barton, Chilwell 949 949MRR 1962 AEC 2U3RA Yeates DP57F


1962 Its 45-seat bodywork, by Yeates, was the only example of its type I remember seeing. The chassis was a Bedford SB5


1962 Premier 2530WY Yeates bodied Bedford


1962 Reliance 942AWR Yeates bodied Bedford SB1


1962 VTL536 Bedford SB5 with Yeates Fiesta C41F bodywork


1962 Yeates Pegasus DP45F bodied Bedford SB5


1963 539DWT, a Bedford SB5 with Yeates Pegasus DP44F body


1963 964RVO, was one of four Bedford VAL14s fitted with Yeates C50D bodywork


1963 969RVO, a Bedford VAL14 with Yeates Europa DP56D bodywork


1963 Bedford SB with Yeates Pegasus bodywork 979grm


1963 Bedford VAL 14 with Yeates Europa body.


1963 Bedford Val 14 Yeates BARTON0002


1963 Bedford VAL14 Yeates C51F


1963 Bedford Val14 Yeates C52F 390-GEW


1964 Rickards, London W2 AYV92B 1964 Bedford VAL14 Yeates C52F at Hampton Court


7652VW Yeates Europa Eastern National


AEC Reliance  Yeates VBT191


AEC Reliance with Yeates Europa body of Cullings seen when new at the Brighton Coach Rally  XVF800


Bedford SB chassied coach KAN 505 Yeates pegasus body


Bedford Yeates NKY 161


Yeates Europa 3 Yeates Maudslay 2 Yeates Poster 1 2

That’s it