PERL Auhof Austria

Perl Auhof Austria

Ing Gustav Rudolf Perl From 1918 has been inserted advertising for Perl tractors in the Allgemeine Automobil Zeitung. The automotive factory Perl in Vienna Liesing had to peacetime production to points and initially produced a tractor with a four-cylinder 35-horsepower engine, which was cast in two blocks and was installed later in the Perl trucks.From 1921 electric tractors were built in Perl, it was hoped by many existing and under construction hydroelectric power plants on cheap charging current.

The incipient Wirschaftsdepression was also in 1921 prompted a construction of a cyclecars. They decided to become a four-cylinder engine with 0.8 liter displacement.

The AAZ reported on the Second Semmering race. “The Perl car was subjected for the first time a public testing and has proven shiny Perl factory has so far only on … more


   Perl BB – Built about 1925Ps / kW: 16/12, 898 cc, four-cylinder inline engine with spark ignition, empty weight: 910kg, max speed according to types-translucent 58km / h

Perl Champion 250

Ps / kW: 9/6.6, 1-cylinder two-stroke engine (Triumph), 248ccm, under license from the German Champion 250, empty weight: 260kg, Hüchstgeschwindigkeit: 65km / h,

Construction period: 1951-1954, Quantity: 100

Perl Roadster

Ps / kW: 20/14.7, 898 cc, four-cylinder inline engine with spark ignition, Built for Semmering hillclimb,

Year of construction 1924
Perl L6

6-cylinder in-line engine,

Perl L6 2 ton truck Quick
Year 1929
Links: Perl Auhof St 34 Prospectus dated Omnibus archive made ​​availableUnder Perl Auhof ST 42Perl Auhof construction on Steyr chassis group.
empty weight: 5400kg, 26 seats,

Year built 1952








Advertising in the Allgemeine Automobil Zeitung 1918

1918 Perl AAZ 41 1918 VKMA-Perl bb h steyr perl auhof 380q gr steyr Perl Auhof 380q A gr Innenansicht Steyr Perl 380a b10 Steyr 380q ohne Schmuck Perl-Auhof Perl-busse-l6-02b Perl-Auhof-ST-42 Perl-Auhof. Phaenomen Granit Perl-Auhof feuerwehr Perl-Auhof Bus. auf Chassis Steyr Diesel 380 b perl perl st34 Perl Museum perl logo Perl Knop  0000 1962 Perl-auhof-busse-st-42-02b 1962 Perl ST42 WD413motor 1959 Perl St 34 Perl-Auhof 1952 Perl-Auhof Bus 380a auf Steyr chassis 1924 perl semm 1921 Perl 3--14hp 1918 Perl_AAZ_38_1918

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