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Kenworth logoThe Kenworth company

Kenworth Bi level bus aKenworth Bi level bus

Kenworth Bi level busKenworth Bi level bus

took its name from H.W. Kent and E.K. Worthington who had been directors of its predecessor company, the Gersix Manufacturing Co. Their early days were helped by the failure of the only other truck makers in Seattle, H.R.L. and Vulcan, from whom Kenworth bought parts. Early Kenworths came in three sizes, 1 Y2-, 2%- and 4-tons, all powered by 4-cylinder Buda engines. The first year’s production was 78 trucks of which only two were the 4-tonners. By 1925 there were five models, from one to five tons, and in 1926 annual production reached 99 trucks. At this time and for many years afterwards Kenworth production was sufficiently small for a wide variety of customer’s requests to be incorporated, so it is misleading to speak of a standard range; almost any type of vehicle would be built if asked for. In 1927 a new 78 hp 6-cylinder engine was used, and Kenworth began to cater more noticeably for the West Coast market, with 7-speed transmissions, stronger axles and sometimes supplementary springs at the front. In 1929 Kenworth set up a branch factory at Vancouver, B.C.

1929 kenworth bus1929 Kenworth bus © William McCullough Collection

He identifies the bus on the left as a 1931 Heiser scratch build, and the one on the left as a 1935 Kenworth with a Heiser body  a

He identifies the bus on the left as a 1931 Heiser scratch build, and the one on the left as a 1935 Kenworth with a Heiser body

In 1932 Kenworth became the first American truck maker to offer a diesel engine as a factory option; this was a 4-cylinder 100 hp Cummins HA4. Other developments of the early 1930s included torsion-bar suspension and vacuum boosters for the hydraulic brakes. New types of vehicle included 6-wheelers, either with trailing 3rd axle or tandem drive, and fire engines. Buses had been made from the late 1920s, and were a small but interesting part of Kenworth’s business until the late 1950s. They were mostly intercity coaches, some with ‘one and a half deck’ bodies, and either conventional or forward control. Some in the late 1930s had underfloor pancake engines, while an interesting hybrid built in 1951 for Northern Pacific Railroad was the ‘Bruck’, a combination bus and truck for 17 passengers at the front and a taller cargo van, 18 ft long over the tandem axle at the rear. It was powered by a 136 hp Hall-Scott engine.

1933 kw trucks1933 Kenworth trucks © William McCullough Collection

In 1935 Kenworth began to build their own cabs and sheet metal, a result of which was an attractive chrome grille which is still recognizable in the appearance of today’s Kenworths. Although special requests could still be made, such as chain-drive trucks in order to get an axle capacity for a larger load, there was a standard range of Kenworths in the late 1930s from 2- to 10-ton trucks in the price range $1245 to $11646. Basic power plants were Hercules, Buda and Herschell-Spillman gasoline, and Cummins diesels, all 6-cylinder engines. The first four­-wheel-drive truck was made in 1937, and cab-overs appeared in the same year. Other special models were low­-bed trucks, milk delivery trucks and sleeper boxes in the rear of the cabs. In 1941 Cummins built the world’s first aluminum diesel for installation in a Kenworth at the request of the company.

1935 kenworth getimage1935 kenworth Bus

During World War II Kenworth made some 1900 MIA wrecker trucks similar to those of Ward LaFrance, and also pilot models of an 8-ton 6×6 truck. Using the experience gained in war-time metallurgy, Kenworth engineers developed in 1944 an extruded aluminum truck frame, and extended the use of aluminum to cabs, hoods and transmission housings. In 1945 Kenworth was bought by Pacific Car & Foundry who relocated it in the former Fisher body plant in Seattle where it has operated ever since. Later a Kenworth plant was established in Kansas City which specialized in extra-heavy duty models.

1935 kenworth-bus-11935 Kenworth-bus

Production of civilian trucks never entirely ceased during the war, though it was down to only 87 units in 1943. In the late 1940s it climbed to some 600 per year, and passed the 1000 mark in 1952. Conventionals and cab-overs were made, together with fire engines and a dwindling number of buses. The radiator on the conventionals had become vertical in 1940 in place of the sloping grille used since 1935, and this vertical design has been steadily developed up to the present without any radical change. In 1947 Kenworth developed desert trucks for oilfield work in the Middle East, culminating in the Model 953 of 1958 which had a Cummins NTC350 engine, tire sizes of up to 29.50, and cost over $100,000. These trucks are so large that a low sports car can be driven under them, and they have been used for transporting full-sized locomotives across the desert. In 1950 a Boeing turbine was installed in a Kenworth and although it did not go into production it was the first gas turbine in scheduled freight service. Another special project was the

1935 Kenworth-bus-21935 Kenworth-bus

Kenworth UnknownKenworth Unknown

T-10 Heavy Equipment Transporter for the US Army, a double-ended unit with tractors in front and rear of a 250mm gun, with a total weight of 85 tons.

