TAM Tovarna Avtomobilov Maribor Slovenia Buses and Trucks

Tovarna avtomobilov Maribor

Type Public
Industry Automotive
Founded 1947
Headquarters Maribor, Slovenia
Key people Janez Lipuš, Chairman
Products Buses, Trucks
Employees 8,175 (1986)

TAM (Tovarna avtomobilov Maribor – translated: Maribor Automobile Factory) was a Yugoslavian and Slovenian commercial vehicle manufacturer based in the city of Maribor.


TAM began as an aircraft-parts factory founded by the occupying Germans in 1941. Immediately following World War II, the Yugoslav government decided to convert the works to vehicle production and renamed it the Tovarna avtomobilov Maribor Tezno, “Maribor Tezno Automobile Factory” on December 31, 1946. TAM’s first model, the “TAM Pionir,” was built under license from the Czechoslovak company “Praga,” and was manufactured until 1962, with a total of 1700 produced in that period. TAM quickly became Yugoslavia‘s leading truck manufacturer. In 1958, it began manufacturing vehicles under license from the German company Magirus-Deutz. In 1961, the company was renamed to Tovarna Avtomobilov in Motorjev Maribor(“Maribor Automobile and Motorcycle Factory“), however the TAM acronym and logo were retained. At its height, it employed more than 8000 workers; however, the economic decline of the 1980s saw financial difficulties, and in 1996 the company was dissolved.

TAM was succeed by TVM (Tovarna vozil Maribor – translated: Maribor Vehicle Factory) in 2001, producing MAN trucks under license primarily for the Slovenian Army. The company ended in bankruptcy in 2011 with debts totaling over €62 million.

The TAM logo resembled a three-leafed clover standing on point, with each lobe containing one letter of the acronym and a small five-pointed star occupying the center.

Vehicles produced

TAM 125 T10 fire truck

TAM 150 military transport truck

TAM trucks were assigned a string of three variables, number-letter-number; for example, model 190 T 11.TAM vehicle naming convention

  • The first number represents engine power (in hp).
  • The letter T stands for the Slovenian word “tovornjak” (truck).
  • The second number (11) represents the maximum payload (in tons).

TAM buses were assigned a string of four variables, number-letter-number-letter, for example: 260 A 116 M.

  • The first number represents engine power.
  • The letter A stands for the word “avtobus” (bus).
  • The second number represents the maximum number of passengers.
  • The second letter could be either M, P, or T, for “mestni” (city bus), “primestni” (suburban bus), or “turistični” (tourist bus).

1950 M A R I B O R - G R A Z 1957 Deset tisoči izdelani Pionir v tovarni TAM 1957 1957 TAM 4500 1957 Tovarna avtomobilov Maribor 1961 Prvomajski sprevod v Ljubljani 1961 Vozila TAM 1962 Vozila TAM 1962 1962 Vozila TAM 1974 TAM 110 A 8 (7000-74) 1975 TAM AS 3500 E (3000-75) 1975 TAM AS 3500 EM (3000-75) 1977 TAM 170 A 11-T,L (3000-77) 1979 TAM 170 A 11-T,L (3000-79) 1979 TAM 170 A ii-M,P (5000-79) 1992 TAM 260 A110T+321 A119VT (RAI 92) 2008 Autobus Marbus Bus TAM 232 A 116 M in Bratislava Een licht gepanserde TAM 110 vrachtwagen Gasilsko vozilo TAM 190 T 15 v Črnučah (PGD Verd, 2013-08) Logo_of_TVM M94 Plamen S 128mm 2 super-tam 260A TAM 125 T10 fire truck TAM 190 T 15 Tam 190-a-11-03 Tam 190-a-11-04 Tam 190-a-11-07 ??????????????????????????????? TAM 260 A 116 P TAM 260 A 119 Tam 260-02 TAM 5500 kalemegdan tam Argentijnse Tank TAM kamion HV Tigrovi TAM logo Tam Super 260A ??????????????????????????????? tam-80-05 tam-110 t7 bv 4x4 TAM110 VS tam-110-02 (1) tam-110-02 tam-110-ambulance-truck-01 TAM-130 VS VZ MOST vatrogasci tam-150-t-12 tam-170-t14-02 tam-190-a-11-03 tam-190-a-11-04 TAM260T26-01a tam-4500-01 (1) ??????????????????????????????? Vojaški tovornjak TAM 110 M55 with SA2

