Buses BRISTOL England UK I


 Bristol BS4’s View of new built buses at the Brislington Bus Works 1925
Bristol AD 1922
Bristol coach-riviera
Bristol Charabanc 1925
Bristol Charabanc 1925
Bristol 1930
Bristol E HY-2391Beadle H60R Pedel 1931
Bristol H Bus 1933
Bristol GO5G H58R 1935
Bristol GO5G 1949 ECW L27.28R ETA967 1937
 Bristol GO5G YG-8986Eastern Counties L53R 1935
Bristol H Type Bus 1933
Bristol H bus 1933
Bristol JO5G AWW-165 East lancs B32F 1936
Bristol J-type BHW432’s
Bristol K5G. BBW H30 26G 1940
Bristol K ( Aberdare UDCTD )
Bristol K5G YDG77 york
Bristol J BHW432
Bristol K5G 991
Bristol L5G CET-443 Bruce B32C 1940
Bristol L 5 1941
Bristol L5G. Beadle B36R 1939
Bristol L5G
BRISTOL L5G LHY976, C2736 1949
Bristol L5G ECW HHN
Bristol L6B 6cyl Vincent bodie 1947
Bristol L6 1948
Bristol L5G-ECW DB216 HHN202 United Automobile Services
Bristol L6B with a Beadle body in 1948. In 1958 it was lengthened
to an LL6B and given an ECW FB39F body
Bristol Commercial Vehicles MW5G
BRISTOL L6B, NAE 3, 2467 1950
Bristol ECW 1950
Bristol Type L5 1930
Bristol LWL6B with ECW C35F body, new in 1951
BRISTOL LD6B 972EHW, LC8518 1959
Bristol LL6G with body by Portsmouth Aviation 1950
 Bristol Lodekka FLF – ECW CSG 30C
Bristol Lodekka Bus
Bristol lowbridge K6B, chassis number 76067, delivered
new to Hants and Dorset 1949
Bristol KSW6G ECW H60R HAP985 1953
BRISTOL KSW6B OHY938, L8089 1952
BRISTOL KSW6B UHY360, C8320 1955
BRISTOL KSW6G UHY384 , 8336 1955
BRISTOL MW5G 924AHY, 2934 1958
Bristol MW – ECW 1964 Engeland
 Bristol LH bus, WYL 137
Bristol MW5G. ECW B45F 1961
Bristol MW6G-1963
Bristol ECW
 Bristol MW. 43-seats 1965