1937 Kenworth bus1937 Kenworth bus

In 1953 Kenworth introduced an original cab-beside­-engine design for line-haul work in the mountains where the drivers wanted maximum visibility. Some were 6x4s with the sleeper box behind the engine and entrance to the cab. This was really a single-seater, though a small canvas seat behind the driver could carry a passenger. The cbe style was too unconventional to last for long. Another Kenworth original developed in conjunction with Pacific Intermountain Express, in 1956 was a 4-axle ‘Dromedary’ with twin steering axles and a short cargo van between the cab and the 5th wheel coupling for the semi-trailer. Peterbilt also built ‘Dromedaries’ for P.I.E.

1937 Kenworth Touring Bus 011937 Kenworth Touring Bus

From the late 1940s onwards, tractor-trailer units be­gan to gain increasing importance in Kenworth produc­tion compared with straight trucks, and today make up the bulk of trucks built. The familiar flat-faced full-width cab-overs (K Series) have been made since 1950 with little change, this cab being shared today with Peterbilt. For the past 20 years or so all Kenworths have used diesel en­gines, the basic units being Cummins, with Caterpillar or Detroit Diesels as regular options. In 1971 came the PD series, later renamed the Hustler; this was a straight cab-­forward design mainly intended for the urban delivery trade, and used the same cab as Peterbilt’s 200 series. In 1973 a new model was the Brute, a 6X4 conventional in­tended for the construction industry. Current models in­clude the Brute and Hustler, W-series conventional line-­haul tractors and K-series cab-over line-haul tractors. GVWs range from 50,000 to 89,000 lbs. for the construc­tion models, and GTW s with semi-trailers for the Wand K series from 76,800 to 130,000 lbs. Production has grown dramatically in the past 15 years, from under 2000 in the early 1960s to 10,000 to 11,000 in the mid-1970s. In addi­tion to the Kansas City plant, Kenworth has factories at Mexicali, Baja California and Bayswater, Victoria in Aus­tralia where some special models for the local market are made including ones with tandem front steering axles. Kenworth has gained an unusual record in being the fast­est recorded truck in the world, with speeds of 132-154 mph for a tractor, and 92.083 mph for a tractor and semi-­trailer. Both records were set in 1975.

1937 Kenworth Touring Bus1937 Kenworth Touring Bus

photos_kenworth_logotypes__1_b1937 Kenworth Touring Bus 031937 Kenworth Touring Bus

1937 Kenworth Touring Bus 041937 Kenworth Touring Bus

images_kenworth_logotypes__1_1024x7681937 Kenworth Touring Bus 051937 Kenworth Touring Bus

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA1937 Kenworth Touring Bus

1938 Kenworth Buses.1938 Kenworth Buses © William McCullough Collection

Kenworth bus photoKenworth bus photo

1946 Kenworth Beaver Aerocoach Southern Bus1946 Kenworth Beaver Aerocoach Southern Bus

1950 Kenworth International Red Diamond Bus Rural Sur1950 Kenworth – International Red Diamond Bus Rural Sur © Gonzalo Catalán T.


1953 Kenworth bus1953 Kenworth bus

1955 Kenworth T126 Pacific School Coach1955 Kenworth T126 Pacific School Coach

1955 Kenworth T-216 Pacific School CoachWahkiakum SD1955 Kenworth T-216 Pacific School Coach Wahkiakum SD

1958 Kenworth bus1958 Kenworth bus Buddy Holly Tour of Stars

1953 Kenworth Buddy Holly Bus

1958 Kenworth bus Buddy Holly Tour of Stars

Kenworth » CargoCoach Bruck a

Kenworth » CargoCoach Bruck © Greg Pascut

Kenworth » CargoCoach BruckKenworth » CargoCoach Bruck © trucksplanet

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Buses KAvZ Kurgansky Avtobusny Zavod Russia


 (RussianКурга́нский авто́бусный заво́д, КАвЗKurgansky Avtobusny Zavod)

Logo bus manufacturer KAvZ.gif


KAvZ-42382006- KAvZ-4238

KAvZ-39761993-07 KAvZ-3976

KAvZ bus (right) in Ust-Kut, Irkutsk oblast', RussiaKAvZ bus (right) in Ust-Kut, Irkutsk oblast’, Russia

KAvZ (RussianКурга́нский авто́бусный заво́д, КАвЗKurgansky Avtobusny Zavod) is a bus manufacturer in KurganRussia. The factory started producing buses in 1958, based on trucks from GAZ. During the 1990s, it assembled Ikarus buses for the Russian market. Now a subsidiary of GAZ, it specialises in producing small buses, in particular school buses.

