Carrozzeria PISTOIESI Italy

Carrozzeria PISTOIESI Italy

There is no info about Carrozzeria Pistoiesi, I Searched and searched, but it’s hopeless.

I only will show some pictures:

1958 Alfa Romeo Tipo Mille carrozzeria Pistoiesi 1962 Alfa Romeo 1000 Pistoiesi 1965 Autobus Lancia Esagamma 718 Pistoiesi 1965 Fiat 410 carrozzeria Pistoiesi 865303899 Alfa Romeo 910 AF Pistoiesi (1957) Alfa Romeo Mille AU7 Pistoiesi (1958–1962) ALFA Romeo mille AU10P Pistoiesi Turkije AU811 Pistoiesi + Fiat 410. De Simon AUTOBUS N.2 FIAT 418 AC Breda Pistoiesi AUTOBUS N.14 e 15 FIAT 418 AC Breda Pistoiesi Fiat 306 Pistoiesi a Fiat 306 Pistoiesi Fiat 410 Pistoiesi 805 fiat 418AL pistoiesi roma Fiat 421 carrozzeria Pistoiesi FIAT 421, carrozzato Pistoiesi fiat_410_pistoiesi Gli Alfa Romeo 1000 Pistoiesi I Lancia 703 e 718 Pistoiesi Lancia 703 e 718 Pistoiesi Pistoiesi 607 805 imola Pistoiesi 16893a

This are all Lancia’s, Alfa Romeo’s and FIAT’s, and there is no garantie they are all made by Pistoiesi.

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PIERCE-ARROW Motor Car Company Buffalo New York USA 1901-1938

Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company


Former type Automobile manufacturing
Industry Automotive
Genre Sedans, touring cars
Commercial trucks, fire trucks, camp trailers, motorcycles, buses and bicycles
Founded 1901
Founder(s) George N. Pierce
Defunct 1938
Headquarters Buffalo, New York, United States
Area served United States
Products vehicles
Automotive parts

Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company was an American automobile manufacturer based in Buffalo, New York, which was active from 1901 to 1938. Although best known for its expensive luxury cars, Pierce-Arrow also manufactured commercial trucks, fire trucks, camp trailers, motorcycles, buses and bicycles.

Early history

The forerunner of Pierce-Arrow was established in 1865 as Heinz, Pierce and Munschauer. The company was best known for its household items, especially its delicate, gilded birdcages. In 1872 George Norman Pierce (1846-1910) bought out the other two, changed the name to George N. Pierce Company, and in 1896 added bicycles to the product line. The company failed in its attempt to build a steam-powered car in 1900 under license from Overman, but by 1901 had built its first single-cylinder, two-speed, no-reverse Motorette with an engine licensed from de Dion. In 1903, it produced a two-cylinder car, the Arrow.

In 1904 Pierce decided to concentrate on making a larger, more luxurious car for the upscale market, the Great Arrow. This became Pierce’s most successful product. The solidly built, four-cylinder car won the Glidden Trophy in 1905, an endurance run to celebrate the most reliable car. Thirty-three cars entered the 1100-mile race from New York City to Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, won by Percy Pierce in a Great Arrow.

The noted industrial architect Albert Kahn designed the Pierce Arrow Factory Complex at Elmwood Avenue and Great Arrow Avenue in about 1906. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974. Pierce sold all rights in the company in 1907, and he died three years later. In 1908, Pierce Motor Company was renamed The Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company.

Pierce-Arrow Hood OrnamentHood ornament of a 1919 roadster

In 1909 US President William Howard Taft ordered two Pierce-Arrows (and two White Model M Tourers) to be used for state occasions, the first official cars of the White House.

The Pierce-Arrow’s engine capacity started as 11.7 L and later was 13.5 L. In 1910 Pierce dropped the rest of its 4-cylinder models and focused exclusively on 6-cylinder cars. The model 6-36, 6-48, and 6-66 continued for the next decade.

