Karosseriefabrik OTTENBACHER Biberach Germany

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1868 Company founded under Gebr Ottenbacher. Production of Surrey.
1900 Company name under carriage factory Gebr Ottenbacher.Production of the first motor car bodies.
1920 Karosseriefabrik Biberach, owner G. Ottenbacher.Beginning with the bus production.
1940 Company name under body factory Gebr Ottenbacher, Gustav and Otto Ottenbacher. Production of a wide variety of jobs in the field of car body.
1950 – 1960 Karosseriefabrik Ottenbacher GmbH, after separation from Gustav and Otto Ottenbacher. Production relocation and new construction in the Freiburger Str in Biberach.Expansion of bus production and entry into the cabin construction, and manufacturing of vehicles for the fire department.
1970 – 1982 After comparing (now insolvent), and death of Otto Ottenbacher sen. followed turbulence and financial constraints, the bus production was discontinued. Rescue attempts, inter alia, with the production of motorhomes.
1983 Capital of the GmbH increased by introduction of Roland Denz by 100%.
1984 Following the departure of Otto Ottenbacher jun. took place over the company Karosseriefabrik Ottenbacher GmbH by family Denz and renaming the company in Karosseriefabrik Biberach GmbH. There was a manufacturing Cleanup and commencement of production of bodies and trailers for commercial vehicles.
1990 After years of consolidation with expansion of production in the cab and cab construction, as well as in the field of commercial vehicles, the body factory Biberach GmbH has established itself firmly in the market.
2003 Award for eco-profit company in the city Biberach an der Riss
Introduction of an internal quality management system
2010 Our company is now established far beyond the country’s borders in the market. More than 100 employees manufacture in Biberach for customers in Germany and in other European countries, which speaks for our healthy growth.
Our strength lies in the individual one-off production as well as in series production.
Approx. 60% of our turnover comes from the range cabs and cabins, about 30% to the special bodies and trailers for commercial vehicles and 10% for spare parts and merchandise.

What started as

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is now Karosseriefabrik Biberach

Only from the beginning are next pictures:

1949 Man Diesel Ottenbacher autohaus 1950 Magirus Deutz Omnibus Anfang 1950 mit Ottenbacher Carr. 1950 rechnung Autohaus Ottenbacher 1952 Ottenbacher Chronik_13_lightbox 1953 Ottenbacher 16 1954 Borgward B 2500  Ottenbacher 1954 Borgward Karr. Ottenbacher 1956 Hanomag Henschel, Aufbau Fa. Ottenbacher 1959 Borgward Ottenbacher a 1959 Borgward Ottenbacher 1964 Daimler Benz Ottenbacher bus-o321h-daimler-benz 1965 Mercedes-benz Ottebacher 1966 Mercedes Benz Ottenbacher Karr. 1967-setra 6 Ottenbacher Borgward Bus Firma Ottenbacher Hanomag Ottenbacher (2) Hanomag Ottenbacher Ottenbacher setra 6 ottenbacher