KaVZ is a subsidiary of Russian Buses which is a subsidiary of GAZ Group.

kavz logotypesKAvZ Logo

1958 kavz 651

1958 kavz 651

1958–62 KAvZ 6511958–62 KAvZ 651

1958-73 kavz 651 761958-73 kavz 651 76

1958-73 kavz 6511958-73 kavz 651

1960 kavz concepts 11960 kavz concepts

1960 kavz_051960 kavz concepts

1960 KAVZ-9851960 KAVZ-985

1960 KAVZ-985a1960 KAVZ-985

1962–70 KAvz 6511962–70 KAvz 651

1963 kavz 3100 sibir a1963 kavz 3100 sibir

1963 kavz 3100 sibir1963 kavz 3100 sibir

1963 kavz 3100 sibir 1

1964 kavz 3100 sibir

1966 kavz 685 32701966 kavz 685 3270

1968 kavz 685 32701968 kavz 685 3270

1969 kavz 685 32701969 kavz 685 3270

1969 kavz 685 3270a1969 kavz 685 3270

1971 kavz 651, 685, 3100 II1971 kavz 651, 685, 3100 II

1971 kavz mixed1971 kavz mixed

1971-91 KAVZ 6851971-91 KAVZ 685

1971-91 KAvZ 3270 Rusland1971-91 KAvZ 3270 Rusland

1971-91 KaVZ 32701971-91 KaVZ 3270

1971-91 KAvZ 3270a Rusland1971-91 KaVZ 3270

1971-91 KaVZ 3270a1971-91 KaVZ 3270

1971-91 KaVZ 3270b1971-91 KaVZ 3270

1971-91 KaVZ 3270c1971-91 KaVZ 3270

1971-91 KaVZ 3270d1971-91 KaVZ 3270

1971-91 KAVZ R1971-91 KAVZ

1973 kavz 3100 sibir 9731973 kavz 3100 sibir 973

1973 kavz 3100 sibir a1973 kavz 3100 sibir

1973 kavz 3100 sibir1973 kavz 3100 sibir

1975 kavz 3100 sibir 1 b1975 kavz 3100 sibir

1975 kavz 3100 sibir 21975 kavz 3100 sibir

1975-76 kavz 3100 sibir1975-76 kavz 3100 sibir 2

1975-86 kavz 685 32701975-86 kavz 685 3270

1976  kavz 3100 sibir1976 kavz 3100 sibir

1976 kavz 3100 sibir 111976 kavz 3100 sibir 11

1976 kavz 3100 sibir1976 kavz 3100 sibir

1976 kavz-3100-sibir-21976 kavz 3100 sibir

1979 kavz concepts 21979 kavz concept

1979 kavz concepts 31979 kavz concept

1984 kavz 685 3270 11984 kavz 685 3270

1984 kavz concepts photos 11984 kavz concept

kavz conceptskavz concept

kavz concepts fkavz concepts

kavz unsortedkavz unsorted

kavz1KAvZ Bus

1993-07 kavz 3276 (2)1993-07 kavz 3276

1993-07 kavz 32761993-07 kavz 3276

1993-07 KaVZ 39765-0231993-07 KaVZ 39765-023

1993-07 KaVZ 39765-023a1993-07 KaVZ 39765-023

1993-07 KaVZ 39765-023b1993-07 KaVZ 39765-023

1993-07 KAvZ 397671993-07 KAvZ 39767

1993-07 KAvZ 397620 Rusland1993-07 KAvZ 397620 Rusland

1993-07 KAvZ 397653 Rusland1993-07 KAvZ 397653 Rusland

1993-07 KAvZ-39761993-07 KAvZ-3976

1998  kavz-422910-091998 kavz-422910-09

1998 07 kavz 32441998 07 kavz 3244

1998 Kavz 4229101998 Kavz 422910

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA1998 kavz-4229 10-01

1998-03 KAVZ 42241998-03 KAVZ 4224

2002-08 kavz 32762002-08 kavz 3276

2003 kavz 39762003 kavz 3976

2006  KAVZ-4238 CNG2006 KAVZ-4238 CNG

KAvZ bus emblems2006 -- KAvZ-42382006 — KAvZ-4238

2006  KAVZ-4238-05 school2006 KAVZ-4238-05 school

2006  Salon KAVZ-4238-052006 KAVZ-4238-05 school insides

2006 KAVZ 4238 Aurora2006 KAVZ 4238 Aurora

2007 kavz 4235 12007 kavz 4235 1

2007 kavz 4235 22007 kavz 4235 2

2007 kavz 4235 32007 kavz 4235 3

2007 kavz 4235 42007 kavz 4235 4 inside

2007 kavz 4235 52007 kavz 4235 5

2007 kavz 4235 62007 kavz 4235 6

2008 kavz 4238 images 12008 kavz 4238 images 1

2008 kavz 4238a2008 kavz 4238

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