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 Where does the word Carrus come from?
It means Chariot, or Car

Carrus , a Finnish manufacturer of bus bodies entirely in stainless steel .

Carrus was formed in 1989 by bodybuilders Ajokki , Delta Plan and wiima pooled. Ilmari Mustonen, the owner of wiima, bought up Ajokki 1987. Ajokki had already bought the Delta Plan, Erikoiskori and Kiitokori . All five companies were now together in 1989 and the new company was named Carrus. The headquarters was at wiima in Vantaa .

Volvo Carrus (troms bus)

Volvo Carrus (troms bus)


2001 Carrus Star 502 at Volvo B10M chassis

2001 Carrus Star 502 at Volvo B10Mchassis

Carrus then had five factories:

  • Wiima in Vantaa (city buses, ie Carrus City)
  • Ajokki in Tampere (regional buses, for example Carrus Fifty, Carrus Vega , Carrus Vector and Carrus Regal)
  • Delta Plan in Lieto (tourist and long-distance buses, ie Carrus Star Family)
  • Erikoiskori in Iisalmi (special vehicles, such as mobile libraries)
  • Kiitokori in Causal (special vehicles, such as mobile libraries)

Erikoiskori was closed in 1991 and specialized manufacturing concentrated Kiitokori. Kiitokori was not sold to Volvo, and it is still owned by Ilmari Mustonen. Some models (at least Fifty and Vega) was built in Vantaa, Tampere plant had insufficient capacity. Kiitokori built also often common Carrus buses (eg Fifty) rather late in the period, when Carrus own factories could not handle it all themselves. This happened as recently as 2000, when Volvo had already bought up all the Carrus while Kiitokori was an independent private company. Kiitokori did not comply with the Volvo, but is still a privately owned company.

1998 was bought Carrus up entirely of Volvo Bus Corporation, and in August 2001 was the Vantaa plant down completely. 2002 ended Carrus build buses for other chassis than Volvo.

1996 opened Carrus also a factory in Wrocław in Poland. A large part of the Carrusbussar available in Sweden today are made ​​in Poland.

Carrus was September 30, 2008, part of the Volvo Group and was known as Volvo Bus Finland OY.

Main models they made ​​was 8700 (regional bus / county transport bus with Volvo B7R or Volvo B12M chassis) and 9700 which is a direct development of the old Delta / Carrus Star from former Delta Plan . 7700 was built in Poland, 8700 in Poland and in Tampere and 9700 in Lieto and in Tampere.

On 1 October 2008, Volvo sold body plant in Turku to a group of Finnish investors and managers from Volvo Bus Finland OY. Under the agreement took buyers throughout the plant, including the approximately 300 employees.

The new name is Carrus Delta Oy . A five-year agreement has been concluded with Volvo to only get produce model 9700 on Volvo chassis. The production of 8700 was moved entirely to the Volvo plant in Poland. so also the production of 9700 to countries other than the Nordic countries.

It is however at Carrus Delta Oy free to develop and manufacture their own body models supplied in other chassis than Volvo.