In 1910 George N. Pierce died. In 1912 Herbert M. Dawley (later a Broadway actor-director) joined Pierce-Arrow, and designed almost every model until 1938. Up until 1914, Pierce-Arrow also made a line of motorcycles including the Pierce Four.

1919 Pierce-Arrow advertisement; ads for the cars in early years were understated and artistic, and did not discuss details about the cars

In 1914 Pierce-Arrow adopted its most enduring styling hallmark when its headlights were moved from a traditional placement on either side of the radiator into flared housings molded into the front fenders of the car. This gave the car an immediately visible distinction from the front and from either side. At night, the car appeared to have a wider stance. Pierce patented this placement, which endured until the final model of 1938, although Pierce always offered the customer the option of conventional headlamps. Only a minority ordered the option. A restored 1919 Pierce-Arrow is on display at the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library. An open-bodied Pierce-Arrow carried Woodrow Wilson and Warren G. Harding to Harding’s 1921 inauguration.

The Pierce-Arrow was a status symbol, owned by many Hollywood stars and tycoons. Most of the royalty of the world had at least one Pierce-Arrow in its collection. Some have described Pierce and two of its rivals among American luxury cars, Peerless and Packard, as the “Three P’s of Motordom.” Industrial efficiency expert Frank Gilbreth extolled the virtues of Pierce-Arrow, in both quality and in its ability to safely transport his large family. Its wheelbase was 12 ft 3 in (3.73 m). Actor Sessue Hayakawa (Bridge on the River Kwai) famously drove a custom ordered gold plated Pierce-Arrow as a status symbol which angered American families and instilled disdain towards Asian males due to his extravagant lifestyle and romances, which resulted in negative stereotypes of Asian men.[10]

Pierce-Arrow advertisements were artistic and understated. Unusual for car advertising, the image of the car was in the background rather than the foreground of the picture. Usually only part of the car was visible. The Pierce-Arrow was typically depicted in elegant and fashionable settings. Some advertisements featured the car in places a car would not normally go, such as the West and other rural settings, a testament to the car’s ruggedness and quality.

Several second-hand Pierce-Arrow cars were bought by fire departments, stripped down to the chassis and engine, the wheelbase lengthened, and built back into fire engines. Some of these fire engines were in service for up to 20 years.


In 1928, the Studebaker Corporation of South Bend, Indiana, gained control of the Buffalo firm. The association was to last for five years, with moderate benefits to both companies’ engineering departments, which continued to function as separate entities. Pierce-Arrow also gained a dealer network, as the cars were sold through Studebaker dealerships. Under Studebaker ownership Pierce-Arrow retired the venerable 6-cylinder engine and in 1929 introduced an L-head [straight-eight engine], which displaced 366 cubic inches.

1933 Silver Arrow and the end of the line

Main article: Pierce Silver Arrow

In 1933, Pierce-Arrow unveiled the radically streamlined Silver Arrow in a final attempt to appeal to the wealthy at the New York Auto Show. The car was well received by the public and the motoring press, being announced with the slogan “Suddenly it’s 1940!” Pierce sold five examples but, since it was priced at $10,000 during the worst of the Depression, the rich were hesitant to spend so much. The bodies were built at Studebaker, which subsequently assisted in rolling out a lower-priced production model. This, however, lacked many luxury features of the show car and still failed to generate enough sales.

Starting in 1936 Pierce-Arrow produced a line of camper-trailers, the Pierce-Arrow Travelodge. They also produced a new V-12 sedan that was redesigned and considered the safest and most luxurious sedan back then.

automobile-pierce-arrow-etats-unis 1805485-L

The Rio Grande Southern Railroad converted five Pierce-Arrow automobiles (and a couple of Buicks) into motorized railcars, effectively buses and trucks on rail wheels. The nicknameGalloping Goose was soon applied to these vehicles, based on their waddling motion and honking horn. All still survive.


Pierce was the only luxury brand that did not field a lower-priced car (e.g., the Packard 120) to provide cash flow, and without sales or funds for development, the company declared insolvency in 1938 and closed its doors. The final Pierce-Arrow assembled was built by Karl Wise, the firm’s chief engineer, from parts secured from the company’s receivers. Pierce’s remaining assets (which probably would include the forty Arrows made in October 1938) were sold at auction on Friday, May 13, 1938.

