METALSUR Carrosseria Argentina


Started in 1989

Metalsur advances in spectacular style in its market offering and introduces a new range of models that prevail in addition to the

tradition to rosbutez, careful design both in form and in the variety of details and design features that are incorporated; trying than the sum of them from us as a result: perfection.

That and much more say Metalsur Bodywork SRL is permanently shining future we as a point of reference to the carrier.

1990 Metalsur Zeppelin Scania K112_COTAP 1990 Metalsur-publicidad-Zanello-Coleccion_Danilo_Homs 2001 Aerovias de Venezuela (107) Metalsur Starbus II DP MB O-500RSD 2006 Metalsur Starbus DP  MB O400RSD 2008 Metalsur_Starbus_-_M._Benz__Buses_Cata_Internacional 2009 Metalsur_Starbus__-_M._Benz___Buses_Rutas_Argentinas_Argentina 2011 BUSQUEDA-RESP-LOG-METALSUR 2011 Metalsur 2013 U.C.Ayacucho (2100) Metalsur Starbus II DP Scania K400 Expresos Maracaibo (1144) Metalsur Starbus II DP MB O-500RSD JJJD Logo-Matlasur-2012. Mercedes Benz O 500 RSD carrozado por la firma rosarina Metalsur Metalsur 3 Metalsur 8x2 dfgdfgdfgdgdfgfdgd Metalsur Arrow365CB MB O400RSD Metalsur Arrowliner Mercedes Benz O-400RSD Metalsur Carrocerias SRL Metalsur dark Metalsur Fase DP MB O400RSD_KK205 Metalsur fotog704 Metalsur in action Metalsur logo klein Metalsur Master Metalsur Starbus - ANDESMAR coche 5188 Metalsur Starbus DP - MB O400RSD 2006 Metalsur Starbus M.benz 0-500 RSDD Metalsur Starbus M.Benz 0-500RSD Metalsur Starbus PA Flecha 6039 Metalsur Test metalsur_starbus_pa MetalsurArrowliner405BusesCarazaInternac pruebadoble-1024x676