1990 MAN Carrus Wiima K202 nestekaasu 1990 Scania N113 CLB Carrus-Wiima K 202 matala 1991 Carrus Star 21 (Erikoiskori)  MAN 10.180 HOCL, nro 91315 AFT-980, vuodelta 1991 MAN Carrus Wiima K202 nestekaasu 1991 Scania N113 CLB Carrus-Wiima K 202 matala 1991 Volvo B10M Carrus City 1992 CARRUS 204L (CITY L) IM000857.JPG 1992 Scania N113 CLB (matala)city l cnx04 1992 Volvo B10B LMF Carrus-Wiima K 202 puolimatala(lage vloer) 1993 Carrus Express Estland 1993 Carrus Fifty Volvo B10M-65B 1993 Volvo B10B LE (matala) city l sta03 1993 Volvo B10M Carrus City 1994 Carrus City M Estland 1994 Carrus Classic 1994 Scania N113 CLL (matala) city l hkl03 1994 Volvo B10B LMF Carrus Fifty a 1994 Volvo B10B LMF Carrus Fifty b 1994 Volvo B10B LMF Carrus Fifty c 1995 Carrus Fifty Estland 1995 Carrus Star 602 Volvo B12, nro 95302 TGM-484, vuodelta 1995 Scania L113 TLL (matala teli) city l teli hkl04 1995 Volvo Carrus City L 1996 Carrus City U nivel Articulated Volvo 1996 CARRUS CITY U NIVEL 1996 Scania Carrus City M 1996 Volvo B10B LE Currus City l cnx11 1996 Volvo b10B LMF Carrus City M 1996-97 CARRUS CITY M 1997 Carrus Vega L Estland 1998 Carrus City L Estland 1998 Volvo Carrus city u cng hkl02 1999 Carrus City U maakaasu Volvo 1999 Carrus Regal Finland 2000 Scania City L 04 2000 Volvo B10B 6x2 CNG Carrus City L maakaasuteli 2001 Carrus Star 502 at Volvo B10M chassis 2001 Volvo B10L Carrus City U 2003 Carrus 8700LE Zweden 2003 Volvo B10L  Carrus City U 2003 Volvo B10L Carrus City U a 2003 Volvo B10L Carrus City U 2006 Volvo 9700S B12M & 2001 Volvo B10M  Carrus Star 302 carrus city l fin Carrus City L maakaasuteli city l teli cng con01 Volvo Carrus City L teli city l teli cnx01 Scania Carrus City L, Connex 166 Carrus City U -kuvasivu city u hkl01 Volvo Carrus City U maakaasu city u cng hkl01 Volvo Carrus fifty wl01 Volvo Carrus logo Carrus Rusland Carrus Volvo city l midi cnx01 1996 carrus volvo finland Coach Volvo Carrus 302 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Racebus, Volvo Carrus Superstar Scania CARRUS FIFTY Volvo B12 - Carrus Star 602. 57+1 persons turistbus (13,7 m). Air-condition Volvo B12 Carrus B12 Volvo Carrus (troms bus) VOLVO CARRUS 9700 H B

Author: Jeroen

In Dutch, my homelanguage: Ik ben Jeroen, tot januari 2015 was ik al dik 26 jaar werkzaam in een psychiatrisch ziekenhuis in een stad vlakbij Werelds grootste havenstad Rotterdam. Eerst als verpleegkundige/begeleider op high care, later op afdeling dubbeldiagnose (verslavingen) en ook nog een tijdje als administratief medewerker. Ik heb een spierziekte "Poli Myositis" (alle spieren zijn ontstoken) daardoor weinig energie. Sinds augustus 2015 is daarbij de diagnose Kanker gesteld, en ben ik helemaal arbeidsongeschikt geworden en zit middenin de behandelfase. Gelukkig ben ik daarnaast getrouwd, vader, en opa, en heb de nodige hobby's. Een daarvan is transportmiddelen verzamelen en daarmee een blog schrijven. Dit blog begon met bussen, maar nu komen ook sleepboten, auto's trucks en dergelijke aan bod. Kijk en geniet met me mee, reageer, en vul gerust aan. Fouten zal ik ook graag verbeteren. In English: I'm Jeroen, till januari 2015 I was already 26 years working as a nurse in a psychiatric hospital, near Rotterdam, Worlds biggest harbour with more than 98 nationalities living within it's borders. First I worked on closed high care ward and the last years on a ward with mainly addicted people. I liked my work very much. In 2007 I got ill. I got the diagnose Poli Myositis, a musscle dissease. Al my mussles are inflamed. And last august I got another diagnose. Cancer. It's plaveicelcel carcinoma and treated with Chemo and radioation. So I've even less energy than the last years. Still I try to make something of my life and the blog is helping with surviving with some pleasure.

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