The factory equipment used to make Pierce-Arrow V-12 engines was bought by Seagrave Fire Apparatus, which used it to make engines for fire engines.

The Name

In 2006, a group of classic car enthusiasts from Switzerland applied the name to a 10 L, 24-cylinder car designed by Luigi Colani. According to their website, the company intends to revive the Pierce-Arrow car in the form of a Pierce Silver Arrow II.


1911 Pierce-arrow 1911-0318

A 1911 Pierce-Arrow advertisement,Syracuse Post-Standard, 18 March 1910

1912 Pierce-arrow 1912-0409

A 1912 Pierce-Arrow advertisement, Syracuse Journal, 12 April 1910


1911 WhiteRockWaterPierceArrowTruck1911 Pierce-Arrow Five-ton Truck

1910 Pierce Four Barber1911 Pierce Fourmotorcycle

1915 Pierce Arrow Utah1915 Touring Car, Salt Lake City, Utah

1919 Pierce-Arrow Model 48-B-5 7-Passenger TouringPierce-Arrow vehicles Model 48-B-5 7-Passenger Touring 1919

1929 Pierce-Arrow1929 Pierce Arrow

1911 Pierce-Arrow (Auto classique Laval '11)Pierce-Arrow

1930 Pierce-Arrow Model B1930 Pierce-Arrow Model B Dual-Cowl Phaeton

1934 Pierce-Arrow 840A

1934 Pierce-Arrow 840A Convertible

1934 Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow

1934 Pierce-Arrow 840A Coupe

01 PIERCE ARROW 1906 Pierce-arrow 1906 1909 Pierce-Arrow Ad-09 1910 Pierce Four Barber 1910 Pierce-Arrow Ad-09 1910-pierce-arrow-motorcycle 1911 Pierce-Arrow (Auto classique Laval '11) 1911 Pierce-arrow 1911-0318 1911 WhiteRockWaterPierceArrowTruck 1912 PA ad 1912 Pierce-arrow 1912-0409 1912 Pierce-Arrow Ad-01 1912 Pierce-Arrow Ad-02 1913 Pierce-Arrow 66-A-1 powered by a 12.7 liter engine 1914 Pierce-ArrowColorAd 1914 WW1 Pierce Arrow truck 1915 Pierce Arrow 38-C Kimball Town Car 1915 Pierce Arrow Model 48 1915 Pierce Arrow Utah 1915 Pierce-Arrow Company of Buffalo OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 1917 Pierce Arrow 1917-Pierce-Arrow 1919 Pierce Arrow Model 51 Limousine 1919 Pierce-Arrow Ad-01 1919 Pierce-Arrow Color Ad 1919 Pierce-Arrow inter-city 17-passenger bus 1919 Pierce-Arrow Intercity Coach 1919 Pierce-Arrow Model 48-B-5 7-Passenger Touring 1919 Pierce-Arrow 1919-pierce-arrow-06 1919-Pierce-Arrow-Coach_DV-10-RMM_i04 1920 era Pierce Arrow Mousepads 1922 Pierce Arrow bus mail pick up sweeney 1922 Pierce-Arrow 1924 Pierce Arrow Bus 1924 pierce arrow 1924 Pierce-arrow-truck 1925 Pierce Arrow rebuilt by Pick Wick 1925 Pierce Arrow 1927 Pierce Arrow truck 1927 Pierce-Arrow 36 1928 pierce arrow camper 1928 Pierce Arrow Fleet Housecar a 1928 Pierce Arrow Fleet Housecar 1928 Pierce-Arrow Model 36 Sedan 1928 Pierce-Arrow 1929 Pierce-Arrow a 1929 Pierce-Arrow Model 126 1929 Pierce-Arrow 1929 pierce-arrow-1929-10-iam 1929 PIERCE-ARROWa 1929 pierce-arrow-eight-03 1929-2 Pierce-Arrow ad 1930 