The STEWART Motor Corporation of Buffalo, New York USA

The Stewart Motor Corporation of Buffalo,

New York USA


The Stewart Motor Corporation
T. R. Lippard and R. G. Stewart, vice-president and general manager and
secretary and chief engineer, respectively, oi the Lippard-Stewart Motor Car
Co., 1738 Elmwood avenue, Buffalo, N. Y., withdrew from that organization June I
and have formed and financed the Stewart Motor Corporation, which will enter the
motor truck field. Mr. Lippard is president and general manager and Mr. Stewart
vice president and chief engineer .of the new concern. R. P. Lentz, for several
years connected with the London & Lancashire Fire Insurance Co., is secretary
and treasurer, and Robert W. Ingersoll, recent manager of the Firestone Tire &.
Rubber Co. in Buffalo, will be sales manager.
The older company will continue operations in its plant on Elmwood avenue under
the direction of August Becker, president, and E. J. Barcalo, treasurer, who
have obtained full control through the withdrawal of Messrs. Lippard and
The new company has secured the plant recently vacated by the Niagara Machine &
Tool Works at the corner of Randall and Superior streets. It will be put into
condition for occupancy immediately. Orders for machinery, equipment, etc., are
now being placed from the temporary offices of the company at 1056 Ellicott
Square. Every possible effort is being made to start manufacture at the earliest
possible moment, so as to fill orders already secured for early fall delivery.
The company will manufacture light-capacity motor trucks at a moderate price.
The new product will be known as the Stewart truck, being named after Mr.
Messrs. Lippard and Stewart were connected with the Franklin company of Syracuse
for several years. They came to Buffalo about 1 1/2 years ago to start the
Lippard-Stewart company, whose cars are now being operated in many cities.
From:The Commercial Vehicle Aug 1912

1912-42 The Stewart Motor Corporation of Buffalo, New York USA 1914 Stewart Motor Corporation Light Truck Ad 1914 1915 Stewart Automobile Advertisement 1915 Stewart Roadster Automobile 1915 Stewart Touring Automobile 1916 stewart B4x7 1916 stewart C7x10 1918 Stewart 1919 stewart 5 models 8x12 1920 stewart F6x9 1920 Stewart Trucks 1920 stewarttrucks 1923 Stewart Trucks Ad 1924 Stewart fire truck 1927 stewart-1927-10-stewart 1928 Stewart vrachtauto B-6376 1928 Wiedman Camp Body on Stewart Truck Chassis 1929 Stewart Car. onb 1929 Stewart motor trucks 1929 Stewart Trucks Ad The Truck I Buy 1930 Stewart 10 Verheul 1930 Stewart Hainje 1930 stewart-1930-voorburgsche 1931 Stewart Six Truck 1931 Stewart Standaard Yntema B-3729 1931 Stewart-based motorhome 1932 Stewart toerwagen met Van Leersum karrosserie met 26 zitplaatsen 1934 Stewart truck MHV P&L PTT 1935 stewart AmWT 1935 Stewart 1935 stewart-panel-and-dump-truck-3 1935-1936-stewart-panel-and-dump-truck-1 1936 Stewart carr. Hainje Heerenveen B-7815 1938 Stewart Truck Model 47-A 1940 Stewart met de tweede karrosserie van Hainje 1941 Ford panel truck and a Stewart Truck Lines International from Ashcroft, BC 1994 Stewart-Stevenson М1084 FMTV-MTV, 6x6 1999 Stewart-Stevenson М1089А1 FMTV-LHS, 6x6 1999a 2005 Stewart-Stevenson М1088А1 FMTV (6x6) with armoured cab Stewart & Stevenson -Busscar Coach Oskosh Mexico