Elektric Equipment for (trolley)Buses + Trams Vossloh KIEPE GmbH Düsseldorf Germany

Vossloh Kiepe


Vossloh Kiepe GmbH

before 2003
Kiepe Elektrik GmbH

Type Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung(German private limited Company)
Industry Electrical engineering
Predecessor(s) Kiepe Elektrik GmbH & Co. KG
Founded 1906
Founder(s) Theodor Kiepe
Headquarters DüsseldorfGermany
Products Electrical traction equipment for passenger and freight rail vehicles
HVAC eqiuipment for light rail vehicles.
Revenue Approx. €140 million p.a.
Employees 450
Parent Vossloh AG
Website www.vossloh-kiepe.com

Vossloh Kiepe (formerly Kiepe Elektrik) is a German manufacturer of electrical traction equipment for tramstrolleybuses and other transport vehicles, as well as air-conditioning and heating systems, and conveyor device components.

Verkehrsmuseum BüssingLudewigKiepe O-Bus 01052009

Verkehrsmuseum BüssingLudewigKiepe O-Bus 01052009


but buses tasmania mtt043 kiepe elektricbut buses tasmania mtt043 kiepe elektric

In 1906 Theodor Kiepe created an electric arc lamp repair workshop in Düsseldorf, over the next 40 years the company’s product range grew to include electrical switches, then electrical drum controllers and resistors for electric vehicles. By 1951 the product range included electro-pneumatic contactors, and traction motors; in 1952 the company supplied equipment for an order of 700 trolleybuses for Argentina.


Between the 1950s and 1970s Kiepe Elektrik expanded, with formation of subsidiaries both in Austria (Kiepe Bahn und Kran Electric Ges.m.b.H., 1959.), and elsewhere. In 1973 the company was acquired by ACEC of Belgium. In 1983 the company was acquired from ACEC by Alstom, then by AEG in 1993. During this time Kiepe had become a provider of electrical traction equipment for light rail vehicles.

1974 DAF MB200DKDL600-Kiepe - Den Oudsten1974 DAF MB200DKDL600-Kiepe – Den Oudsten NL

In 1995 AEG formed Adtranz with ABB by merging their transportation divisions. As this created a duopoly of electric traction equipment manufacturers in Germany, the European Commission ruled that the Kiepe subsidiary had to be sold; in 1996 Schaltbau AG acquired the company. In the early 2000s the company expanded into the North American and Italian markets.

King County Metro 2001 Gillig Phantom Trolleys Kiepe elektricKing County Metro 2001 Gillig Phantom Trolleys Kiepe elektric

On 14 September 2002 Vossloh AG acquired Kiepe Elektrik, and in 2003 the company was renamed Vossloh Kiepe GmbH..

In mid-2012 UK based engineering consultancy Transys Projects Ltd. was acquired, the acquisition was renamed Vossloh Kiepe UK in late 2012.

1991 KIEPE ELEKTRIK Trolley Arnhem(238-3'91)1991 KIEPE ELEKTRIK Trolley Arnhem(238-3’91) NL

In late 2013 the company, Serbian company Zelvoz and the city of Novi Sad reached an agreement for the establishment of a rail vehicle air conditioning unit factory.

Company structure

Since 2002 the company has been part of the Vossloh group, as of 2009 part of the transportation division (Motive Power & Components) along with Vossloh Locomotives (Kiel, formerly MaK) and Vossloh España (formerly Meinfesa).

2010 HESS (AKIA) hybrid metro busses in state of assembly Iran. 2010 HESS KIEPE bus trains2010 HESS (AKIA) hybrid metro busses in state of assembly Iran. 2010 HESS KIEPE bus trains

The company has five subsidiaries:

  • Vossloh Kiepe Main Line Technology GmbH (Germany)

  • Vossloh Kiepe Ges.m.b.H. (Austria)

  • APS electronic AG (Switzerland)

  • Vossloh Kiepe S.r.l. (Italy)

  • Vossloh Kiepe Corporation (Canada)

Products and services

2012 Hess Swisstrolley Arnhem NAW-Hess-ABB BGT-N (type 1), BGT-N2 (type 2), Hess Vossloh Kiepe BGT-N2C (02268) (type 32012 Hess Swisstrolley Arnhem NAW-Hess-ABB BGT-N (type 1), BGT-N2 (type 2), Hess Vossloh Kiepe BGT-N2C (02268) (type 3)

The company’s primary business is the supply and manufacture of electric equipment for rail vehicles, typically trams or LRVs (light rail vehicles); the company provides electrical traction converters, auxiliary power supplies, air conditioning and heating equipment. Entire trams and LRVs are typically supplied in association with other manufacturers. Also supplied are specialised electric rail vehicles, and equipment for the modernisation of older electrically powered mass transit vehicles. and traction equipment for trolley buses and hybrid electric buses.


The company often acts as a component supplier to larger integrated rail vehicle manufactures including Siemens, Alstom and Bombardier.

Arnhem Trolley Kiepe Den OudstenArnhem Trolley Kiepe Den Oudsten

Components for conveyor belts are also made.

Geneva receives new battery buses from Vossloh Kiepe and Van HoolGeneva receives new battery buses from Vossloh Kiepe and Van Hool

Vossloh to supply bi-mode tram-trains to ChemnitzVossloh to supply bi-mode tram-trains to Chemnitz

Vossloh Kiepe, the Düsseldorf specialist in this field. Riad Trolleybus RIAD SAUDI ARABIEVossloh Kiepe, the Düsseldorf specialist in this field. Riad Trolleybus RIAD SAUDI ARABIE

-Vossloh Kiepe’s hybrid-propelled bus approaches a stop or traffic lights

Vossloh Kiepe Hybris a ProduktabbildungVossloh Kiepe Hybris a Produktabbildung

Vossloh Kiepe Hybrid ProduktabbildungVossloh Kiepe Hybrid Produktabbildung

Kiepe Elektric Trolley BusKiepe Elektric Trolley Bus

Vossloh Kiepe Hess Neoplan Fribourg ProduktabbildungVossloh Kiepe Hess Neoplan Fribourg Produktabbildung

Innotrans '12 - Vossloh Tramlink by ZCochraneInnotrans ’12 – Vossloh Tramlink by ZCochrane

Vossloh Kiepe Hybrid b ProduktabbildungVossloh Kiepe Hybrid b Produktabbildung

KIEPE HESS TrolleybusKIEPE HESS Trolleybus

Praque Light Rail Kiepe ElektricPraque Light Rail Kiepe Elektric


Hess KiepeHess Kiepe

kiepe trollybuskiepe trollybus

Krakau bestellt 24 Flexity-Straßenbahnen Kiepe Elektric


Manchester Metrolink in the UK is planning to order 20 new trams from Bombardier and Vossloh KiepeManchester Metrolink in the UK is planning to order 20 new trams from Bombardier and Vossloh Kiepe UK

Bombardier - FLEXITY Classic Kiepe elektricBombardier Flexity Line Kiepe Elektric Germany

Light Rail Transit System - Porto, Portugal Bombardier KiepeLight Rail Transit System – Porto, Portugal Bombardier Kiepe

Phileas trolley KiepePhileas trolley Kiepe

Alstom Citadis Kiepe Spirit SquareAlstom Citadis Kiepe Spirit Square

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