PIERCE ARROW 4 SETER TOURING 1930 Pierce-Arrow Ad-01 (1) 1930 Pierce-Arrow Ad-01 1930 Pierce-Arrow Model B 1930-Pierce-Arrow-Model-B-Five-Passenger-Sedan 1931 Pierce Arrow-07 1931 Pierce Arrow-08 1931 Pierce Arrow-10 1931 Pierce Arrow-11 1931 pierce arrow-eight 128de 1931 Pierce-Arrow, Apr 04, 1931 1931-Pierce-Arrow-Sedan-Maroon- 1932 Pierce-Arrow Model 54 Funeral Coach Superior 'Pierce-Superior' 1932 Pierce-Arrow 1933 Pierce Silver Arrow 1933 Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow 3133c 1933 Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow a 1934 Pierce Arrow Buffalo Museum 1934 Pierce Arrow 1934 Pierce Arrow-Mcnear MacKenzie Coach Lines 101 1934 Pierce-Arrow 840A 1934 Pierce-Arrow Model 1250A (Silver Arrow) 1934 Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow 1934 Pierce-Arrow V-12 Brunn Town Car 1934-pierce-arrow-town-brougham-photo 1935 Pierce Arrow 04 1935 pierce arrow 15pass site seeing bus 1935 Pierce Arrow a 1935 Pierce Arrow b 1935 Pierce Arrow c 1935 Pierce Arrow d 1935 Pierce Arrow e 1935 Pierce Arrow f 1935 Pierce Arrow g 1935 Pierce Arrow h 1935 Pierce Arrow i 1935 Pierce Arrow j 1935 Pierce Arrow k 1935 pierce arrow limlong 1935 Pierce-Arrow Roadster 1935 PierceArrowBus 0001 SONY DSC 1935-pierce-arrow-bus-1 1936 Pierce Arrow ad 1936 Pierce Arrow with Franklin D Roosevelt 1936 Pierce Arrow 1936 Pierce-Arrow Deluxe 8 1936 pierce-arrow pierce-arrow 1936 V-12-powered Pierce-Arrow 1602 Salon convertible coupe roadster 1936, Pierce-Arrow 1937 Pierce-Arrow Ad-01 1942Pierce Arrow 1966 PierceArrow automobile-pierce-arrow-etats-unis 1805485-L Bus - Pierce Arrow F6604 fan6-2 Fujiya Motors car Pierce-Arrow img20 logo pierse arrow PA02 PA05 Parlor Pierce Arrow Z Chassis Alfred E Bennet Body Pearce-Arrow bus that the Toronto Transportation Commission  82rosedale02 Pierce Arrow 1 Lowell Fulson Pierce Arrow 6 cyl bus Pierce Arrow 59 Pierce Arrow België Pierce Arrow Buffalo Museum 9650 Pierce Arrow Buffalo Museum Pierce Arrow Caravan de luxe Traveling home on model Z chassis Pierce Arrow Model Z Car Pay-Enterbus Pierce Arrow Model Z Chassis Buffalo Body Luxe Observation Coach Pierce Arrow Model Z De Luxe Bus for sight seeing Pierce Arrow model Z with Buffalo Body Luxe Pay Enter Bus Pierce Arrow Museum Buffalo Pierce Arrow Police Car President Woodrow Wilson's Pierce-Arrow Pierce Arrow RearViewWithGus Pierce Arrow=Z Chassis Buffolo Body Inter City Pierce Arrows 3x Pierce_Arrow pierce_emblem Pierce-Arrow Bus [Z] Pierce-Arrow Hood Ornament Pierce-Arrow Model Z Catalog Pierce-Arrow Model Z Chassis Pierce-Arrow Model Z Owner's Manual pierce-arrow truck Pierce-Arrow5 PierceArrowGD PierceArrowGuard pierce-arrow-model-41-le-baron-victoria-conv-08 PierceFactoryBirdseye1 Pierce-Train-II